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Few can resist a soft shirt.  This Alternative back slit T-shirt has always been a personal favorite, because it feels so gentle and delicate; yet it retains its structure wash after wash.  I keep the outfit simple by pairing with a white mini skirt, and neutral accessories.

Since I learned about the current fashion industry, I’ve been trying my best to support responsible brands.  And finding these brands is not easy.  The clothes are either too expensive or too ordinary to justify the purchase.

Alternative is one of the rare gemstones I stumbled upon.  From fabric sourcing to clothes manufacturing, Alternative is transparent, responsible and innovative with its business.  Not to mention, their pieces are absurdly soft.

In a typical fabric manufacturing process, fabric is dipped in different chemical baths to achieve softness and many other qualities.  Often the final fabric still contains a lot of hazardous chemicals.  The below picture illustrates some ways in which the toxic fabric can pollute our water.

Alternative achieves its fabric softness by using the G2 eco-wash.  This method softens clothes by washing with oxygen based plasma, reducing the use of hazardous chemicals, energy and water. 

As consumers, there is little we can do to avoid buying clothes tainted with hazardous chemicals.  To change this, root causes need to be pinpointed and addressed.  But as little as we can control, we can at least wash our brand new clothes before wearing them! Aka, wash your new LBD before impressing your date! In some cases, your birthday suit may be preferred! :p

Thank you for reading!  See you next time, and until then…

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Outfit Information

Featured Brands –

Tshirt :: Alternative (old, but all their shirts are soft, like baby butts)

Supporting Brands –

Belts :: Banana Republic (old, but I like this)

Shoes :: Pour La Victoire (old, but I like this)

Bracelet :: LA Farmers Market (support your local artisans)

Skirt :: ASOS (old, similar here)


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