4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018!

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that’s Worth Your Visit in 2018! 

Now that online shopping has become so accessible and convenient, physical retail spaces are having a hard time staying in business. It’s so hard to get foot traffic these days that a mall in Pittsburgh filed bankruptcy and was only sold for USD 100. However, despite of the bearish outlook, 4 fashion boutiques in LA are defying the trend and carving out a new future for retail businesses. They are redefining what it means to have physical retail stores, and they are offering unique values that cannot be replaced by e-commerce. Today, I am listing out 4 fashion boutiques in LA that’s worth your visit in 2018!

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that’s Worth Your Visit in 2018!

Back then, people went shopping mainly because they wanted to buy things. But now with many e-commerce stores offering free shipping and returns, shopping in person has become a chore. Why bother flipping through hangers when you can browse and filter everything so easily on the web?

As traditional retail businesses are becoming obsolete, experience-based stores such as “Museum of Ice Cream” and “Escape Room” are doing so well! In order to make people come check out your store in person, you have to offer an enticing experience. And these 4 fashion boutiques in LA exactly nailed down the experience part. From meticulously decorated store fronts to instagram-able murals, these 4 fashion boutiques in LA blew me away with their state of the art shopping experience, and I recommend you to go check them out when you have a chance in LA!

Mansur Gavriel

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018! 

I first heard about Mansur Gavriel when I visited my friend in Copenhagen. We were at his friend’s studio, who is also a leather bag designer. We were chit-chatting about the latest of the leather bag industry, and that’s when I first about this brand. Designed by two young women, Mansur Gavriel’s bucket bags quickly gained so much popularity. And it was very impressive and rare for such a young brand to rise so quickly in this ruthless and competitive industry. So when they first opened a store in LA, I had to check out the boutique in person even if it meant driving 30 mins.

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4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018!

Needless to say, the store was everything I expected and beyond. Featuring millennial pink walls and an overall clean aesthetic, the Mansur Gavriel’s boutique is not only a place to shop, but also a place to get brunch/afternoon tea. I felt like a kid in a candy store looking at all these color-coordinated leather bags. When you are in such a cute store, not gonna lie, you feel compelled to buy something. So a Mansur Gavriel’s review is coming soon!


Gentle Monster

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018!

I first encountered Gentle Monster when I was having a layover in Korea in 2016. This high-end sunglasses brand means business when it comes to their store front decoration. Here is a video featuring their robot making a pair of sunglasses at the airport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXuyRHfTB3k

And once again, blown away by their retail store and futuristic sunglasses, I bought a pair -.-! They got me everytime!

This flagship store of Gentle Monster in LA is nothing less. My favorite part is that they exhibit all the limited versions that they made with celebs in the past. This store is a freaking art exhibit, guys! And once again, I bought a pair too…

My second pair. *Sigh*

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018!

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Besame Cosmetic

Finally a store that I haven’t been physically, but I have been wanting to go. Why? This cosmetic store brings back the vintage broadway-show makeup! Also, a friend gifted me a lipstick from them, and it is amazing. In the store, they show you how lipsticks are made from scratch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGzcpPwhYRU



If you listen to podcast, I highly recommend the Tom’s episode on “How I built this by Guy Raz”. It’s amazing that they are creating jobs in 3rd world countries and giving back shoes to the communities that need them.  I hope one day that I can also give back via a project that I feel passionate about.

Back to this store, this comes with a lounging area and a coffee shop! I come study here all the time, and when you see sustainable shoes in front of you, it’s hard to resist! Haha.. yes…I recently bought my first pair of Tom’s…*face palm*

To me, a great shopping experience draws the line between success and failure for physical retail stores. A great shopping experience not only drives more sales, but it also enhances the shopper’s satisfaction and reduces returns.

If you decide to go shopping in LA, these 4 fashion boutiques are definitely worth your visit!

Have fun, and last but not least…

Smile and style on!


Outfit Info:

C/MEO Vision of You Playsuit (sold out, the top)

The Reformation Linen Tank (sold out, similar)

DL1961 Jeans


VETTA Review: The Casual Capsule Collection

Summer 2018 VETTA Review: The Casual Capsule

Once in awhile, you feel lazy AF, and you just wish that putting on makeup could be as easy as a Snapchat’s filter. Luckily, with the right outfit, you can still look chic without having to spend too much time getting ready. This year, VETTA released a casual capsule, and some of the pieces are exactly made for those who want to get ready fast. If you are one of those lazy gals who want to look good effortlessly, read this summer 2018’s VETTA review!

VETTA Review: The Casual Capsule

Summer 2018 VETTA Review: The Casual Capsule

VETTA is a sustainable fashion brand that takes pride in making versatile pieces. Last year, I tried on their two-piece set, and I immediately fell in love. I was so in love that not only I wrote a VETTA review, but I also did a 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge with the set! So when VETTA released the Casual capsule in summer 2018, I jumped on it and got the jumpsuit and the cropped tee.


Should You Get VETTA’s Jumpsuit & Cropped Tee?

Long story short, I recommend the jumpsuit. On the other hand, the cropped tee runs large, and the quality is very subpar.

The Apron Jumpsuit

The apron jumpsuit runs true-to-size with a relaxed fit. It’s versatile because you can tie the back in 3 different ways. I recommend taking your usual size! If you are a half size, size down.

VETTA Review: The Casual Capsule Collection

This VETTA’s jumpsuit is made with 100% Tencel. It feels substantial but breathable, and it’s very low maintenance! I just throw it in for a cold wash and then tumble dry at medium heat. If you want to skip the ironing part, make sure you take out the jumpsuit as soon as the dryer finishes the cycle!

Since I got this VETTA jumpsuit, I have been wearing it everywhere – work, Sunday brunch, and movie nights! To make a subtle variation, you can either throw on a jacket or wear a top underneath. It’s definitely a piece that can carry you from Spring to Fall.

The Cropped Flutter Tee


The cropped flutter tee was…umm, a bit of a disappointment. Even though it’s made with 100% organic cotton, the tee was so see-through. I ordered an XS, but the shirt was still too big for me. When I wore the V-check in the front, I had to keep pulling it up to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. The tee definitely could be made better – a thicker material and also a shallower V-neck. However, if you do decide to give it a try, I recommend sizing down!


While I wasn’t vibing with the tee initially, the tee and the apron jumpsuit went so well together. I adore the flare-out sleeves. If you are looking for organic cotton tees, I recommend looking at these sustainable fashion brands – PeopleTree and RoundPlusSquare.


As always, I hope you find this Summer 2018 VETTA review helpful! If you have other sustainable fashion brands you want me to review, feel free to drop me a note!

Smile and style on!


Shoes Info:

Everland Day Heels

Read my review here: Everlane’s The Day Heels Review

Massimo Dutti Blue Suede Slingback (On-sale, and super comfy)

Best designer clothes to buy in the 2018 summer sales

Designer Pieces to buy in the 2018 Summer Sales

Raindrops, drop tops. Shop til you hear your wallet pop, pop! But seriously, when the summer sales is this good, who wants to miss out on steep discounts? Alright, feeling the itch to shop yet? Tonight, I am rounding out my favorite designer items in the 2018 summer sales!

Designer items are not necessarily sustainable, but they certainly have better qualities and fittings than fast fashion. If designer items are out of your budget, I highly recommend doing Rent the Runway Unlimited. With a monthly subscription fee of $170 (tax included), you get to rent whatever you want. The world is your oyster.*

*Disclaimer: While in theory you can rent whatever you want, shipment and sizing availability can often limit the clothes you can rent.

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Rent The Runway Unlimited: Tips and Tricks

Designer Pieces to buy in the 2018 Summer Sales

Without much further ado, here are my personal favorites designer pieces in the 2018 summer sales: ( I actually bought some of them, RIP my piggy bank)


I suggest to size up! Self-Portrait’s sizing is extremely small, and personally, I need to size up (I normally am a US 0, and I need to order a UK 6).


I haven’t bought anything from them yet, but I’ve been itching to because they are sustainable and locally designed in LA! Their styles exude west-coast-chic vibes, and they always incorporate my favorite colors!

Alice McCall

If you don’t want to buy Alice McCall, you can rent their pieces from Rent the Runway.  I love this Australia brand because of their whimsical style!

All Things Mochi

Best for vacations, their clothes are fun and vibrate! Best for the summer! If you like this but want a sustainable option, Mara Hoffman is the way to go!

P.E. Nation

Athleisure has slowly become my style! I really regret not waiting for the sale because the price of this P.E. nation bra just dropped by 30% since I brought it a month ago. Nevertheless, you should not miss their sale! I suggest to take your normal size. I am a M in bras (32D), and their medium fits me perfectly.

Shopping Tips to Shop Better and Less

Alright, I was half kidding when I said you should shop till you drop. When you go shopping, remember to ask yourself if the clothes really fit your body and your taste. Don’t go crazy and buy everything just because of the steep discount. Below are 3 tips to help you shop better and smarter:

Choose Tops over Dresses

Dresses always look way cuter than their sister tops, but believe me, you are going to wear the top way more often the dress. With a top, you can dress it down by pairing with jeans, or you can dress it up by pairing with a formal skirt or shorts.

Choose the Right Colors

Popular colors (aka neutrals) always sell out faster because they are way more flexible when it comes to mixing and matching. Don’t settle for a color that you don’t like even if you like the style. In a long run, you are going to wear it less and the cost per wear is still high.

Check Prices on Google

When an item is on sale, most likely, the same item is also discounted on other sites. Crosscheck on Google to make sure that you are getting the best deal!

I hope you find this helpful, and good luck at scoring great deals in this 2018 Summer Sales!

Smile and style on~









Favorite Sustainable White Dresses for Summer 2018

Favorite Sustainable White Dresses for Summer 2018 For Love and Lemons Anabelle Eyelet Lace up Dress

With summer around the corner, it’s time to revisit your closet and pull out all your favorite white dresses from last year. While white dresses are classic and timeless, it’s hard to stop them from turning a bit creamy/yellow over time. If you are planning on replacing your worn-out white dresses, you are at the right place!  Today, I am rounding up my favorite white dresses for summer 2018! Enjoy!

Sustainable White Dresses for Summer 2018

Favorite sustainable white dresses for summer 2018

If you know me, you know I am all about sustainable fashion. So first, I want to talk about my favorite sustainable white dresses for summer 2018. Here are my personal favorites ranking from the most expensive options to the cheapest options:

DOEN (~USD$300)

I absolutely love how feminine this Doen Peony dress is. With a mini length and an optional belt, this dress will work on all body types.

The Reformation (~USD$200)

The Reformation is still my go-to sustainable fashion brand for summer dresses. They always make great linen dresses, and their fit is impeccable. I particularly gravitate toward their fit-and-flare cut, because it works great on all body types!

Everlane (~USD$100)

I have to admit, Evelane’s quality is really hit or miss. This dress, however, is a great hit. I have seen it on a friend, and its quality is on point. It fits best on small-chested gals, and it can be dressed up or down!

Personal Favorites

It’s a whole different landscape once you step out of the sustainable fashion bubble. There are a lot more options, and prices become way more reasonable. Here are my personal favorite white dresses that are not branded as sustainable, and I also included a LWD that is well under $100!

For Love and Lemons


Call me basic, but I absolutely love this off-shoulder white dress. It’s romantic but casual enough to wear on a daily basis. For those who have a bigger bust size, size up! For Love and Lemons tends to design with a small-chested body shape in mind, and this white dress is a bit too small around the chest area.

C/MEO Collective

Favorite White Dresses for Summer 2018This romper is sold out everywhere I looked. But I love having a formal romper because it’s nice not having to worry about wardrobe malfunction when you are at a formal event. I am actually selling this romper if you are interested! DM me!

Under $50

This Madewell dress has a modest length, and it’s great for many occasions ranging from Sunday brunch, Friday date nights to picnics!

I wish I could find more dresses under US$50, but for now I would say let’s wait for things to get on sale if you are on a budget! Personally, I would rather not buy if the quality of an item doesn’t pass my standard.

Hope you enjoy this post!

Favorite White Dresses for Summer 2018


My Favorite Sustainable Bikinis in 2018

Upgrade your White Jeans with These Sustainable Options!

My favorite sustainable bikinis in 2018

My Favorite Sustainable Bikinis in 2018

I can’t believe it’s already May! With my upcoming Cabo trip around the corner, I started dieting and also looking for new bikinis! Retro 90’s styles are having a major comeback this year, and high-waisted bottoms and one-piece swimsuits are particularly popular.  Today, I am sharing my favorite sustainable bikinis in 2018, and I hope you find this list helpful!

My Favorite Sustainable Bikinis in 2018

2018 swimwear is all about that retro pinup girl look. Polkadots, ruffles and bows are all over the internet. While I love the 90’s comeback, I am also slightly relieved that most brands modify the classic retro look with some contemporary designs. Here are a list of sustainable swimwear brands that I love in 2018, and I hope you enjoy!

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Montce Swim

In Montce, bikinis are ethically handmade in California. This year, they released a lot of high-cut, high-waisted bottoms, but don’t let it fool you, most of their bottoms are still very skimpy and meant to show off your ass-ets. If you are bold enough to try on their sustainable bikinis, here are my favorites:

Blue Life

If I had the body, I would totally get Blue Life bikinis at a heart beat. Their ethical bikinis are made in USA and incredibly sexy. Here are my favorites:


Mara Hoffman

When it comes to sustainable bikinis, Mara Hoffman is hands down my favorite. They ethically make their swimwear with recycled fabrics, and their styles are always so unique, fun and loud! Here are my favorites sustainable bikinis from Mara Hoffman:


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the first major swimwear brands to make sustainable bikinis that are available in a physical store! In fact, I actually just bought the Zuma Bralette and the Rio Bottom from them, and I can’t wait to try them on!


Typically, I don’t quite trust bikinis made by traditional clothing brands, but the bikinis at the Reformation are way too cute to miss. While I haven’t tried on their sustainable bikinis just yet, I heard decent reviews about their swimwear. Below are my favorite styles:

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I hope you will find your favorite bikinis this year, and if you find other sustainable bikinis, please share!

Smile and style on!