Organic Cotton v.s. Traditional Cotton

You are trying to buy milk at the grocery stores . Feeling freezing cold in front of the fridge, you just wanna grab the milk and go. But the label “organic” caught your attention, and you are now debating whether you should pay 100% more to buy organic milk. “God damn it, organic milk costs so much more”. “But, SK, it is only 3 bucks more, AND it’s much healthier!”. Eventually, the health-conscious side of you kicks in and tricks you to pay more than you wanted.

When the negative consequences are health-related, it’s a no-brainer to want to pay more and opt for the organic version. But what about clothes? What is the difference between traditional cotton and organic cotton clothes? For what we know, the ladder option seems to be more expensive, but is it?

Organic Cotton v.s. Traditional Cotton

While organic food typically costs more, it’s not the same for clothes. So as it turns out, organic cotton shirts are not any more expensive than traditional cotton shirts. Also, organic cotton is much more sustainable, and it is much better for the environment. On average, organic cotton takes 20% less water and zero toxic chemical to grow. With all these benefits that come with an organic cotton shirt, would you buy it next time?

Don’t know where to find organic cotton shirts? Don’t worry. I got you covered! Here are some sustainable fashion brands I like!
Cheap and convenient: Threads For Thought
Classic and Cali-cool: Alternative Apparel
Bad and bougie: XXX

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organic cotton v.s. traditional cotton

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