Sustainable Fashion: The Reformation River Top Sizing Review

The Reformation River Top Sizing ReviewBack to LA, and back to the daily grind. Besides just trying to survive at work, I am trying to make more friends on West LA, take better care of myself and start a new personal project. I can’t wait to share more with you guys. But for now, here is my Reformation River Top sizing review, and I hope you find it helpful!

The Reformation River Top Sizing Review


I am a total dress person, but if you are trying to make the most out of your pieces, then I will say, buy the tops and bottoms. After all, you can just mix and match with them more often. So with that said, I am trying to expand my top collection, and this Reformation River Top just caught my eyes with its straight neckline and fitted bodice. If you are debating whether to buy it, read my Reformation River top sizing review first.

P.S. This dress, however, is extremely versatile – Capsule Wardrobe: 6 Different Ways to wear a wrap dress


I recommend you to size up for the Reformation River Top. I usually take size XS or size 0, but with the smocking in the back, I ordered a size 2 for the River Top. For your reference, my measurement is 32D-24-34, and I don’t think this is a top for big boob gals. But if you don’t mind feeling a bit exposed like me, then size up and be prepare to go braless with the top. Here I wasn’t wearing any bra, and it barely covered everything.

Another thing to note is that the white color could potentially be a bit too translucent to go completely braless. Even though they double line the breast area, I recommend you to get the floral print over the white color.



Let’s be honest here, the Reformation’s styles are not one of the kind. You can easily find replicates for a fraction of the price at Forever21, but what you can’t find is the high quality fabrics. I love the linen material of this Reformation River top! It’s breathable and sustainable. Like all linen, the only down side is that it wrinkles too easily. However, since it fits super tight, the wrinkles tighten and diminish once you put it on!


Sustainable fashion is not affordable. And you wonder sometimes why you would spend almost 10X more on a dress that you can easily find at Forever 21. Well, to make you feel better, the fitting at the Reformation is way better. While you can always find a tailor, the extra you are paying for is for our environment and society.  Back to the fitting, this Reformation River top fits very tight on your body, and I cannot wear any bra or pasties underneath the top. But the sleeves are roomie, and they are adjustable in case your biceps are bigger than mine.  In terms of the length, I have a normal torso, and the top hits just 1.5 inch above my hip bone. If you usually wear mid-rise, be prepare to show some skin when you sit down. I recommend pairing the river top with high waisted bottoms.

hope you find this Reformation review helpful! Drop me a note if you have any questions! 🙂

Smile and style on~


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