10 Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

10 Plus-Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

Some of you asked me – “Where can I find plus-size clothes that are sustainable?”. In today’s post, I want to share 10 plus-size sustainable fashion brands to help solve your problem!

Before diving in, I have to say, I can totally feel your pain now, especially after spending hours doing research on this topic. With a limited selection of sustainable fashion brands, it’s already tricky to find stylish sustainable clothes at an affordable price. Shopping for plus-size sustainable fashion adds another layer of complexity, and it can be frustrating at times. But! I found these 10 awesome plus-size sustainable fashion brands, and I hope you enjoy them!

Besides buying clothes from a good source, there are many other things you can do to support sustainable fashion! Read my post on 5 Ways to Dress Sustainably

10 Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

Why do Sustainable Fashion Brands Hesitate to Make Plus-Size Clothes?

The main reason is the high costs associated with making plus-size sustainable clothes. Because sustainable fashion brands are already paying a fair wage and using high quality expensive fabrics, they are having a difficult time keeping their prices low. Moreover, adding a plus-size clothing line entails additional production costs. Since many sustainable fashion companies are small-sized companies, they cannot justify adding more development costs to open a plus-size clothing line when they are already struggling to survive in the super saturated market.

The second reason is that many sustainable clothing companies don’t think plus-size women are willing to invest as much in timeless pieces that last. This is because many plus-size women believe that their body shapes are temporary. And so, they stress on styles and trends rather than the quality and how long the clothes will last. Due to these two main reasons, sustainable fashion brands hesitate to make plus-size clothes.

Nevertheless, regardless of your size and shape, I think it’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin and clothes. Wearing the right size of clothing can not only boost our confidence level, but it can help us leave a good impression.  Moreover, there ARE sustainable fashion brands that make plus-size clothes! Below, you will find 10 plus-size sustainable fashion brands with sizes over US 14!

10 Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

10 Plus-Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

Asos Eco Edit

Asos Eco Edit is a great way to find affordable plus-size clothes that have low environmental impact. With free shipping both ways, you can easily return anything that don’t fit you. You can find sizes up to US 24, and purchasing from Asos is tax free! Here are some of my favorites:

Fame and Partner

I love Fame and Partner for their romantic and feminine style. The clothes are classy and elegant, and everything is made to order and made in America. Additionally, they offer sizes up to US 22!  However, the only drawbacks are that they are expensive and online only. In case the clothes you buy online don’t fit well, they offer free shipping to the US, and they also do 100% refund within 30 days (caveat: customized clothes have a 50% restocking fee). Here are some of my favorite items for curvy ladies:

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a sustainable fashion brand that’s very accessible. You can easily find it in your local mall. Eileen Fisher is on the higher-end spectrum, and they make plus-size clothes in classic style.  Here are some pieces that everyone should own:


I love Patagonia because the founder is a true believer in sustainability. After listening to a podcast about him and his story, I am very inspired! In the podcast, he revealed that he wanted to open a new company to help people repair clothes rather than making them purchase more!

If you need workout clothes or outdoor gears in plus sizes, Patagonia offers sizes up to US 16!

Smart Glamour

Smart Glamour is a sustainable fashion line based in NYC. Everything on there are made to order and customizable. They offer sizes up to 6X! The good news is that they are super affordable compared to other plus-size sustainable fashion brands. This may be worth a try!


Naja is one of the few sustainable fashion brands that really fits my fashion taste. I wish there were more ethical clothing companies like Naja.

With a heavy use of floral and pastel recycled fabrics, their lingerie and swimwear are super feminine and elegant. Additionally, Naja is a vertically integrated company. This means that they can trace back their supply chain from sourcing to retailing, making sure everything is ethically done! Naja is also a huge advocate for women’s rights and actively employs single mothers.

While Naja has a plus-size selection, it is very limited.  They only carry swimwear and activewear up to size US 14 and bras up to 38C.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites:

Alternative Apparel 

Alternative Apparel is a sustainable fashion brand based in LA. Their style is very laid back and relaxed.  If you need basic lounge wear such as hoodies and soft cotton T-shirts, this brand is a great alternative to American Apparel which do not have a plus-size line. Alternative Apparel has a great plus-size selection, and they offer sizes up to 2XL!

Here are some examples:


People always thought that large fashion retailers are evil and non-sustainable. However, the truth is that large fashion retailers place a lot of control points along their supply chain to ensure things are done in an ethical way.

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Adidas is one of the large fashion retailers that always strive to do things in the right way. According to Corporate Knights, Adidas ranks number 3 in the top 100 most sustainable corporations. Adidas also partners up with Stella McCartney, a sustainable high-end fashion brand, and together they make active wear that boosts your swag.

In terms of plus-size clothes, Adidas offers up to size 2XL. Recently, bomber jackets are so trendy, and a classic one to get is of course the Adidas M1 bomber jacket. Given bomber jackets have such a versatile unisex style, you can easily find a size from the men’s area if the women size 2XL doesn’t fit you!

Here is my favorite bomber jacket!

H&M Conscious

While H&M is still a fast fashion company, their Conscious line makes clothes with recycled and sustainable fabrics such as Tencel. Moreover, they have plus-size clothes at readily available stores. And this top is just super cute!


Hackwith makes everything in Minnesota, and they don’t make their clothes until you order them.  Way to support slow fashion and minimize waste! Their style is simple and elegant, and they offer sizes up to US 28! The only drawback is that their clothes are a bit pricey. Check out this wrap dress!


10 Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

Thank you so much for reading! Plus-size fashion is definitely a new area to me, and it took me so long to find these 10 plus-size sustainable fashion brands. If you have any comments, please let me know!

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