Shop my closet at shop the fund Puerto Pico

Shop for a Good Cause at Shop for Fund

Hi, my L.A. friends! I am going to Shop for Fund this Saturday, and I want you to come join me!

What is Shop for Fund?

Shop for Fund is a fundraiser for Puerto Rico Relief where you get to shop my and other fashion bloggers’ closets. There will be new, vintage and designer goods.

Why should You come to Shop for Fund?

You are coming for a good cause! Entry tickets are selling at $10 each, and all ticket sales are going to a non-profit Puerto Rico Relief organization (Heart to Heart International)

Hurricane Maria has taken away so many lives and homes, and 30% of Puerto Rican are still without any power or electricity. This marks as the longest blackout in the U.S. history. So your help is desperately needed!

Plus the event is going to be super fun, even if you are not planning to buy clothes!

At Shop For Fund, enjoy complimentary:

  • Raffle Prizes
  • Le Mieux Glow Getter Flash Facials by Skin Lash Boutique
  • Trendz Colors Nail Station
  • Small bites by Cafe 86, Snack by Tiffany, and more
  • Beverages by American Born Whiskey, Dulce Vida Tequila, and Marquis Energ

What Clothes will I be Selling?

If you are planning to shop, make sure to bring CASH to the event! Here are all the items I will sale, and I will be donating 20% to Heart to Heart International:

Michael Kore Watch – $160 (~40% off)


Levis 501 White Shorts  – $30 (50% off)

Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit 6

Misa Los Angeles – $80 (60% off)


Reformation Chamber Tank – $30 (70% off)

Create a Digital Closet Organizer Sustainable Fashion Styles For Thought

Reformation Black Silk Tank – $30 (70% off)

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Greylin Red Silk Dress – $40 (75% off)


TGFI Silk Dress – $50 (Bought at a local boutique in Vietnam)

kim_i_SK (12)

Jetset Diaries – $40 (70% off)


Tobi Romper – $20


Fossil Watch – $30

Shop my closet at shop the fund Donate to Puerto Pico

Hope to see you there!

Smile and style on~


How to Build a sustainable closet shop more efficiently

Build a Sustainable Closet #5: Shop More Efficiently

“Build a Sustainable Closet” is a blog series about slow fashion, minimalism and steps to building a long-lasting closet. Each blog post offers tips and tricks on how to discover your style, buy less and buy better. If you care about the environment and reducing our clothing waste, check out this blog series on Styles For Thought.

According to a report from Thredup, an average woman in the US owns about $8500 worth of clothes but only wears about 60% of them. The remaining 40% ends up being donated and thrown away. This astonishing statistics just shows how much we need to improve our shopping habits and shop more efficiently. By establishing a foundation of high quality basics and renting trendy clothes instead, I believe that we can collectively minimize our clothing footprint and make fashion more sustainable.



What is a Sustainable Closet?

A sustainable closet consists of 2 main components – 1. classic wardrobe essentials and 2. seasonal trendy pieces.

Build a Sustainable Closet: What is a sustainable closet

1. Classic Wardrobe Essentials

Google “wardrobe essentials”, and you will immediately get search results such as a white T-shirt and blue jeans, etc.. Many bloggers have shared their take on the items everyone MUST have. But personally, I think wardrobe essentials really depends on the person’s taste and life style.  Earlier in the series, I have suggested to create a user journey and a style guide to help discover your style and stick to your needs when shopping. But whatever your wardrobe essentials may be, they should always meet these criteria:


Usability measures how often you wear an item. Generally speaking, a wardrobe essential is something worth paying a high price for because you will wear it so often, and the cost per wear will become so low in a long run.


Timelessness measures how well an item stands against the test of time. A wardrobe essential should be something you wear now and also something you want to wear in 10 years.


Versatility measures how well an item pairs and fits with other clothes. A wardrobe essential should be so versatile that you can create multiple outfits with it.

A sustainable closet should start with a foundation of high quality wardrobe essentials.  These basics are highly usable, and they are worth the investment. To shop more efficiently, I suggest you to prioritize wardrobe essentials over other things. And I also recommend sustainable fashion brands or ethical fashion brands.


2. Seasonal Trendy Pieces

I have to admit, fashion is so fun and exciting because of trends. But buying seasonal trendy pieces is inherently wasteful, and not many sustainable fashion brands make them. On the other hand, renting allows you to experience new trends with a less environmental impact, and it is more economical because you get to try out more clothes with the same amount of money spent. Now you can find several rental subscription companies with Rent the Runway being my favorite, and Le Tote being the cheaper option.


I hope you enjoy this post. Lastly, here is my outfit No.2 with a classic white shirt. You can see my outfit No.1 here.

Smile and style on!


Outfit Info

Chloe Drew Bag

Massimo Dutti (Sold out)

Joe’s Jeans (Another pair I love from Rag & Bone, on sale)

Tod’s Boots (Sold out, another sustainable boots I love)


Build a Sustainable Closet#4: Explore New Styles

“Build a Sustainable Closet” is a blog series about slow fashion, minimalism and steps to building a long-lasting closet that you actually wear and cherish. Each blog post offers tips and tricks on how to discover your style, buy less and buy better. If you care about the environment and reducing our clothing waste, check out this blog series on Styles For Thought.

So far in the series, we have only talked about discovering your style based on your past outfits. But what if you are not sure about your current wardrobe and style? Or what if you lack fashion intuition and want a third party opinion? Well, today, I am going to touch on a few ways to explore new styles.

Build a Sustainable Closet Explore New Styles

1. Explore New Styles on Your Own

My favorite way to explore new styles is to go straight to the clothing store and try on random clothes. I put on my most comfortable undergarments in nude color, and then I try on clothes that I normally don’t pick out. When exploring new styles, I like to go in with zero expectations and let myself be surprised. With that said, I don’t do any prior research on the internet. One benefit of doing this is that you get to see how clothes fit on your body without any biases. Obviously, there are some merits in getting inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram. But oftentimes, your body shape is different from the model, so the clothes are not going to look the same on you. When you have an expectation in mind, it gets harder to feel satisfied even when the clothes actually fit you, because you are subconsciously comparing yourself to the model. On the downside, this method will take longer, and you might lack ideas to create new outfits.

Some of my favorite places to explore new styles are Anthropologie and a L.A. based boutique called Shopaholic Sample Sales. I like these two clothing stores because they carry different brands and styles. I recommend doing your style exploration in bigger department stores rather than small boutiques because there is typically less pressure to buy things.

Build a Sustainable Closet Explore New Styles

2. Get Help from a Stylist to Explore New Styles

If you prefer to get help from a stylist, I recommend going to Nordstrom to receive free professional styling services. As stated on their website, you can get help from a stylist at Nordstrom without feeling the pressure to buy. The service is completely free. Also, Nordstrom has a wide selection, making it pretty easy to explore new styles within the same place.

Build a Sustainable Closet Explore New Styles


3. Try-before-You-Buy Clothing Subscriptions

Sometimes, trying on clothes in a fitting room is just not enough. You need more time to decide whether you actually like a new style. If this is the case, I recommend clothing rental subscriptions as mentioned in the last episode. The Unlimited from Rent the Runway is a good way to explore new styles from high-end designer brands, and Le Tote is another similar but cheaper option. Besides renting clothes, you can also try out these try-before-you-buy clothing subscription services. Now, you can pay a small fee to have stylists pick out new clothes for you! Here are 2 popular options:

Stitch Fix

Stitch fix is a popular try-before-you-buy clothing subscription service! At USD20 a month, you can now hire a professional stylist to shop on your behalf! When you first start Stitch Fix, they give you a fashion quiz to access your style preferences. Then a professional stylist will pick out clothes for you and send them to you. When the box arrives, you have 3 days to try on clothes at home. If you see a great item that you’d like to keep, you can pay the item’s retail price less the monthly fee of USD20. If you don’t see anything that you want to keep, you can send them all back to Stitch Fix. But make sure to keep all the tags intact before you return the clothes! How clothes fit on the body is many people’s biggest concern when it comes to online shopping. But according to my friend’s experience, Stitch Fix has always managed to find her clothes that fits her body well.

Truck Club

Truck Club is another try-before-you-buy clothing subscription service. What makes Truck Club different from Stitch Fix is that you get to select your own pieces after a professional stylist picks out a range of clothes for you. Additionally, Truck Club is a subset of Nordstrom, and so it carries a lot of common brands that you may already like from Nordstrom.

So here are my favorite ways to explore new styles. Of course, you can discover new styles through other means. You can even go to a friend’s place and raid her closet. Ha! But in this post, I wanted to focus more on professional styling services. Anyone can style you but what makes professional styling services stand out is that stylists are more familiar with different trends, brands, styles, and fits. Since they know more, they can better suggest other things that you haven’t thought of before. Once you get a couple new ideas and lock down on certain styles you like, you can go back to the beginning of this series and create a shopping guideline for yourself.



I hope you enjoy this post! What other problems are you experiencing with fashion? Do you always know your style? If not, how did you discover it? Please leave me a comment!

Smile and style on!


Outfit Information

Shirt :: Massimo Dutti 

Skirt :: Reformation (Sold out)

Shoes :: Stuart Weitzman

Bag :: Chloe




Nisolo Sustainable Ankle Boots are Your Fall Best Friend

Sweaters, scarves and jackets are all reasons why we love fall fashion. But one thing that got me especially excited is ankle boots. Ankle boots pair well with literally everything and anything, and they never give you blisters unlike flats or heels. I got these sustainable ankle boots from Nisolo a couple weeks ago, and they have quickly become my go-to shoes.

Sustainable Fashion Review Nisolo Sustainable Ankle Boots

Sustainable Ankle Boots: Nisolo Dari Ankle Boots Review

I understand that ordering shoes online can be a bit tricky, and so I hope this review will help you decide.


I always hesitate to buy shoes online, but these sustainable ankle boots are true-to-size. I ordered them in my usual US size 8, and they fit me perfectly with a bit extra room around the ankle area.

Material & Quality

With a buttery soft leather shell and inner lining, these sustainable ankle boots are ridiculously comfortable. I didn’t have to break into them at all. The 2.75″ heels are comfortable to walk around in, and they also add a bit formality for professional situations.

Another feature I love about these Dari ankle boots is the stacked heels. Personally, I prefer stacked heels over leather-covered heels because they are easier to maintain and clean, and you don’t have to worry about scraping the leather.


Why You Should Buy from Nisolo

One thing I love about Nisolo is that they really take care of their workers. On average, Nisolo pays 27% above the fair trade wage, and they provide healthcare benefits and a safe work place. Nisolo also sponsors and encourages local artisans to launch their own businesses too. This year, they helped a local artisan in Peru launch his own workshop by guaranteeing monthly orders. I really love Nisolo’s sustainable fashion movement. If you plan on spending money on a pair of shoes anyway, why not spend it wisely on a sustainable fashion company that treats their employees well?

Sustainable Fashion Review Nisolo Sustainable Ankle Boots

I hope you find this post helpful! Please let me know if you have any sustainable fashion brand you would like to know more about!

I am wearing an Everlane sweater, and I am loving it! I also bought two cashmere sweaters from them, and you can read my reviews here: Sustainable Fashion Review: Should You Buy Everlane Cashmere Sweaters?

Lastly, if you like this post, please give me a follow on Instagram and Facebook!

Smile and style on!



Outfit Information:

Everlane Sweater

Reformation High and Skinny Black Denim

Sold out. Similar here.

Nisolo Dari Ankle Boots

Sustainable Fashion Review: Naja, Sustainable Lingerie

One simple way to feel instantly lifted is to put on beautiful lingeries. While lingeries are usually marketed as things that you wear for your significant other, I wear them for myself. I put on cute lingeries simply because they make me feel happy and confident. Today, I am reviewing this beautiful Orchid Madagascar lingerie set from Naja. Scroll down to learn more!

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Naja Makes Sustainable Lingerie

Naja is a sustainable lingerie brand that makes elegant lingeries, activewear and swimwear. One of the coolest things about this Naja Orchid Madagascar lingerie set is that the fabric is digital printed. Compared to traditional dying methods, digital printing doesn’t use any water to color the fabrics, and it’s much better for the environment!

sustainable fashion review Naja sustainable lingerie affordable

Buy from Naja and Empower Women

Besides their eco-conscious efforts, I also love Naja’s mission to empower women. When you scroll down on each product page, you can read the story of a garment worker. Naja primarily hires single mothers and female heads of households. In addition to paying the workers competitive wages, Naja provides healthcare benefits and subsidizes their children’s education expenses. And with each purchase, Naha donates a percentage to provide these women’s education and help them get better employment opportunities in the future. After reading the workers’ stories, I prefer buying lingeries from Naja instead of other lingerie brands because I know I am helping to better these women’s lives.

Naja Lingerie Sizing

In terms of sizing, I have to be honest, I was a bit nervous when I first ordered this Orchid Madagascar lingerie set online. But as soon as I tried on the set from the mail, my initial concern was gone. The fabric is beautiful, and the sizing is perfect. I ordered the same size that I would normally order from Victoria’s Secret, and the set fit me perfectly. While the Christine bustier is unlined, it makes my boobs look round and full.

Affordable Sustainable Lingerie

Now that I have tried on a Naja’s lingerie set, I am completely hooked because their pieces are extremely well designed and also very reasonably priced. This bustier is US$55, and the underwear is US$25. In my opinion, this sustainable lingerie set is very affordable. If you are planning to buy lingeries for this upcoming Christmas and New Year, I urge you to support Naja instead of other lingerie brands because your purchase can make someone’s life better!

To support Naja’s initiatives, you can now use this discount code “SK15” to enjoy 15% off your Naja’s sets.

P.S. I DO NOT make any affiliated profit from this discount code. Naja is very kind in sharing this with me and you! Share this code, and share the love. With every purchase, you are contributing to make a woman’s life better! Enjoy shopping!

Here are some of my favorite sustainable lingeries from Naja:

 Naja sustainable lingerie Olivia Bra Ivory Madagascar
Olivia Bra Ivory Madagascar
 Naja sustainable lingerie cecilia thong blue talavera
Cecilia Thong Blue Talavera
 Naja sustainable lingerie miss galore cheeky knicker
Miss Galour Cheeky Knicker
 Naja sustainable lingerie Adriana barrette poppy red
Adriana Bralette Poppy Red

I hope you enjoy this post! Please comment below to let me know what you think about their mission and pieces!

Smile and style on!