Shopping Tips: 10 Ways to Resist Shopping Temptations

10 Ways to Resist Shopping Temptations by Styles For Thought“Shop less and better” is one way to support sustainable fashion. But, keeping yourself in check is not easy.  Especially when you follow so many fashion bloggers, when you receive daily email advertisements from your favorite online shopping sites, and when your girlfriends always wear the latest trendy clothes, it’s hard not to feel the need to fit in and purchase clothes that may not be sustainable.  If you are experiencing the same struggle, don’t worry – here are 10 ways to resist shopping temptations:

  1. Unsubscribe from shopping mailing lists.  Out of sight, out of mind. If you see less ads, you will feel less tempted to shop.  Try apps like Unlistr or Unroll.Me to unsubscribe from retailer emails.
  2. Block out clothing advertisements. Install apps such as Adblock Plus to your browser to resist shopping temptations.
  3. Use productivity apps. Adblock apps do not work on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.  Instead, try productivity apps such as StayFocused to limit the time you spend on these sites.
  4. Use a buddy system.  Find a friend who shares the same fashion taste as you.  When you need help resist shopping temptations, she/he can back you up during those moments of weakness.
  5. Develop a strong sense of fashion style.  Developing a fashion style takes more than a few days to accomplish.  But you can discover your fashion style by asking these simple questions before making a clothing purchase – Does it fit your style? Does it fit your body type? Can you see yourself in it next year? Answering these questions before buying can help you strategize your clothing purchases.  This will in turn eliminate the need to buy clothes that do not fit you and help you stay sustainable. I created a simple cheat sheet with questions that you can ask yourself before making a purchase! If you are interested, please go to the bottom of this post for free download! 🙂
  6. Consider the end results of your clothing purchases.  First of all, buying excess clothes is a waste of money. Second, having too many clothes can jam up your closet, making it harder to decide what to wear. Lastly, having too many clothes is totally not sustainable and bad for the environment. Every year, over 11 tons of clothing waste get sent to landfills and release toxic gas to the environment.
  7. Look for role models that reflect your belief and sense of style. I follow many minimalist and sustainable fashion bloggers,. My current favorites are The Minimalists and Into Mind. When I read their blogs on sustainable fashion, I immediately drop any desire to shop.  I was even inspired by them and decided to declutter my closet. If you are inspired to clean your closet too, read Style Advice: 19 Different Ways to Sell, Recycle, and Donate Old Clothes
  8. Borrow clothes from your girlfriends.  For special occasions such as Christmas parties or Halloween parties, it’s natural to feel the need to shop for new clothes and look different in pictures.  In this case, instead of buying, you can borrow clothes from your girlfriends! Not only is borrowing clothes sustainable, but it also has zero impact on your bank account. Lastly, keep in mind that everything is “give and take”. If you want to borrow clothes, offer to lend your clothes first!
  9. Find ways to restyle your clothes! You will be surprised by how many different outfits you can come up with using the clothes that you already own.  Instead of buying more, look for creative ways to restyle and repair.  Do a capsule wardrobe challenge or a 10×10 challenge. After all, there are many ways to support sustainable fashion. If you need inspirations, you can also read my ‘Restyling Ideas’ posts for ideas, such as Restyling Ideas: White Halter Tank Top with Floral Shorts
  10. Switch up your look with a new hairstyle or a new makeup look. Sometimes, it’s impossible not to feel left out when all your girlfriends own the same trendy tops while you are trying to stick with the basics and the classics. If you feel this way, instead of giving in to shop more, try a new hair style or makeup look to switch things up!

10 Ways to Resist Shopping Temptations by Styles For Thought


After cleaning out my closet last year, I was determined to build a more minimalist and sustainable wardrobe. I don’t think we need to buy from sustainable fashion brands all the time to be sustainable, as long as we are more intentional with our clothing purchases.  But from time to time, I still feel the urge to buy trendy clothes that won’t last more than two seasons. One of the fashion trends I am trying very hard not to fall for right now is off-shoulder tops.


Currently, I am sticking to classic styles – a chambray shirt, a beige trench coat, a pair of brown booties and blue jeans. If you are looking for ethically-made/sustainably-made jeans, there are actually plenty of options available.  One denim brand I love is DL 1961, and it is available on Amazon Prime. Here are some of my favorite styles:

DL1961 Women’s Margaux Instascuplt Ankle Skinny Jeans

DL1961 Women’s Florence Instasculpt Skinny Jeans

DL1961 Women’s Emma Power Legging Jeans

DL1961 Women’s Margaux Instascuplt Ankle Skinny Jeans

So tell me, what challenges do you face when trying to resist shopping temptations and support sustainable fashion? Got more tips to add to this list? What fashion trends are you trying to resist from buying? I hope to hear from you.

Hope you find this post helpful!

Smile and style on!


Outfit Information

Trench Coat :: Burberry

Chambray Shirt :: Madewell

Jeans :: 7 For All Mankind (Sustainable Option: DL1961)

Boots :: TODS (Sold out) Similar: See By Chloe!

Still thinking about that dress you saw last week? Ask yourself these questions first before making a purchase!

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  1. So good! I fight the urge to shop all the time. I’m going to unsubscribe to clothing shops for sure because they are so tempting. Thanks for all your tips, so so hard! Also gonna check out those jeans you suggested.


    1. I am so glad that you found this helpful,Tania! Let me know how your “shop less” journey goes 🙂

  2. Looking classy and beautiful in those basics! I feel like my closet swung too much in the minimal direction and am trying to find that balance between basic and fun. I gave in and bought an off-shoulder top recently…but I’m justifying it because I’ve been trying them for over a year!

    1. Aww yeah! It’s hard and I totally get it! But I know you don’t shop a lot, so you can justify one or two trendy items once in awhile.

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