Best Study Spots in Central Los Angeles in 2018

Let me be honest here, blogging takes sweats and tears. Behind all these rad photos and blog posts you see, I spent countless hours working at coffeeshops. After 2 years of trying out different study spots in Downtown LA/Korea Town, I have gotten extremely familiar with the coffeeshop scene here. Today, I wanted to share the best study spots in central Los Angeles in 2018, so you can save yourself some research time on Yelp!

Best Study Spots in Los Angeles in 2018

Best Study Spots in Central Los Angeles in 2018


Best Study Spots in Central Los Angeles in 2018 Loit

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Loit is my favorite study spot in downtown Los Angeles. The interior is supremely sleek, and it’s decked out with black and white marble tables accented with stainless steel. Beyond the contemporary design, you pretty much get everything you can ever ask for at a coffeeshop: fast wifi, plenty of outlets, comfy chairs, on-point table height, bright lights, low volume background music, great coffee, and yummy snacks. They even serve jenny’s ice cream! What more do you need from a coffeeshop? But if you really have to neat pick, then the only downside is the lack of parking options. If you are driving, be prepared to pay $5-15 in parking fees.

Beau Bar

For my night owl friends, come to Beau Bar if you prefer to study at night. Beau Bar opens till 11pm, and it has a cozy atmosphere with comfy chairs and plenty of outlets. No one really knows about this, but Beau Bar actually has a parking garage in the back which charges only $2 for the entire day. Additionally, this cute coffeeshop plays the best cafe music in my opinion, and its prices are very reasonable. However, be aware that this place can get super crowded over the weekend, and its wifi gets super slow then.


Speaking of Alchemist, I am here right now writing this article. I love this place, and I used to come here all the time despite of the pricey parking and coffee. The valet parking here charges $2 for every 3 hours, and if you plan to stay here all day, it can get up to $6 for the day. The wifi at Alchemist is generally fast, but it can get slow when crowded over the weekends. It always plays Noah Jones or other soothing piano music in the background, and the lights are rather dim. But I love this place because their vibe is on point, and I generally get stuff done here.


Verve used to be my favorite coffeeshop in downtown Los Angeles. It has a really warm, mid century styled interior, a speedy wifi, plenty of tables and chairs, and a great menu selection. However, since I do a lot of photo editing on my laptop, I constantly need juice (aka electricity), and Verve only has 4 outlets. I constantly feel like I am in a battle with my neighbors for outlet slots.


Philz Philz Philz. This place brings me bittersweet memories, and I no longer come here to study. But I have to admit, this SF-based coffeeshop is many people’s favorite study spot in DTLA. Amazing coffee, lots of outlets, fast wifi, and plenty of lights! Two reasons that stop me from coming here are 1. Super cold! and 2. Super loud. I could hear their background music even when I am wearing my Bose noise-canceling headphones. But if you don’t mind studying in a colder environment, it’s worth checking this place out!

Best Study Spots in 2018
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Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is hidden in a shopping plaza of the beloved Art District. Never crowded, it comes with steady wifi, comfortable chairs and bulletproof coffee! Yes, you heard it right, they make coffee with grass-fed butter. To many, this is the only caffeinated drinks that can hype them up without the  “side effects”. It’s also easy to find parking here too!

Best Study Spots in LA in 2017=8

Sharp Specialty Coffee

I recently discovered Sharp Specialty coffee, and I immediately fell in love with their interior, especially their high ceiling! However, I usually end up going to Beau Bar across the street because the parking here (located in the back garage) charges more – $3, and its wifi is a bit unstable. Their coffee is also pricier than Beau Bar. So I generally go to Beau Bar instead of this place. However, this is my go-to when I want to switch things up a bit or when I am in a donut-mood. Oh yes, they serve mini-sized donuts, and they are nomnomlicious!

Best Study Spots in Los Angeles in 2018

So here is a rundown of my favorite study spots in central Los Angeles in 2018. I have definitely spent many hours at coffeeshops to work on this blog, but I found it incredibly fulfilling. It gives me a purpose after work and during weekends, and I have met so many incredible friends from blogging. If you ever spot me in any of these coffeeshops hustling, please feel free to come say hi! I hope you find this list helpful, and comment below if you have other recommendations!

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Everlane Sweater (old, similar here)

Lovers & Friends Unstoppable Dress in Marshmallow

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January Favorites from Rent the Runway Unlimited Milly Poplin Top

My January’s Favorites from Rent The Runway Unlimited

Guys, I know I have been raving about Rent the Runway Unlimited. But I have to say, finding styles that you like on Rent the Runway is somewhat difficult due to their large selection and subpar user interface. So for those who also use this monthly rental service, I highly recommend you to save your favorite pieces as you browse. Today, I am sharing my January’s favorites so you can save time from finding pieces to piece.


My First Impression With Rent the Runway Unlimited

Rent The Runway Unlimited: Tips and Tricks

January’s Favorites with Rent The Runway Unlimited

Ever since I started the clothing rental subscription, I have been spending so much time looking for the next things to rent. To save you time, below are my January’s favorites from Rent the Runway Unlimited!

Marissa Webb Judith Gingham Dress

I absolutely love this Marissa Webb Judith Gingham dress, but one thing to note is that it’s insanely long. At 5’6″, I had to wear a pair of 4″ heels in order to lift this maxi dress (XSR) completely from the floor! Sad news is that you might not be able to wear this if you are on the shorter side.

January Favorites from Rent the Runway Unlimited Marissa Webb Judith Gingham Dress


Evidnt Over Wrap Belt Skirt

I always feel that I need to rent expensive pieces to make the most out of my subscription. But once in awhile, I do rent affordable pieces such as this skirt! It sits perfectly at your natural waist, and I rent this because it’s suitable for work and play!

Self-Portrait Dress

Living in LA means it’s okay to dress up for no reason, since people here are used to being extra. With that said, I do like to put on a fancy dress to boost my mood.  Rent the Runway Unlimited started carrying Self-Portrait dresses. While the styles tend to be outdated (last season’s styles), I still love them!


Alright, you don’t have to rent fancy dresses to make the most out of your Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription. For example, I love this turtleneck sweater. It’s simple, sleek and well made.

Milly Poplin Top

I am always on a hunt for a cute top that I can wear to work. This is by far one of my favorite tops from them. Milly made everything ethically in NYC, and their styles are generally work friendly. One thing to note is that this shirt has a zipper on the side right under the armpit, so I recommend to wear a tank underneath to prevent itchiness.

January Favorites from Rent the Runway Unlimited Milly

So here are my January’s favorites from Rent the Runway Unlimited! What do you think about renting clothes? I would love to hear about your thought!

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Sustainable White Jeans in 2018

Upgrade your White Jeans with These Sustainable Options!


I am obsessed with white jeans. But I have to admit, white jeans are the most high maintenance jeans you can ever get. I have been consistently replacing mine every 3 years because they just got so dirty or they ripped from being over-washed.

Since white jeans require regular replacement, it makes sense not to invest too much on one pair. In today’s post, I am going to talk about where to buy sustainable white jeans and how to care for them.

Where to Buy Sustainable White Jeans

I am sure you can find other sustainable brands that have great denim, but the below recommendation are brands that I personally have tried on.

DL 1961

These DL 1961 white jeans are the best pair I have ever owned. They are soft, stretchy but not too thin. However, they are not cheap, so I recommend waiting for their sales! I got them for 50% off, $86 from Revolve. Here (on sale) and here.


I tried on these Everlane white jeans, and the material was definitely on the stiffer side.  While I personally prefer softer jeans, these Everlane white jeans definitely provides a lot of structure and coverage. Priced at $68, they are also very affordable too! If you only focus on the look and the price, go for them!

The Reformation

When it comes to jeans, I am not experimental at all! I love classic styles, but I get why others may want to try out trends. If you are one of these trend-wearers, check out these white jeans from the Reformation. The mid zipper definitely looks extremely dangerous to me, but I guess some can pull it off!


Non-sustainable White Jeans Option

I typically don’t highlight non-sustainable options, but these Old Navy white jeans are worth the mention. They are stain resistant and propel any colored liquid! I know what I will wear next time I have wine nights!

Sustainable White Jeans in 2018

How to Care for White Jeans

Keeping your white jeans pristine is nearly impossible, but you can bleach them to maintain the color. Here are my tips when you bleach your white jeans:

Never spot treat them

Contrary to “common sense”, never spot treat your white jeans with bleach. It ends up with an uneven white color, and it looks spotty. A correct way to do this is to bleach the entire pair so you get an even white.

Never bleach them too often

If you bleach your white jeans too often, they will become more prone to rips and tears. Save up the dirts and bleach every couple months instead.

Hope you find this post helpful! Comment below if you recommend other sustainable denim brands!

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