Simple Guide to Daily Work Outfits

Style Advice: A Simple Guide to Creating Work Outfits

It’s Thursday morning. You have been staring at the closet for almost 20 minutes. The clock is ticking, and rush hour is about to start. Yet, you can’t decide what to wear to work. Does this situation sound familiar? I have been there many times. Today, I wanted to share a simple guide to help you pick out work outfits everyday.

Create a Formula for Your Work Outfits

For those of us that don’t need to wear a suit or a uniform to work, there is another way to simplify the process of picking out work clothes everyday.

The solution I propose here is to create a formula for your work outfits. The core idea is to set up a framework for your work outfits so that you can reduce the amount of clothes you have to switch out everyday.

How does this work?

Just like algebra, this formula involves two elements: constants and variables.

Constants are the clothes that you incorporate into your work outfits over and over again. Variables are clothes that you switch to add some variety into your work clothes. To keep it simple, I only have one variable in my daily work outfit.

My Current Work Outfit Formula

Currently, my consulting project is in the public sector, and I fly to a different city for work every week. And so my work outfits are casual and designed to be travel friendly – easy-to-pack, light and suitable for harsh weathers.

Simple Guide to Daily Work Outfits


Simple Guide to Daily Work Outfits

This look will work for those who travel a lot, and anyone that works in a casual office environment.

This work outfit formula consists of:

  1. Constants – a down feather jacket + jeans + a pair of boots + a leather bag (what I wear everyday)
  2. Variable – a sweater

Simple Guide to Daily Work Outfits



There are plenty of sustainable options for sweaters.  My favorite brands include Everlane and People Tree, etc.

Down Feather Jacket

Down feather jackets are light, packable, and warm.  I currently love my Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket because it is super light and warm enough for L.A..


I personally don’t know of any sustainable brands that make great jeans.  The pair I am sporting here is from 7 For All Mankind . They are made in the U.S., but the label ‘Made in USA‘ doesn’t entail ethical production or fair wages anymore.


I don’t know of any sustainable shoes brands, so please let me know if you have any recommendations! I am currently loving this pair from TOD’s!

Leather Bags

There are plenty of sustainable options for leather bags.  My favorite brand is Gardendal, and I wear it everyday.  Gardendal is a Swedish leather brand that uses vegetable tanned leather and pays their workers a fair wage.

Simple Guide to Daily Work Outfits

Hope you find this post helpful!

Smile and style on!


Outfit Information

Outerwear :: Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Sweater :: Everlane Cashmere Turtleneck in Navy

Jeans :: 7 For All Mankind

Leather Bag :: Gardendal

Boots :: TOD’s

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