Trench || Everlane Trench Coat & Wilde Heart Lace Romper

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Part of being a responsible shopper is to understand where your clothes were made, where the fabric was sourced, and even whether child labor was used when your clothes were being made.  Yet, consumers almost have no visibility of how their clothes are made, because retail sellers disclose very little information about their supply chains.

According to 2014 Global Slavery Index, almost 36 millions of people were trapped in modern slavery, and modern slavery is especially prevalent in industries such as manufacturing etc. While a lot of the manufacturing countries have little regulations to combat modern slavery, places such as California or the U.K. have passed laws to demand more transparency in supply chains of bigger retail sellers.  Some clothing brands are also promoting fair wages to provide consumers more sustainable options as well.

Here, I am wearing a trench coat from Everlane.  Everlane is one of the few brands that provide consumers all their supply chain information and it is definitely a pioneer that promotes radical transparency in clothing supply chain!

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Outfit Information

Trench Coat :: Everlane

Romper :: Wilde Heart

Watch :: Fossil

Shoes :: Schutz (Old)

Linen || 7 for all Mankind Destroyed Jeans & Fossil Leather Watch

When we are buying coffee at a grocery store, we often find ourselves facing this dilemma – Will we pay $2-5 more for Fair Trade coffee? If paying the extra dollars means that we are supporting fair wages, and the use of environmentally friendly methods, what will you decide?

In 2011, ¬†Hixcox, Broukhim, and Litwin conducted a social experiment by selling coffee on Ebay to quantify the demand for Fair Trade coffee. ¬†They found that consumers are willing to pay a 23% premium to support coffee labeled as Fair Trade. ¬†If selling Fair Trade coffee has been successful,¬†¬†why don’t we introduce the same concept in other products, or in the fashion industry? Imagine shoppers go inside a mall, and they would see a section of Fair Trade clothes. How many of us would actually support it?

Before answering those questions, I would like to talk about what Fair Trade really means, how it works and if it actually works (using coffee as our example!).

Inspired by the many experiments done on Fair Trade coffee, I’ve been thinking about conducting one on fair trade clothing! Ideas are in the air, and I would love to hear what you think as well!

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Outfit Information

Shirt :: Reformation

Jeans :: 7 for all Mankind

Watch :: Fossil

Shoes :: Jeffrey Campbell  (old, but here, here, here, and here)

White Out || Reformation Chamber Tank & findersKeepers Skirt

Since I started this blog, a lot of friends have been introducing me to new sustainable clothing brands, and one of them is Reformation.

Reformation is innovative in a way that they make new pieces with fabric that may potentially get sent to the landfill, reducing unnecessary waste.  This backless white tank is made of rescued deadstock fabric!

When it comes to sustainable shopping,¬†I tend to buy clothes of solid colors because it’s easier to do pairing with, and thus reducing the cost per wear as well as the need to shop more! (Not only more environmentally friendly, but also piggy-bank friendly too!)

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Outfit Information:

Top :: Reformation

Skirt :: findersKeepers

Shoes :: Banana Republic (Old)

Bracelet :: Swarovski

Purse :: Seisuke88 (an Japanese brand that makes cute purses locally)

Journey || 5 Ways to Dress Sustainably

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In order to make the fashion industry more sustainable,  we should start with ourselves and become better shoppers! Here are 5 ways to dress sustainably!

For a better quality infograph – Here

Here is a pair of Schutz heels I bought when thrift-shopping awhile back! They were under $100 ūüôā

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Codes of Conduct

The codes of conduct in the U.S. address six fundamental issues pertaining to the textile industry. #sustainablefashion #fashion #ecofashion #sustainability #fairtrade #organic