Congrats, Melanie! :)

My dear friend, Melanie, just got engaged! I am beyond ecstatic for her, and today I wanted to share with you how I started this blog.  I will continue with the regular fashion posts tomorrow! 🙂

This blog wouldn’t have happened without Melanie.  We both studied chemical engineering in the University of Texas, Austin.  As you know, engineering students are really not the best dressed people.  Most of us were nerdy, and daily wardrobes were definitely not on the to-do list.  One of my engineering friends still love matching his Hawaiian shirt with cargo pants.

I believe what first connected Melanie and I was her consistently stylish appearance to class.  Akin to the clichĂ© – love at first sight, I was naturally drawn to her and we finally started studying together during my junior year. 

The last two years in ChE were stressful, as most of us had to worry about getting internships and our future.  So whenever Melanie and I had a mini study break, we would escape to our shared fantasy of becoming fashion bloggers, all while eating the donuts her now fiancĂ© bought for us.  We scrolled through many bloggers’ styles and themes, and brainstormed about the blog that we would one day create. 

In 2012, I was reading news about a factory collapse in Rana Plaza.  It is one of biggest catastrophes in the history, and the number of casualties and injured workers was too big and depressing to share here.  Melanie and I resonated our condolences.  and we both felt the urge to do something about it.  Before I could, she said it, “The fashion blog! Shall we dedicate our blog to sustainable fashion?”

And that’s how I started this blog.

Even though we ended up not making this blog together, your constant encouragement has been my huge support.  Thank you, Melanie! I wouldn’t have started this exciting journey without your creativity.  I am so happy for you and Atticus.  Congratulations!  I can’t wait for the wedding invite! 

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