A Feminine Sustainable Fashion Brand: Amur

Trends evolve from season to season, but feminine styles always remain undefeated by the test of time. In today’s epidemic of “cool dad” trends all over the fashion world, Amur stays true to its vision and keeps making us feminine and flirtatious pieces. Today, I wanted to review one of my favorite sustainable fashion brands – Amur. I hope you find this review helpful!

Sustainable Fashion Brand Review Amur Priscilla Floral Gown

A Feminine Sustainable Fashion Brand: Amur

I love Amur because it’s one of the rare feminine sustainable fashion brands in today’s market. With a modern concoction of ruffles, pleats and lace, I found their dresses dramatic but elegant enough for day time events. Amur’s pieces are perfect for weddings, nice dinners, bridal showers, or even your usual brunch dates.

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Why is Amur sustainable?

This NYC based brand is sustainable because it sources organic and natural fabrics. Generally, natural fabrics are better for the environment because they require less toxic chemicals to produce, and they can biodegrade. However, not all natural fabrics are better. “Natural” fabrics such as viscose and rayon still takes a lot of toxic chemicals to produce. And their production often associates with deforestation since they are sourced from trees. In Amur, most pieces are made with silk and linen, and they are deemed as the better kind of natural fabrics.

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Besides sourcing fabrics responsibly, Amur also partners with a non-profit fair-trade organization called NEST to work with local artisans and empower their communities too.

Sustainable Fashion Brand Review Amur Priscilla Floral Gown


I have tried on two of their pieces, and I can attest that AMUR’s quality is everything you should expect when paying this much for clothes. The fabric is substantial, and the tailoring is excellent. In terms of this ruffle dress that I am wearing right now, the fabric is silky and soft, and the silhouette is on point. I particularly love the cut out details around the rib cage area, and I also love the versatility of the shoulder straps. Yes, you can wear it in the off-shoulder style (as shown in picture), or pull both straps up!


The sizes tend to run small. I have to size up for both the dress and the top that I tried on. I am usually a size 0 or size XS, and I have to order 2 for the dress, and S for the top. For this Maxi dress, I also found it a bit too long. I am 5’6″, and I have to wear 4-inch heels to completely lift up the dress from the floor.

Where to Buy Amur

SAKS actually carries Amur in stores, so you can try it on in person instead of guessing your sizes online. But if you don’t mind shopping online, I suggest buying from Revolve instead of the official Amur website because you get 2-day free shipping and return on Revolve.

Here are some of my favorite pieces: this top (70% off), the dress I wore here but in blue and this black gown.


I am going to be honest – Amur is expensive. Luckily, there are better ways to try on their pieces. Here, I actually rented this dress from Rent the Runway because I am a Unlimited subscriber. I am a huge supporter in renting as oppose to buying clothes, because renting is more sustainable for the environment and better on your piggy bank in the long run.

Now it is only $99 (Original price – $159) to try out Rent The Runway Unlimited.

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Sustainable Fashion Brand Review Amur Priscilla Floral Gown

I hope this review is helpful to you!

So what do you think about Amur? And what other sustainable fashion brands you would like me to review? Please comment below!

Smile and style on!


As Pictured here

Priscilla Floral Gown

Other Amur Pieces


Lana Chiffon Gown

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