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Alternative Apparel Review | Sustainable Fashion

Alternative Apparel Review

Alternative Apparel is an L.A. based sustainable fashion brand, and I have purchased a few items from them. Today, I will be reviewing this Alternative Apparel cotton T-shirt! Hope you find it helpful if you are thinking about buying from them!

Sizing (7/10)

I am a 32D-24-33, and I usually wear a 0 or an XS. Based on my experience at Alternative Apparel, I found their tops typically run true-to-size with a roomy fit.

Material (8/10)

This T-shirt is made with organic cotton, and it feels incredibly soft. Organic cotton is way more sustainable than traditional cotton because it doesn’t require any pesticides and fertilizer to grow organic cotton. It was also pre-shrunk prior, so you don’t have to worry about shrinking it in the dryer. The only downside about the material is that it pills after you put it in the washer, but all cotton-based shirts are like that.

Versatility (8/10)

This logo-free T-shirt is fairly versatile for any casual outfit.  Looking back, I regret getting the green color. I feel that neutral colors would be more versatile for such a classic style shirt.

Travel-Friendliness (7/10)

Ah, did I mention that consulting is my line of work? I chose consulting because of its opportunity to travel a lot. With this in mind, I tend to buy clothes that are low-maintenance and versatile. This cotton T-shirt fits exactly just those two criteria. I only rated it a 7 because the material doesn’t try as fast as other sustainable materials such as viscose, etc.

Customer Service

Unless you live in L.A., you are most likely going to shop online if you want to buy from Alternative Apparel. I am an online shop junkie, and I found that the speediness at Alternative Apparel is only so-so. It takes quite awhile to get your clothes from them. One time, they even messed up my order and mailed the item to the wrong address. Since I tend to shop and forget, it took me a month to realize I was missing an item. Luckily, their customer-service people was very understanding, and they gave me a refund and a 10% discount as an apology.


Overall, I like this T-shirt from Alternative Apparel because it is affordable and basic. If you would like to revamp or upgrade the basics you already own, Alternative Apparel is a really good sustainable fashion option out there in the market based on their price point and quality.
I have many more items from Alternative Apparel, and I will soon do another review soon! Until then, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!
Smile and style on!

alternative apparel review sustainable fashion


alternative apparel review sustainable fashion


alternative apparel review sustainable fashion


alternative apparel review sustainable fashion


Outfit Information

Tshirt :: Alternative

Belts :: Banana Republic

Shoes :: Pour La Victoire (old, sustainable option here)

Bracelet :: LA Farmers Market

Skirt :: ASOS


Organic Cotton v.s. Traditional Cotton

You are trying to buy milk at the grocery stores, and there are so many options available. The label “ORGANIC” caught your attention, and now you are debating if you should spend a couple more bucks on the organic version. Eventually, the health-conscious side of you kicks in, and you decide to buy the organic milk instead. When the consequences are health-related, it’s a no-brainer to want to pay more and opt for the organic version. But what about clothes? What is the difference between traditional cotton and organic cotton? Is it worth buying organic cotton shirts despite of the higher price point?

Organic Cotton v.s. Traditional Cotton

Despite of the common misconception, the average retail price point for organic cotton is actually the same as that of traditional cotton. Organic cotton is also much better for the environment because it takes up 20% less water to grow and uses zero toxic chemicals. The water pollution associated with traditional cotton is much more damaging than you think. There are reported deaths among cotton farmers due to the toxic chemicals used in growing cotton. If the price difference between organic cotton and traditional cotton is negligible, I urge you to opt for organic cotton!

Don’t know where to find organic cotton shirts? Don’t worry. I got you covered! Here are some sustainable fashion brands I like:

  • Cheap and convenient: Threads For Thought
  • Classic and Cali-cool: Alternative Apparel
  • Soft and timeless: Amour Vert
  • High-end: Eileen Fisher

I hope you find this post helpful!

Smile and style on!


organic cotton v.s. traditional cotton