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About & Contact

Welcome to Styles for Thought

Hi, I am SK. Thank you for stopping by.

Styles for Thought was all started with a simple belief that consumers can make the fashion industry more sustainable.

I believe we can influence the industry by shifting our focus from trends to styles and by changing our shopping habits. Through our actions, we have the power to ask for ethical production, fair pricing, supply chain transparency and eco-conscious production.

I created Styles for Thought because I wanted to help and motivate those who share the same belief about sustainable fashion. Through providing tips and inspiration, I hope this blog will help you look stylish and shop responsibly.

 What to expect from Styles For Thought?

In Styles for Thought, I write about a couple things:

  • Find Your Style. How to build a wardrobe that you actually love and wear for a long time?
  • Restyling. How to make the same clothes look different?
  • Capsule Wardrobe Challenges. Inspire you to be creative and wear your old clothes more often!
  • Reviews. Is it worth buying? Why should you buy it?
  • Shopping. Where to buy high quality goods? Where to find sustainable fashion brands?

Work with Styles for Thought!

I am a creative at heart, and I always love to collaborate and work with different people! Please drop me a message below or email me at Thank you so much for your message.

Smile and Style on!