Denim Shirt || American Apparel High-Waisted Brown Belt

Hi there, hope you are having a great weekend!

Taking good care of your clothes is one way to maintain a sustainable closet. The denim shirt I wore here was brought 4 years ago.  Yet it was kept dark after many years because I always wash with Woolite (dark wash) and cold water.   If you don’t want to spend extra on a gentle detergent, you may add vinegar into cold water to wash.  The lower pH can help retain the color.

Your clothes require different handling depending on the material and the color.  This post discussed many helpful tips and tricks for different items in your closet.  I hope you will find this helpful!

I caught pink eyes right after shooting last weekend and it will probably take me another week to heal.  But until then, I hope this post will inspire you to find new ways to pair your old clothes, and please share your outfits with me here or hashtag me on Instagram!

Smile and style on~


Outfit Information

Top :: American Eagle. Sustainable options: Alternative (for women), NUDIE (for men)

Bottom :: H&M, Sustainable options: StyleSaint, People Tree (on Sale)

   Shoes :: Schutz, also here

Bag :: Saint Laurent


Floppy Hat || & Other Stories Wool Hat

Happy Friday 🙂

Being stylish is not about following the newest trends or owning the latest clothing items.  Many of us fall for the trap of fast fashion and end up getting stuck in a viscous cycle of constantly buying more and more, because our closets are filled with last season clothes that we don’t want to wear anymore.

Having a sustainable blog has pushed me to see shopping as an investment activity, and develop closer relationships with everything I own.  I appreciate high quality fabric, delicate embroideries and unique designs.  With that said, I have become more thoughtful with every purchase decision I make, and I often ask myself these questions:

  1. Is the fabric durable?
  2. How long will I wear this item for?
  3. Does the color and style match the rest of my closet? (I usually think of 3-4 different pairings in my head)
  4. Do I already have similar items?

Asking myself a laundry list of questions before purchasing comes with many benefits.  For one, I buy less. Second, I have become more creative and stylish using my old clothes.  Here, I created this outfit using old items (3+ years), and a new floppy (100% wool) that I got from & Other Stories.

Hope you enjoy the outfit!

Smile and style on!


Outfit Information

Hat :: & Other Stories

Bodysuit :: Nasty Gal (Brand: Chico, Made in USA)

Jeans :: 7 For All Mankind

Shoes :: Pour Le Victoire

Purse :: Saint Laurent