Rent the Runway Unlimited Tips and tricks

Rent The Runway Unlimited: Tips and Tricks

Rent The Runway Unlimited: Tips and Tricks

Rent the Runway Unlimited is great for experimenting with fashion. But the monthly subscription fee does add up ($170/mo), and you don’t own anything at the end of the day. So how can you get the most out of the service? In today’s post, I am going to share some tips and tricks with Rent the Runway. Hope you find this helpful!

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Topics we are going to go over today:

  1. My Calendar – how often I ship and receive packages
  2. What to watch out for before putting clothes in your cart
  3. Other Tips and Tricks with Rent the Runway Unlimited

Here is my first impression with Rent the Runway.

Rent the Runway Unlimited Tips and tricks

My Rent the Runway Unlimited Calendar

If you are based in Los Angeles, then my experience with RTR shipping may apply to you. Generally speaking, it takes about 1-2 business days for RTR to ship out your order, 2-3 business days for the package to arrive, and 2-3 business days for RTR to receive your returned package.

To optimize the amount of clothes I get to try, I generally return packages at the beginning of the week (Monday/Tuesday). If all things run smoothly, I typically get a new package arrived by Friday. I also return 1 or 2 items at a time to maximize my time spent on each item.

To maximize the value of your RTR Unlimited, here are some basic rules you want to follow:

  1. Return as soon as possible when you know you won’t wear the item again
  2. Always try to return your items at the beginning of the work week
  3. Postpone your return till the next beginning of the work week if the shipment period overlaps with the weekend.

Rent the Runway Unlimited Tips and tricks

Things to Watch out for before Putting Clothes in the Cart

Online shopping will never replace shopping in person. Pictures can be misleading, so reading reviews is definitely helpful! Here are some common issues I run into:

1. Length

Even with my universal height (5’6”), I still rented skirts that were too short and maxi dresses that were too long. So always read reviews if you are renting skirts, maxi dresses and pants, in addition to gauging the model’s pictures (They are usually around 5’8” – 5’9”).

2. Color

Minor color discrepancies are expected, but the problem is highlighted for white pieces. If you are renting a new arrival, then you should be fine. But if the item is fairly old and white, then avoid renting it. Personally, I have rented a couple white pieces that looked grey and old. You can judge how many hands have touched the item by the amount of discount RTR offers if you were to buy it.

3. Damaged items upon arrival

I have not had an item that was damaged upon its arrival. However, I have received items that came with missing parts. Always immediately call their customer service about the problem so you won’t be charged for it.

Other Tips and Tricks with Rent the Runway Unlimited

Use their mobile app instead of their website

Working in Tech has trained me to be hyper-sensitive about user experience. And I have to say Rent The Runway’s mobile app is way better than their website! Their website is definitely glitchy and doesn’t offer as many functionalities such as multi-step filtering, etc.

Save your favorite items as you browse

Last week, I mentioned that I actually spend more time now on Rent the Runway even though I spend less time shopping. Due to the large selection, I found myself browsing Rent the Runway for a long time. To make the process faster, I created different folders and save (or heart) items that I like as I browse.

Hidden items

Rent the Runway Unlimited only displays clothes that are available to rent. Occasionally, certain pieces are hidden from you. To widen your clothing selection, always browse without any filters (select all sizes) and try to change the rental methods (Unlimited v.s. 4 Days v.s. 8 Days Rental v.s. Reserved). In my case, I definitely see shifted selection as I switch up the rental method.


I hope you find helpful tips here. If you are already using Rent the Runway Unlimited, please comment below and share your tips too!

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Outfit Info

Top: Nicholas

Jeans: Reformation 


First Impression with Rent the Runway Unlimited

My First Impression With Rent the Runway Unlimited

My First Impression with Rent the Runway Unlimited

If you follow me on Instagram stories, you might have noticed that my apartment got flooded a couple months ago. A lot of my winter clothes were damaged, and I had to find replacement for my temporary consulting project in Pittsburgh. Between the choice of buying and renting, I decided to rent (more sustainable!) and try Rent the Runway Unlimited!

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What is Rent the Runway Unlimited?

Rent the Runway Unlimited is a clothing rental subscription service that allows you to rent 4 pieces at a time.

How much is it a month?

It costs US$159/month + tax.

What does the subscription include?

The monthly subscription fee includes includes shipping, returning, insurance, and dry cleaning.

How long can you keep your clothes for?

As long as you keep your subscription active, you can keep the items for however long you want! But since you can only rent 4 items at a time, the longer you keep an item, the less styles you get to try out.

What type of clothes does Rent the Runway Unlimited include?

Currently, Rent the Runway Unlimited only offers women’s apparel. You can find pretty much everything ranging from dresses to accessories, with shoes being the exception.

What brands does Rent the Runway Unlimited offer?

With Rent the Runway Unlimited, you can choose from 450 brands. Most of them are mid end brands ranging around $200 a piece. My favorites are Milly, Nicholas, Alexis, and Keepsake.

First Impression with Rent the Runway Unlimited - C/MEO Collective Sustance Shirt

The Cons with Rent the Runway Unlimited

While clothing rental subscription sounds like a great idea, things don’t always run smoothly as they should in reality. I have experienced all kinds of issues one can possibly imagine. So to set a realistic expectation, I want to talk about the issues I’ve run into with RTR Unlimited!

Missing Part(s)

The very 1st item that I ordered came with a missing belt. But RTR Unlimited offered me a replacement item as an apology. So I was still a happy customer at that point until this happened…

Missing Package(s)

So, the replacement item never arrived. It took me a week to investigate and find out what happened to it. After falsely accusing my apartment complex and calling RTR about it, I found out that UPS actually sent the package to the wrong address. While RTR immediately let me order another replacement item as an apology, this problem gave me so much headache and stress.

bell shaped sweater

The Pros with Rent the Runway Unlimited

I got a rough start with Rent the Runway Unlimited, and my first impression really wasn’t great. But I decided to give it a few more weeks. Turned out there are reasons to love and use the service, and here are why.

Great for Consultant, or Those Who Travel Often.

RTR Unlimited was especially helpful when I traveled to Pittsburgh for work during winter time. With RTR limited, I got to borrow winter clothes which I don’t normally need in LA. It’s definitely cheaper and more sustainable than buying fast fashion winter clothes.

Prevent You from Making Mistakes

I thought this sweater was going to keep me warm in Pittsburgh, but I was totally wrong! While the sweater itself was pretty thick, the sleeves were too big for my peacoat! I ended up taking a taxi from my hotel to the office (7 mins walk!) because I couldn’t wear a peacoat over this sweater! LOL! Had I purchased this sweater, I would have totally regretted it.

bell shaped sweater 2

Be Trendy and Sustainable at the Same Time

Being able to experiment with new styles sustainably is my No.1 reason why I am still using RTR Unlimited. As a sustainable fashion blogger, I often feel guilty wanting to buy trendy clothes and try different styles. But RTR Unlimited totally made it possible for me to stay sustainable while doing so!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you don’t have to make any commitment, you go wild and start experimenting with new styles! I love that I started getting out of my comfort zone and trying things that I would have never purchased otherwise. It makes fashion funner. Plus you get to try out high quality clothes, not just low quality fast fashion!

Details for Blouse


I had so many expectations with Rent the Runway Unlimited, but it worked slightly differently in reality. So below, I am going to talk about some common myths about using the clothing rental subscription.

RTR Unlimited is Great for Fancy Dresses

We often complain about buying expensive fancy dresses for events because we are only able to wear them once. RTR Unlimited is supposed to provide that solution, but I couldn’t find anything I like for my bday or nye because their styles are too conservative. I ended up wearing an old dress from my closet.

RTR Unlimited has All Kinds of Styles

RTR Unlimited does have a huge selection, but I found that their styles a bit conservative and mature. If you prefer edgy styles or street styles (think NastyGal or Yeezy), RTR Unlimited is certainly not for you.

More Time to Do Meaningful things

I thought I would spend less time shopping after using Rent the Runway. While this statement is somewhat true,  but I ended up spending more time browsing and looking for the next things to rent. From time to time, I do encounter this “option paralysis” problem because there are just too many things on the site, and I had a hard time deciding what to rent.

Renting is Cheaper!

Is Rent the Runway Unlimited cheaper? Personally, no. An annual membership with Rent the Runway Unlimited is about $2000, and I definitely didn’t spend that much on clothes last year.

Rent the


Overall, I love the concept of Rent the Runway. Just like cars (UBER) and houses (AIRBNB), I believe that clothes can be shared as well. I will continue to use my subscription. If you wanted to try this clothing rental subscription service, you can now get $3o off by clicking this link!

What’s Next?

I read this Rent the Runway Unlimited Review before I subscribed to the service, and I would say my experience is very different from hers. There are so much more to be covered about Rent the Runway Unlimited. In the next post, I will talk more about these topics:

  • My Rental Calendar – how often I returned and picked out new clothes
  • What to look out for when renting clothes on Rent the Runway Unlimited
  • Different Rental Strategies – how should you rent clothes to make the most out of Rent the Runway Unlimited

Do you have other questions? Feel free to drop me a comment, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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