15 Ways to Wear a Chambray Shirt in 2017

15 Ways to Wear a Chambray Shirt in 2017

A classic chambray shirt is essential to any capsule wardrobe. Chambray shirts are super universal and versatile, and they literally look good on anyone and everyone. Plus, you can wear and style a chambray shirt in so many different ways, making it a TOP sustainable fashion must-have! In today’s post, I am sharing 15 ways to wear a chambray shirt in 2017.

Many of these styling methods are a spin off from our classic styles. They are updated specifically for 2017 based on current trends. Ultimately, the goal of the post is to help you get the most out of this sustainable fashion essential. At the end, I will also list out sustainable chambray options from my favorite ethical clothing companies and sustainable fashion brands.

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  1. Make your Chambray Shirt an Off-Shoulder Top

If there is one trend that trumps all other trends in 2017, I will say it’s the off-shoulder look! Com’on, how can you not fall in love with this trend? Ultra feminine and classy, an off-shoulder top is a perfect way to make a woman out of you. (Mulan is my favorite Disney movie.) But in 2017, we will make fashion more sustainable. To create this off-shoulder look with a chambray, simply flip the collars and pull the shirt down. This is a new way to wear a chambray shirt in 2017.

15 ways to wear a chambray shirt in 2017 Wear Chambray Shirt as off Shoulder Top

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  1. Wear your Chambray Shirt under a Sweater

One of the most basic ways to wear a chambray shirt is to wear it under a sweater. But in 2017, we do it better. Try this styling method with a see-through lace top! Ah, mind blown yet? Continue to read to see more ways to wear a chambray shirt in 2017!

15 ways to wear a chambray shirt in 2017 Layering Chambray Shirt Underneath a Sweater

I feel like I am heating up! Two new 2017 looks in a row. (Anyone here also a beer bong champion back in college?)

  1. Transform your Chambray Shirt into a One-Shoulder Top

Boom! I am on fire! This is the 3rd way to wear a chambray shirt in 2017! The one-shoulder trend is so hot in 2017. And the good news is, we can create this look in a “sustainable fashion” way.

To create this look, slip one arm into the sleeve, and leave the other arm out. Fasten just enough buttons to cover up your boobs and then wrap the empty sleeve around the waist. To finish the look, fasten one button from the sleeve with one of the empty button holes at the tail end of the shirt. This sounds a bit complicated, but I will upload pictures to demonstrate this soon! Stay tuned.

  1. Wear your Chambray Shirt underneath a Classic Trench Coat

A chambray shirt is typically for a casual outfit. But you can also wear it to more formal events by using it as a layering piece. Here, I wore it as a layering piece underneath my trench coat!

15 ways to wear a chambray shirt in 2017 Layering a chambray with Trench coat

  1. Wear your Chambray Shirt as a Scarf

You can wear your Chambray as a scarf! Simply tie it over your shoulder, and you will get this effortless preppy look. I love this look on a classic stripe shirt or a classic white tee.

Food for thought – How will this look if you wear a Canadian tuxedo and top it with another chambray shirt as a scarf? Can one ever have too much denim? Well, I guess you will never know until you try it!

  1. Tie your Chambray Shirt around the waist

Have you ever wondered how to spice up your classic shift dress? Simply tie a chambray shirt around the waist. Vola! You immediately created this waist cincher look that’s super popular right now in 2017. Flex your creative muscle, and you will find many ways to support sustainable fashion.

  1. Canadian Tuxedo with a Twist!

Canadian tuxedo is definitely one of my favorite ways to wear a chambray shirt. You can never go wrong with a denim on denim outfit. Plus, you are supporting sustainable fashion when you are not buying additional pieces to create a look.

Canadian Tuxedo Sustainable Fashion 15 ways to wear a chambray shirt in 2017

But if you wanna upgrade your classic Canadian Tuxedo this year, you can wear a pair of black fishnet underneath your distressed denim. Adding a little bit of fishnet is a tasteful way to wear a chambray shirt in 2017!

  1. Wear your Chambray Shirt as a Jacket (Upgraded Version)

Pretty classic and self explanatory! To spice up this chambray look in 2017, just wear a bikini bra underneath and use your chambray jacket to make it a little bit modest!

15 ways to wear a chambray shirt in 2017 Wear Chambray as A Jacket

Naja is my favorite sustainable fashion brand for cute lingeries. Check out my favorite bikini bras here, here and here.

  1. Pair your Chambray Shirt with anything White

White and blue are my favorite colors. I love pairing my chambray with anything white. White shorts, white skirts, and white denims. Simply classic.

Pair your Chambray with a white skirt Sustainable Fashion

  1. Tie a knot instead of wearing your Chambray Shirt Tucked in

Don’t be boring! Once in awhile, you just have to let lose and untuck your chambray shirt! Tie a knot instead!

15 ways to wear a chambray shirt in 2017 Tie a knot with chambray

  1. Pair your Chambray Shirt with any Stripes

Statement stripes are so in in 2017. To offset the crazy stripes, wash down your wildness with a classic chambray shirt!

  1. Layer a Chambray Shirt underneath an Off-Shoulder Dress

This type of layering will work well with off shoulder dresses such as these ones from Fame and Partner. Another way to wear your off-shoulder stuff during chilly seasons!

  1. Cinch your Chambray Shirt with a High Waisted Belt

Love that cinched-in waist look? Well, wear a high waisted belt over your oversized chambray shirt. This is definitely an updated way to wear a chambray shirt in 2017!

  1. Pair your Chambray Shirt with anything Black (Fishnet!)

When I say pair your chambray with anything black, I really mean it. Black leather pants, black distressed jeans, and even black fishnet! Anything black in all kinds of fabrics will go well with a chambray shirt.

  1. Transform your dress into a skirt with a Chambray Shirt

Simply wear your Chambray Shirt over a dress and tie a knot in the end. Then, I love hiding the knot by flipping it inward to create a polish look.

Chambray Shirts from Sustainable Fashion Brands

I constantly find myself going back to this Madewell chambray shirt over and over again because it is just super versatile. Below I listed chambray shirts from different ethical clothing companies and sustainable fashion brands. I hope you will find one that fits!

1. FRAME Chambray Blouse

I absolutely love this FRAME’s chambray blouse. The sleeves got my heart racing! The shirt is made with 100% tencel. Tencel is an environmentally-friendly  fabric that is commonly used in sustainable fashion.

2. Amour Vert

This Amour Vert chambray is a good dark wash chambray shirt!

3. Madewell

I actually think J-CREW is a responsible fashion company as they are working toward transparent supply chain. Read their strategy to promote responsible sourcing! Currently, I have this chambray shirt.

Final Thoughts?

What do you think about these 15 ways to wear a chambray shirt in 2017? Which one is your favorite? If you think of other ways to wear a chambray shirt, please comment below!



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