4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018!

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that’s Worth Your Visit in 2018! 

Now that online shopping has become so accessible and convenient, physical retail spaces are having a hard time staying in business. It’s so hard to get foot traffic these days that a mall in Pittsburgh filed bankruptcy and was only sold for USD 100. However, despite of the bearish outlook, 4 fashion boutiques in LA are defying the trend and carving out a new future for retail businesses. They are redefining what it means to have physical retail stores, and they are offering unique values that cannot be replaced by e-commerce. Today, I am listing out 4 fashion boutiques in LA that’s worth your visit in 2018!

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that’s Worth Your Visit in 2018!

Back then, people went shopping mainly because they wanted to buy things. But now with many e-commerce stores offering free shipping and returns, shopping in person has become a chore. Why bother flipping through hangers when you can browse and filter everything so easily on the web?

As traditional retail businesses are becoming obsolete, experience-based stores such as “Museum of Ice Cream” and “Escape Room” are doing so well! In order to make people come check out your store in person, you have to offer an enticing experience. And these 4 fashion boutiques in LA exactly nailed down the experience part. From meticulously decorated store fronts to instagram-able murals, these 4 fashion boutiques in LA blew me away with their state of the art shopping experience, and I recommend you to go check them out when you have a chance in LA!

Mansur Gavriel

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018! 

I first heard about Mansur Gavriel when I visited my friend in Copenhagen. We were at his friend’s studio, who is also a leather bag designer. We were chit-chatting about the latest of the leather bag industry, and that’s when I first about this brand. Designed by two young women, Mansur Gavriel’s bucket bags quickly gained so much popularity. And it was very impressive and rare for such a young brand to rise so quickly in this ruthless and competitive industry. So when they first opened a store in LA, I had to check out the boutique in person even if it meant driving 30 mins.

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4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018!

Needless to say, the store was everything I expected and beyond. Featuring millennial pink walls and an overall clean aesthetic, the Mansur Gavriel’s boutique is not only a place to shop, but also a place to get brunch/afternoon tea. I felt like a kid in a candy store looking at all these color-coordinated leather bags. When you are in such a cute store, not gonna lie, you feel compelled to buy something. So a Mansur Gavriel’s review is coming soon!


Gentle Monster

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018!

I first encountered Gentle Monster when I was having a layover in Korea in 2016. This high-end sunglasses brand means business when it comes to their store front decoration. Here is a video featuring their robot making a pair of sunglasses at the airport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXuyRHfTB3k

And once again, blown away by their retail store and futuristic sunglasses, I bought a pair -.-! They got me everytime!

This flagship store of Gentle Monster in LA is nothing less. My favorite part is that they exhibit all the limited versions that they made with celebs in the past. This store is a freaking art exhibit, guys! And once again, I bought a pair too…

My second pair. *Sigh*

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018!

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Besame Cosmetic

Finally a store that I haven’t been physically, but I have been wanting to go. Why? This cosmetic store brings back the vintage broadway-show makeup! Also, a friend gifted me a lipstick from them, and it is amazing. In the store, they show you how lipsticks are made from scratch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGzcpPwhYRU



If you listen to podcast, I highly recommend the Tom’s episode on “How I built this by Guy Raz”. It’s amazing that they are creating jobs in 3rd world countries and giving back shoes to the communities that need them.  I hope one day that I can also give back via a project that I feel passionate about.

Back to this store, this comes with a lounging area and a coffee shop! I come study here all the time, and when you see sustainable shoes in front of you, it’s hard to resist! Haha.. yes…I recently bought my first pair of Tom’s…*face palm*

To me, a great shopping experience draws the line between success and failure for physical retail stores. A great shopping experience not only drives more sales, but it also enhances the shopper’s satisfaction and reduces returns.

If you decide to go shopping in LA, these 4 fashion boutiques are definitely worth your visit!

Have fun, and last but not least…

Smile and style on!


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