Where to Buy Sustainable Fashion: 5 Sustainable Fashion Christmas Gift Ideas in 2016

Today, I want to share some sustainable fashion Christmas gifts ideas.  I personally prefer experience-focused gifts such as skydiving or a road trip, but many people prefer physical gifts. If your or your loved one’s primary love language is gifts (Who else here read ‘5 languages of love’? It’s a great book on relationship!), I hope you will find this gift list helpful!

Mara Hoffman Green Leaf Romper

To make this list easier to read, I will first list out gender-neutral ideas, then female-focused gift ideas, and finally super extravagant (expensive) gift ideas.

Mara Hoffman Green Leaf Romper

Puffy Jackets

I love Patagonia puffy jackets. Not only are they versatile and warm, they are super travel-friendly and sustainable!

For men:

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket in Black for Men             Patagonia mens Down Sweater Vest 84622-NBRR_S - Navy Blue w/Ramble Red                

For women:


Cashmere Sweaters

I love cashmere sweaters because they are so soft.  If you take good care of them (aka, only dry-clean them once every season), they practically last for a life time.

Here are my favorite cashmere sweaters:



Leather Goods

Ethical leather goods are not cheap, but if you take good care of them, their cost per wear gets cheaper.

Here are my favorite leather goods that are ethically made by Gardendal: http://gardendal.se/shop-bags.html

Gardendal Medium Sized Leather ToteGardendal Medium Sized Leather Tote


These designer heels are my personal favorite, and they are ON SALE!!!(Well, my piggy bank is still too small. LOL)

I don’t think designer brands are sustainable, but I tend to believe they are ethically made as designer shoes are usually hand-made in Italy by a team of highly-skilled artisans. If you know more information about this, please tell me more!

This list can seriously go forever, but let me stop here with one last closet staple that I think everyone should own at least one:

Pea Coats

These are some winter coats from Stella McCartney that I personally love!

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you find this list helpful. Lastly, happy holidays! 🙂

Mara Hoffman Green Leaf Romper

Smile and styles on!


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