Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 1

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

In today’s post, I am doing a Spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge with only wardrobe essentials. With spring in the air, clothing companies and fashion bloggers are luring us to buy their newest arrivals: floral dresses, pastel tops and lace rompers. Everything looks so feminine and fresh. Who doesn’t want to buy the latest spring styles? To help you resist the urge to impulse shop this new season, I created 10 different outfit ideas with only wardrobe essentials. I hope this post will inspire you to stay true to your own style, wear your existing clothes more often, and shop responsibly!

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You don’t have to follow trends to look stylish

Last year, I decided to purged out my closet, and now all I have left are mostly wardrobe essentials, functional workout clothes, and statement pieces that I absolutely adore.

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Doing this has made me realize that we really don’t need to follow trends to look stylish.  Wardrobe essentials are the building blocks of a great style. With proper pairings and tasteful mix-and-match, you can still turn heads with only wardrobe essentials.

To prove my point, I only selected wardrobe essentials to complete this Spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge, with one exception on the pink pleated skirt. Most people should already have these clothes in their closet. If you don’t have these wardrobe essentials, I highly recommend you to purchase them next time you go shopping.

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Here, I have 2 outerwear, 2 bottoms, 3 tops, 2 pairs of heels and 1 purse:

  1. A Trench Coat
  2. A Black Leather Jacket
  3. A Chambray Shirt
  4. A Pleated Skirt
  5. A Pair of Black Denim
  6. A Black Top
  7. A White Top
  8. Black Heels
  9. White Heels
  10. A Black Purse

You can easily find these clothes in the mall. But if you would like to know what I own, you can see the pictures below or refer to the links at the bottom.

Note: Some of these clothes are old and sold out, and so I substituted with similar items from the same brand.

10 Outfit Ideas

With these 10 wardrobe essentials, you can create more than 10 different outfits and wear them to any day and night activities.

Outfit #1: Black Leather Jacket + Black Top + Pleated Skirt + Black Heels + Black Purse

Occasion: Date Nights

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Outfit #2: Black Leather Jacket + Black Top + Black Denim + Black Heels + Black Purse

Occasion: Clubs/Bars

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Outfit #3: Trench Coat + Black Top + Pleated Skirt + Black Heels + Black Purse

Occasion: Networking Events

Outfit #4: Trench Coat + Black Top + Black Denim + Black Heels + Black Purse

Occasion: Business Casual

Outfit #5: Chambray Top + Pleated Skirt + White Heels

Occasion: Brunch

Outfit #6: Chambray Top + Black Denim + White Heels

Occasion: Movies

Outfit #7: White Top + Pleated Skirt + White Heels

Occasion: Dates

Outfit #8: Leather Jacket + Chambray Top + Black Denim + Black Heels

Occasion: Concerts

Outfit #9: Trench Coat + Chambray Top + Black Denim + White Heels

Occasion: Shopping

Outfit #10: Trench Coat + White Top + Black Denim + White Heels

Occasion: Happy Hours

I hope my outfit ideas inspire you to stick to what you already have in the closet and be creative with your clothes!

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If you need more motivation to shop less, I encourage you to do a Spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge like me!

Do you have any questions about these two outfits, or my Spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge? Leave me a comment below.

Smile and style on!


Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Wardrobe Essentials

Burberry Sandringham Mid-Length Heritage Trench Coat

ALLSAINTS Harland Leather Biker Jacket

Madewell Slim Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Chambray

Vince Camuto Pleat Midi Skirt

RE/DONE High Rise Ankle Crop

Reformation Alessandra Top

Reformation Mango Top

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Black Suede Pumps

Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudistsong’ sandals in White

Chanel Classic Small Double Flap Bag

Styles For Thought's Makeup Routine

Styles For Thought’s Makeup Routine

Makeup Routine
Okay, guys, my skin doesn’t look this good in real life! iPhone’s selfies are illusional! It’s all about good lighting and a bad quality camera! 🙂

You asked, so I answer. Today, I am sharing my makeup routine and the products that I use before I take blog pictures for Styles For Thought. This makeup routine is different from my daily makeup routine, and it takes me 4X as long to finish everything (around 40 mins). I don’t do this normally. Only on special occasions and for you guys because you guys are special to me! 🙂

Styles For Thought's Makeup Routine

Face Makeup

Before diving in, I want to give you some background about my skin type since skin types dictate the type of makeup you should purchase and use. Growing up, I struggled with very bad skin – acne, large pores and oily skin. You name it, I have had it including cystic pimples. After many visits to the dermatologist and endless trial-and-errors with different facial products, I finally established a skincare regime, and now my skin is mostly clear. And so, the type of products I mentioned below are good for oily, combination, and acne prone skin. If you have dry skin, you should do additional research before purchasing them (specially face makeup)


To help keep my oily skin at bay, I use OC Eight Mattifying Gel as a primer. My dermatologist actually recommended this, and I immediately fell in love because this is the best oil-control primer I have ever used. It keeps my oily skin matte for 4 hours which is like a miracle. I tried so many other oil-control primers before such as BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector, the OC Eight Mattifying Gel works the best so far. BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector is the next best alternative. But the BECCA primer balls up during application, and it dries out my skin without keeping my skin matte for more than 3 hours.


I use Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup for my face. When I put on liquid foundation, I always spread it all over my face with my fingers first then blend it evenly with a Shiseido foundation face brush after. If you apply foundation with this technique, you will use less product at a time and save money in the long run.

In terms of the foundation itself, I absolutely love Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup. This is by far the best liquid foundation I have tried because of the coverage and the oil control. The foundation is also super long lasting, and it smells like jasmine.


I love MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I have tried many other concealers before, and they usually tend to move around as my skin gets oily, making me look like a hot mess after a few hours. But this concealer from MAC actually stays in one place after many hours, and it is super long lasting!

I dap it sparingly with my index finger under my eyes, around my nose and on my chin. The only negative thing is the packaging because it forces me to use one entire pump at a time, and that’s too much product for me. I wish I could do a half a pump.

Setting Powder

I use both Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder and Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Setting Powder, and I switch products depending on my skin condition of the day. I prefer the pressed setting powder when I have facial redness. Otherwise, I use the loose setting powder for a longer matte look. When I travel, I usually take the pressed setting powder with me.


I highly recommend Bobbi Brown’s blushes because they are highly pigmented and matte. A little product goes a long way, and a tiny pack of blush lasts me over 2 years. I used Bobbi Brown Blush (Pale Pink) before, and I loved it. But now I have switched to Bobbi Brown Coral Sugar for a muted pink look.


I am actually very impressed by theBalm. I originally stayed away because of their flimsy paper packaging. But after visiting their stores on Mission in San Francisco for a brow appointment, I changed my opinion about them. Their makeup products are high quality and affordable. I use theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer, and the color looks amazing on my pale skin. I put this bronzer along my hairline and jawline, and I also use this to blend out my eye shadow. 


I purely bought Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick because of the packaging. But I don’t use it often enough to be able to rate it. I use it along my nose bridge and cubic bow before I take pictures.

Eye Makeup

Eye Shadow

The highlight of my makeup definitely goes to my eyes. I bought an eyeshadow palette from Bobbi Brown 4 years ago, and I am still using it! Out of all the colors that come with the palette, I only use the shimmer dark brown color (a similar color here), and I apply it over my lid. Then I windshield-wipe it out with theBalm bronzer using a blending brush. You can achieve my look with any brown eye shadow like Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow Bronzed Taupe (I have used this before, and I loved it).


I do a winged eyeliner on the top lids using bobbi brown long-wear gel eyeliner black ink. I love Chloe Morello’s eyeliner youtube tutorial. I prefer gel over liquid or pencil because liquid takes too long to dry during the application, and pencil doesn’t last long enough on my oily eye lids. To make my eyes appear brighter and bigger, I ALWAYS line my lower lash line and keep my waterline clean. This step is super important and makes such a big difference.  For a cheaper version of a black gel eyeliner, I recommend L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner 24H, Blackest Black


I outline my brows first with an angled brush using Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW in Chocolate. Then, I fill them in with a heavier application toward the tails of my brows.

This tiny pot lasts me forever. I bought it last year, and I haven’t even made a dent. While I have good experience with Anastasia dip brow, I am open to try something else after finishing this.


Currently, I am using Le Volume De Mascara – # 10 Noir. I like this Chanel mascara because it’s very black and it lengthens. Another mascara that I love is Eyelash Extension Mascara. It’s only $12 on Amazon but it works so well ,and it’s fragrance free.

I also try to put on falsies when I have time, and I get them from a Japanese makeup store because Japanese falsies tend to look more natural.


I usually only wear lip balms. Currently, I am using Fresh Sugar Rose SPF 15 Lip Treatment. For blog pictures, I occasionally layer over with a shimmery lipgloss.

Makeup Remover

Removing your makeup is super important, and this is a step that you cannot miss.

Currently, I am using Biossance Purifier, and I really like it! It’s so fast to remove makeup with this oil, and it cleanses thoroughly with one wash. It also smells very nice.

To remove my makeup, I massage the oil over my dry skin in a circular motion. Then, I splash water over my face, and all the makeup and oil will get dissolved and washed off. Super easy and fast.

Styles For Thought's Makeup Routine
Here is the unfiltered version. You can spot bumps on my forehead despite of the foundation and the powder. My point is, I am not perfect, and no one is!

I hope you enjoy this article! If you have any questions about my blog makeup routine, please leave me a comment!

Smile and style on!


Sustainable Fashion Review Reformation Review

Sustainable Fashion Review: Reformation Review

Today, I am reviewing my favorite sustainable fashion brand – The Reformation! I love the Reformation because of its style. (Finally a sustainable fashion brand that doesn’t make basic, loose-fitted clothes!!!!) Anyway, without further ado, here is today’s agenda:

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Reformation Review Dickinson Dress


Reformation Review – Dickinson Dress

I will give this Reformation dress an 8 out of 10.

  • Pros: The Dickinson dress is extremely versatile, and it works from day to night all year around. It is also made out of viscose, making it super fast to dry, hard to wrinkle and travel-friendly.
  • Cons: The material is sheer, and the v-neck cut is a little bit too low for me.

Overall, I recommend the Dickinson dress. Although it has sold out, you can find other similar wrap dresses at the Reformation below:


Score: 7/10

Made with 100% georgette fabric, this Reformation dress feels flimsy. When I pulled out this dress from the package, it looked sheer and wrinkled. But when I put it on, the light-weight material actually draped beautifully, and the color was dark enough to prevent see-through. But the material is easy to maintain, good to travel with, and cool enough for summer despite of the long sleeves.


Score: 8/10

[Updated] My size is 32D-24-34, and I usually fit size 0 or xs in many places. I ordered a size 0 for this Dickinson dress, and it fits perfectly. One draw back is that the Dickinson dress has a very low v-neck, and it is not bra-friendly. I assume that other wrap dresses in Reformation are going to have a similar fit. In my opinion, this dress as well as other wrap dresses are more suitable for people with a smaller bust. I myself wear a sticky bra underneath this dress, and sometimes the sticky bra will show. To

Travel Friendliness

Score: 9/10

This Reformation dress is very travel friendly and versatile. I took the dress with me to Argentina, and I wore it from day to night to different occasions – a fancy dinner at iLatina, a night club, and a day-time sightseeing tour. Also, the material dries super fast.


Score: 8/10

Even though the Reformation’s website recommends to hand wash the dress, I have been washing it with a laundry bag in machine with cold water.  Also you don’t have to iron the dress if you hang dry it right away.


Score: 7/10

This dress feels flimsy, but the shape still holds pretty well after many washes. Also the style is pretty “timeless”, considering I bought it in 2016, and the Reformation still makes dresses in this style. It doesn’t look “outdated” or “last seasoned”.


Score: 10/10

This Reformation dress is extremely versatile, and it’s suitable for many occasions from day to night all year around. Here are some outfit ideas:

  • Outfit #1, Summer, day – Wear it alone with a pair of espadrilles
  • Outfit #2, Spring, day – Pair it with a classic trench coat and a pair of black flats
  • Outfit #3, Fall, night – Pair it with a black leather jacket and a pair of over-the-knee black boots
  • Outfit #4, Winter, night – Pair it with a faux-fur coat, tights and a pair of over-the-knee black boots
  • Outfit #5, Winter, day – Wear it underneath a sweater first. Then pair it with a thick pea coat, knit tights and booties.

Reformation Review Dickinson Dress

Reformation Review Dickinson Dress

Reformation Review Amery Dress in Navy

Reformation Review – Amery DressI bought this Amery dress because I had been wanting a linen summer dress. Overall, I rate it a 6 out of 10.

  • Pros: this Reformation dress has pockets!!!!
  • Cons: the Amery dress wrinkles super easily, and it’s difficult to maintain a polish look. Also, the center button design makes it “difficult” to put on.

Overall, I don’t really like this Reformation dress because it wrinkles too easily. But I still want to try other linen dress from the Reformation. Here are other Reformation dresses I am drooling over:


Score: 6/10

I am in a love-hate relationship with the fabric. This Tencel – linen hybrid fabric is very durable, breathable and travel-friendly. But this dress wrinkles super easily, and it’s driving me crazy.


Score: 9/10

I am 32D-24-34, and I got a size 0 for this Amery dress. I think it’s a bit too tight around the bust area. I went back to the store to try on a size 2, and size 2 fits so much better. *REGRET!* 🙁

Travel Friendliness

Score: 7/10

The Amery dress is good for summer-time traveling because the fabric is super breathable, and the linen helps wick away body odor and sweat.  It also dries fast. But I take off 3 points because the dress wrinkles super easily, and the center-button style makes it hard to take on and off.


Score: 7/10

Although the Reformation website tells you to dry clean this dress only, who has the money and the time to do that?  I wash this dress with a laundry bag in cold water in machine, and then I hang dry the dress to prevent any shrinking. Obviously, the dress has shrunk a bit (not a noticeable amount), and the dark navy color has faded. But overall, you can still machine wash it. I took out 3 points because it wrinkles too easily, and I have to iron it for more formal events.



Reformation Review Amery Dress in Navy

Reformation Review Amery Dress in Navy

Reformation Sale

The clothes at the Reformation are expensive. Running at US$200 on average for a dress, it’s hard to convince yourself to buy from them. But the good news is, there are 3 major Reformation sale events. Remember these important dates because you do not want to miss them!

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  1. Reformation’s End-of-Summer Sale. It usually happens around August and lasts for a month until things are sold out.
  2. Reformation’s Black Friday Sale. I believe the sale stopped right after Cyber Monday in 2016.
  3. Reformation’s End-of-Year Sale – In case you miss their Black Friday sale, December is your chance.

Reformation’s Shopping Tips

  • Be decisive and act quick if you are on the petite side because small sizes get sold out fast.
  • Buy online instead of going to the Reformation stores because you cannot return anything that you purchase in store. But you can exchange within 14 days.


I hope you find this Reformation review helpful. I have two Reformation tops, and I will be reviewing them soon. Did I miss anything? Please let me know if you have any comments below!

Smile and style on!


Falcon Garments Custom Leather Jackets

Falcon Garments Custom Leather Jackets

Falcon Garments is an online streetwear brand that specializes in custom leather jackets. Known for offering high quality custom leather jackets at a super competitive price point, Falcon Garments has garnered so many great reviews across different fashion forums such as StyleForum and Reddit. I first heard about this online brand from my guy friends, and after mentioning them in my blog post, Daniel (one of the two founders, the other one is Charly) reached out to me on Instagram and shared their story behind the brand.

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Falcon Garments Custom Leather Jackets

Falcon Garments – Custom Leather Jackets

SK: Before Falcon Garments, what did you guys do? Are you guys full time making custom leather jackets now?

D: I am full time on Falcon Garments. I used to be a corporate guy working in Finance. After 8 years of my typical 9-5 job, I’m pretty much like “Fuck this! Let’s make custom leather jackets.” It’s so amazing that I never have to go back to my corporate job. I love making clothes, and I feel that this is an honest job. When I worked in finance, everything was so intangible. It’s all about excel sheets and crunching numbers. But with Falcon Garments, we actually make a physical product and giving it back to the community. The happiness and the overall satisfaction our customers get is very heartwarming. It’s really awesome to hear people say “this custom leather jacket fits me awesome, and it looks good.” It’s an honest job, and I really like it.

C: I am still working as a business analyst at a typical corporate job.

D: I still remembered that Charly and I went back and forth about the day when we launched. I was actually really nervous, but Charly was the more aggressive one. He was so adamant about opening Falcon Garments, and I’m glad that we went ahead and launched it. Ever since then, we have never looked back.

SK: How did you guys start Falcon Garments?

D + C: We both worked for a leather jacket brand before. Leveraging the same business model, Charly and I decided to create our own custom leather jacket brand with the same experience and resources we had. We started Falcon Garments in the beginning of Sep in 2015, and the fan base from the previous brand helps us a lot.

SK: In your opinion, what makes Falcon Garments stand out from other custom leather jacket brands?

D + C: Our custom leather jackets are designed by our customers. We have a lot of respect for our customers, and we value their opinions and design our jackets based on their feedback.  We mainly market our brand via online fashion forums, and you know how online fashion forums are – people are brutally honest. What I think helps us a lot is the fact that we listen to what they want and incorporate their needs into our design.

We also started off with a classic and modern fit. We didn’t go too extreme with our initial leather jacket, but we let people customize their colors and leather types.

SK: How did you guys get the name out there?

D + C: Mainly through Styleforum and word of mouth. People come back with good feedback and post a lot of good reviews. Essentially, our product speaks for itself and goes around within the community. Charly is also very friendly and posts beyond just custom leather jackets and streetwear. A kid from NYC posted a jacket from us, and Charly went out and hung out with him. That started the community, and our name just got out by word of mouth.

Also, I think that nowadays, people like niche brands a lot. They like brands that are not easily accessible because there is some cult to it. I think that if we were to sell through main channels, Falcon Garments wouldn’t have gotten as much attraction.

SK: Prior to Falcon Garments, did you have any background in fashion and clothing production? Can you tell us the initial process to make custom leather jackets?

D: I didn’t have any experience at all prior to Falcon Garments. My clothing experience had only gone to suits and corporate wear because I used to do corporate finance. From there, I learned about suit making and bespoke clothing. And then, we transformed to a more refined streetwear brand and decided to make custom leather jackets. But yeah, we all started with the basic, classic suit. We learned about sizing, fitting, and draping. We pretty much learned everything from the ground up.

D + C: We had a painful start. we kept going out there and asking questions. People were actually really friendly and pointed us to the right direction. We went to so many different tailors and saw how they constructed the jackets. There are a lot that goes on behind the scene that you don’t really see from the outside of the jacket, but the internal components are very important and complicated.

In terms of finding our tailor, we took a long time. we found this tailor who was famous for making varsity jackets in Korea, because that’s how Korean kids show off their education and where they are from. From there, we connected with different people in the industry. And then, we had to go to the market and ask questions about leather types.  With leather, there are a lot of different types of leather and origins.

Now, we source our lamb leather from Korea, New Zealand, and Italy. And we mainly source our calf from Korea. We focus on the dye quality, the thickness, and the overall feel of the leather.

SK: How do you manage to keep the price point so competitive?

D + C: We purchase our leather as we go, and so we don’t have a lot of overhead. The second thing is that we stay online. We were approached by retail stores before, but we decided to stay online to keep our prices low and our customer happy.  When you go to department stores, a lot of leather jackets run from 3K to 4K. I used to be like – “why is this so much?”. But after making clothes, I started to understand the values and the components that go into it. We started buying fancy stuff to. We had to remodel all the jackets from our previous brand.

SK: What is the most important thing when it comes to making custom leather jacket?

D + C: The sizing is the most important thing. Our consumers are fit-nazi, and they are all into raw denim. You know how raw denim exploded and developed. We felt the same way about leather jackets –

  1. A leather jacket should feel like a second skin with the way it conforms and fits the body
  2. The patina a leather jacket acquires over time.

These characteristics about leather jackets are similar to raw denim. It’s personal with leather jackets. And so we pay a lot of attention to the fit and the sizing when it comes to custom leather jackets.

D: Charly is really good at sizing because he transforms from 130 – 200 lbs. He doubles his weight, and his sizing is on point. From people’s feedback, Charly actually does a really good job, and we are really easy about wrong sizing. We also have an online exposure, and we actually return jackets that don’t fit well.

SK: Starting a business is not easy. What lessons did you learn after starting Falcon Garments?

D + C: Be as transparent as possible. We also cap our order number, so no one will have to wait for more than  2-3 weeks.

SK: Do you guys make custom leather jackets for women?

D: Yes, we do. Charly gets really good at sizing, and we usually get women’s orders from their boyfriends.

C: Typically, guys care more about the quality and longevity of their clothes, versus women tend to care more about the style and the trend. But little by little, women start caring more about the quality and longevity of their clothes as well. That’s where we come into play.

SK: This has been a really fun interview! Before letting you guys go, can you give us some tips on shopping for a leather jacket?

C+K: Pay attention to the fit, the sizing and the over construction. The most important thing is how the jacket is made. Look at the internal part, the sleeves , the waist, the collar, the stitching and the overall appearance.

Falcon Garments Custom Leather Jackets

Falcon Garments Custom Leather Jackets

I always love learning about other people’s startup stories. If you have a story to share, please drop me a message! I would love to interview you. If you have other questions about custom leather jackets, please leave a comment!

Last year, I interviewed Andrea from Gårdendal, an ethical leather company based in Sweden. If you are interested, you can find our conversation here.

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Serena and I took these pictures on a Thursday night right after I flew back to LA. I was super tired, but so glad we did it! It’s always fun to shoot with Serena and get late night desserts after. Hope you enjoy these pictures! 🙂

Falcon Garments Custom Leather Jackets

Smile and styles on~


Outfit Info:

ALLSAINTS Harland Leather Biker Jacket

Lululemon’s Black Leggings 

10 Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

10 Plus-Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

Some of you asked me – “Where can I find plus-size clothes that are sustainable?”. In today’s post, I want to share 10 plus-size sustainable fashion brands to help solve your problem!

Before diving in, I have to say, I can totally feel your pain now, especially after spending hours doing research on this topic. With a limited selection of sustainable fashion brands, it’s already tricky to find stylish sustainable clothes at an affordable price. Shopping for plus-size sustainable fashion adds another layer of complexity, and it can be frustrating at times. But! I found these 10 awesome plus-size sustainable fashion brands, and I hope you enjoy them!

Besides buying clothes from a good source, there are many other things you can do to support sustainable fashion! Read my post on 5 Ways to Dress Sustainably

10 Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

Why do Sustainable Fashion Brands Hesitate to Make Plus-Size Clothes?

The main reason is the high costs associated with making plus-size sustainable clothes. Because sustainable fashion brands are already paying a fair wage and using high quality expensive fabrics, they are having a difficult time keeping their prices low. Moreover, adding a plus-size clothing line entails additional production costs. Since many sustainable fashion companies are small-sized companies, they cannot justify adding more development costs to open a plus-size clothing line when they are already struggling to survive in the super saturated market.

The second reason is that many sustainable clothing companies don’t think plus-size women are willing to invest as much in timeless pieces that last. This is because many plus-size women believe that their body shapes are temporary. And so, they stress on styles and trends rather than the quality and how long the clothes will last. Due to these two main reasons, sustainable fashion brands hesitate to make plus-size clothes.

Nevertheless, regardless of your size and shape, I think it’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin and clothes. Wearing the right size of clothing can not only boost our confidence level, but it can help us leave a good impression.  Moreover, there ARE sustainable fashion brands that make plus-size clothes! Below, you will find 10 plus-size sustainable fashion brands with sizes over US 14!

10 Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

10 Plus-Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

Asos Eco Edit

Asos Eco Edit is a great way to find affordable plus-size clothes that have low environmental impact. With free shipping both ways, you can easily return anything that don’t fit you. You can find sizes up to US 24, and purchasing from Asos is tax free! Here are some of my favorites:

Fame and Partner

I love Fame and Partner for their romantic and feminine style. The clothes are classy and elegant, and everything is made to order and made in America. Additionally, they offer sizes up to US 22!  However, the only drawbacks are that they are expensive and online only. In case the clothes you buy online don’t fit well, they offer free shipping to the US, and they also do 100% refund within 30 days (caveat: customized clothes have a 50% restocking fee). Here are some of my favorite items for curvy ladies:

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a sustainable fashion brand that’s very accessible. You can easily find it in your local mall. Eileen Fisher is on the higher-end spectrum, and they make plus-size clothes in classic style.  Here are some pieces that everyone should own:


I love Patagonia because the founder is a true believer in sustainability. After listening to a podcast about him and his story, I am very inspired! In the podcast, he revealed that he wanted to open a new company to help people repair clothes rather than making them purchase more!

If you need workout clothes or outdoor gears in plus sizes, Patagonia offers sizes up to US 16!

Smart Glamour

Smart Glamour is a sustainable fashion line based in NYC. Everything on there are made to order and customizable. They offer sizes up to 6X! The good news is that they are super affordable compared to other plus-size sustainable fashion brands. This may be worth a try!


Naja is one of the few sustainable fashion brands that really fits my fashion taste. I wish there were more ethical clothing companies like Naja.

With a heavy use of floral and pastel recycled fabrics, their lingerie and swimwear are super feminine and elegant. Additionally, Naja is a vertically integrated company. This means that they can trace back their supply chain from sourcing to retailing, making sure everything is ethically done! Naja is also a huge advocate for women’s rights and actively employs single mothers.

While Naja has a plus-size selection, it is very limited.  They only carry swimwear and activewear up to size US 14 and bras up to 38C.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites:

Alternative Apparel 

Alternative Apparel is a sustainable fashion brand based in LA. Their style is very laid back and relaxed.  If you need basic lounge wear such as hoodies and soft cotton T-shirts, this brand is a great alternative to American Apparel which do not have a plus-size line. Alternative Apparel has a great plus-size selection, and they offer sizes up to 2XL!

Here are some examples:


People always thought that large fashion retailers are evil and non-sustainable. However, the truth is that large fashion retailers place a lot of control points along their supply chain to ensure things are done in an ethical way.

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Adidas is one of the large fashion retailers that always strive to do things in the right way. According to Corporate Knights, Adidas ranks number 3 in the top 100 most sustainable corporations. Adidas also partners up with Stella McCartney, a sustainable high-end fashion brand, and together they make active wear that boosts your swag.

In terms of plus-size clothes, Adidas offers up to size 2XL. Recently, bomber jackets are so trendy, and a classic one to get is of course the Adidas M1 bomber jacket. Given bomber jackets have such a versatile unisex style, you can easily find a size from the men’s area if the women size 2XL doesn’t fit you!

Here is my favorite bomber jacket!

H&M Conscious

While H&M is still a fast fashion company, their Conscious line makes clothes with recycled and sustainable fabrics such as Tencel. Moreover, they have plus-size clothes at readily available stores. And this top is just super cute!


Hackwith makes everything in Minnesota, and they don’t make their clothes until you order them.  Way to support slow fashion and minimize waste! Their style is simple and elegant, and they offer sizes up to US 28! The only drawback is that their clothes are a bit pricey. Check out this wrap dress!


10 Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brands

Thank you so much for reading! Plus-size fashion is definitely a new area to me, and it took me so long to find these 10 plus-size sustainable fashion brands. If you have any comments, please let me know!

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