Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 5

Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 5

Hey ah! Finally, we are getting to part 5 of  my Summer 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge. In today’s post, I am showing you the last 2 outfits, and I will discuss tips to avoid armpit stains in your favorite tops.

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Outfit# 9

Let’s be honest, blogging fashion is a bit different from everyday fashion. I like to keep things casual by wearing a simple top with denim, and I found that this combo always works. It’s timeless and classic. Most of all, you can now find affordable tops and denim from sustainable fashion brands. I’ve included links below to similar items I am wearing here!

summer 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge with LiBE workshop pink halter top and Levi's 501 white denim shorts

summer 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge with LiBE workshop pink halter top and Levi's 501 white denim shorts

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Outfit #10

These pictures are actually from my old post here: Shopping in Saigon, Vietnam Part 1

summer 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge with LiBE workshop pink halter top and green wide leg pants

How to Avoid Armpit Stains?

I love pastel and light color clothes, but it’s tricky to keep the armpit area free of stain overtime. To make my clothes more long-lasting, I found that using deodorants without antiperspirants helps a lot. In case you don’t know, human sweat is colorless. What actually causes those armpit stains is the chemical reaction between the sweat and the antiperspirants. So next time if you want to wear your favorite light-colored clothes, maybe avoid putting on your usual sweat-free deodorant and opt for a perfume stick instead.

Below are my favorite deorderant sticks:

Hope you find this post helpful. If there is any topics you would like to know more about sustainable fashion, please drop me a comment. Until then, have a great July 4th! 😀

Smile and style on!

Outfit Information

summer 2017 capsule wardrobe

Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge with Floral Pieces, Part 4

Happy Monday! Today is part 4 of my summer 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge. Even though I only have two outfits left in this capsule wardrobe challenge, I can definitely continue creating new outfits. How are you doing in your capsule wardrobe challenge? Do you feel like you are lacking ideas? If so, I hope this post will encourage you to flex your creativity muscles and re-wear your old clothes more often!

Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit 6

Outfit No. 6 from Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

In outfit No. 6, I am pairing the off-shoulder top with Levi’s 501 White Shorts. You can see the 10 pieces I selected for this capsule wardrobe challenge.

How sustainable is Levi’s? Well, Levi’s is not a 100% sustainable fashion brand yet, but the classic denim brand has been proactive with their sustainability initiatives. In 2010, they launched the Better Cotton initiative to train farmers to use less harmful substances when growing cotton. As of 2017, Levi’s only uses 20% of the cotton that is qualified for Better Cotton, but they plan to purchase all their cotton from sustainable sources from 2026.


If you love Levi’s but want a more vintage cut, RE/DONE is a good option.  RE/DONE is a repurposed denim brand, and they partner with Levi’s to bring back the old classic wardrobe staples in the vintage cut. Unfortunately, supporting sustainable fashion is not always cheap. A pair of RE/DONE denim costs around $200, but they are for sure classic and timeless.

Personally, I can’t tell the difference between Levi’s and RE/DONE, and I opt for Levi’s because the price is way more reasonable. Here are some side by side comparisons:

 Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit 6
Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit 7

Outfit No.7 from Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

In outfit No.7, I switched out the shorts from outfit No.6 and paired with jeans. This is such a simple way to mix and match, and yet the look and feel is drastically different. Here I am wearing 7 for All Mankind denim. 7 for All Mankind is one of my favorite denim brands because the way they fit and the material. They are made in the USA, and they also provide organic cotton options for those of you who want to support sustainable fashion.

If you are interested in getting an off-should top, I’ve provided some options here from sustainable fashion brands.

Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit 7

I hope you enjoy this blog post! If you are too doing a capsule wardrobe challenge this summer, be sure to leave me a comment or slide into my DM with your outfit photos on Instagram! I would love to see how you re-wear your old clothes!

Last but not least, if you have any sustainable fashion brands that you would like to know more about, please leave me the name, and I will try to research more.

Smile and style on!


Outfit Information

Yumi Kim Off Shoulder Top

Levi’s 501 Shorts in White

7 for All Mankind Jeans 

Jimmy Choo White Heels (Old, similar here)

Sustainable Fashion Review: VETTA Capsule Wardrobe

Hi, everyone! In today’s post, I will be reviewing a sustainable fashion brand called VETTA capsule wardrobe, and I’ll be sharing Outfit No.3 & No. 4 from my Summer 2017 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge!

Sustainable Fashion Review: VETTA Capsule Wardrobe

VETTA is a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in capsule wardrobes. In VETTA, each capsule wardrobe consists of only 5 pieces, but you can mix and match them to create 30 different outfits. This sounds like a steal, right? But are the clothes actually living up to VETTA’s bold claim? Read more to find out!


sustainable fashion review VETTA capsule wardrobe

I currently only have one item from VETTA, and it’s this two-piece dress in black. Just like what you see on their site, the dress is super versatile.  I have been wearing it often both as a dress and a top. I haven’t tried it as a skirt, but ideas are coming!


My frame is 32-24-34, and I usually fit a size 0 and XS. I got XS from VETTA, and the dress is true to size. Since the dress has mostly elastic bands, I think if you are in between sizes, go for the smaller size instead!


The two-piece dress from VETTA is made out of a biodegradable fabric called Tencel. The dress feels substantial and soft. The seams are well tailored. And the tassels are holding up well even after a couple washes. To summarize, the dress has a good quality.


Although the dress doesn’t come with a garment care tag, I have been cold washing it with a laundry bag in machine and then hang-drying it. The tassels still stay in good shapes, and the fabric dries decently fast.  However, the dress does get wrinkly after a wash, and you do have to steam it to achieve the straightened look.  I have tried ironing it, but it doesn’t really work.  But all in all, this dress is meant for casual occasions, and so a wrinkle or two doesn’t hurt.


This two-piece dress has quickly become my favorite dress because of the versatility. Besides wearing it as a dress, I love separating out the off-shoulder portion and wear it as a top. This dress is extremely good for traveling.  In my opinion, this dress is well worth $119 because of its versatility and sustainability.


Overall, I recommend VETTA. While I can’t say VETTA is cheap, the dress I got from them has good quality, and it is very affordable for a sustainable fashion brand. Also, I care more about the cost per wear than the pricetag itself. Given how versatile VETTA’s clothes are, I think their pieces are worth every dime because I will wear them very often.

  1. Pieces from VETTA are multi-functional and versatile. I have deep respect for the designer behind VETTA because this two-piece dress is extremely well designed and thought-out. Also, based on the site, every piece in VETTA can be worn in multiple ways. Take this wrap top as an example, you can wear it in at least 4 different ways.
  2. VETTA is a sustainable fashion and ethical fashion brand. All VETTA pieces are made ethically in NYC with sustainable fabrics such as Tencel and deadstock fabrics. Additionally, they pay close attention to details and use recycled materials for all their packaging too.
  3. Capsule wardrobes at VETTA is mini-sized and great for traveling. I commute to work by plane and travel on a weekly basis. And so I always look out for travel friendly items whenever I go shopping. VETTA pieces are great for traveling because each piece is versatile and fast to dry. If you prefer to travel light like me, look out for clothes that are made with biodegradable fabrics such as Tencel and Viscose. These two materials are known for fast-drying.

I hope you find this review helpful! Besides the two-piece dress I am wearing, I also like these items from VETTA:

Summer 2017 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit #3

Sustainable Fashion Review VETTA Capsule Wardrobe



In Outfit No. 3 from my Summer 2017 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge, I am wearing this black dress from VETTA. I pulled up one sleeve and wore as a one-shoulder dress. But you can also see how I wore it as an off-shoulder top here. If you love one-shoulder dresses, you can find more color options from VETTA. Additionally, you can also find other one-shoulder dresses from Mara Hoffman which is also a sustainable fashion brand:

Summer 2017 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit #4

Summer 2017 10x10 capsule wardrobe challenge outfit 4

In outfit No. 4 of my 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge, I paired this off-shoulder top from Yumi Kim with these green pants I got from Vietnam. I love this off-shoulder top because the sleeves are sewed separately from the tube top, making it easier to move around. You can find other sustainable off-shoulder options from this blog post: Sustainable Fashion for 8 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends in 2017!

I bought these pants from Libe workshop in Vietnam, and you can see how I wore it differently from this blog post:Shopping in Saigon, Vietnam Part 1

Summer 2017 10x10 capsule wardrobe challenge outfit 4

Summer 2017 10x10 capsule wardrobe challenge outfit 4

I hope you enjoy this post! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

Smile and style on!


Outfit Information:

Yumi Kim Off Shoulder Top 

VETTA Black Dress

Chanel Bag

Jimmy Choo Heels (Old) (Similar here)


A Capsule Wardrobe for Work with Sustainable Fashion Brands

A Capsule Wardrobe for Work with Sustainable Fashion Brands

Inspired by this post on Reddit, I am sharing a capsule wardrobe for work with sustainable fashion brands. Enjoy!

Why did I build a capsule wardrobe for work?

I decided to create a capsule wardrobe for work because I wanted to cut down the time I spent on packing.

When I am not blogging at night, I am a consultant by day. To many, being a consultant may seem like a fancy job. Commute by plane every week, and platinum statuses at major hotels and airlines. Yes, the traveling aspect of being a consultant is pretty cool at first, but it can be weary over time. Aside from being away from home every week, one minor dreadful thing I have to do every Sunday is packing for the entire week. I used to kill my entire Sunday night trying to decide what to wear at work.

But now I spend less than 15 mins packing everything for work. How? I built a capsule wardrobe for work, and I set a work uniform for the week. Currently, I pack 3 dresses, 1 navy blazer, and 1 pair of black flats to work. (Pic coming soon! But below was my work uniform during winter time)


Related: Style Advice: A Simple Guide to Creating Work Outfits

Have a capsule wardrobe and a uniform for work has helped me free up time from overthinking about my outfits at work. And I definitely have gotten more productive.

Well, without further ado, here is a capsule wardrobe for work with sustainable fashion brands.

A Capsule Wardrobe for Work in Sustainable Fashion Brands

In this table, you can find business essentials from sustainable fashion brands at different price points. One thing I do have to note is that I couldn’t find any sustainable pencil skirts at a reasonable price point. If you find anything, please leave me a comment below!

 Low Price Point (< USD $100)Middle Price Point (< USD $200)High ( USD $200+)
Button-down ShirtPeople Tree, 68

Siizu, 98
Style Saint, 106

Amour Vert, 168
White T-Shirt
Threads for thought, 18

People Tree, 35

Everlane, 35
Camisole / Tank / Blouse Aeon Row, 36

People Tree, 45

People Tree, 75

Everlane, 68

Vetta Capsule, 89
Amour Vert, , 138

Amour Vert, , 148
Style Saint, 68Eileen Fisher, 138Shop Doen, 224
SweaterPeople Tree, 91ELEVEN SIX, 147Naadam, 250
Cardigan People Tree, 98People Tree, 109Eileen Fisher, 318
BlazerPeopletree, 198The Reformation, 228

Stella McCartney, 570
Trench CoatAmerican Apparel, 120

Peopletree, 168

JannJune, 202
Burberry, 1800
Winter CoatStella McCartney, 1400
Bottom FONNESBECH, 89JannJune, 112

Style Saint, 129

The Reformation, 178

The Reformation, 198
Trousers / Pants / Chinos Shop Doen, 79The Reformation, 118

DL1961, 168
SkirtsPeople Tree, 99

Style Saint, 98
Dress People Tree, 67.50People Tree, 101.25Minan Wong, 350
Flats Everlane, 120

Everlane, 125

Nisolo, 128

Everlane, 168

Marais USA, 188
Marais, 225

By Far, 289
Heels OPIFICIO V, 135

Nisolo, 158
Marais USA, 245

By Far, 300

By Far, $300

Mansur Gavriel, 475
Scarf / NekerchiefRound Plus Square, $65

Naadam, 99

A Peace Treaty, 88
Round Plus Square, $165 A Peace Treaty, 225
Tote Bag Melie Bianco, 97Matt & Nat, 120Mansur Gavriel, 695

Gardendal, 700

My Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands for Business Casual

Currently, my favorite sustainable fashion brands for business casual are People Tree and Everlane. Between the two brands, I prefer People Tree because of the quality and the style. People Tree has very reasonable pricing, and the shipping fee is only USD $5.

I bought this dress from People Tree a few years ago, and the quality is still supreme after many washes. The cotton is thick and substantial. The lining and seams are well tailored. I also got it for around USD $150 including shipping. This is equivalent to the cost of a typical dress at your local JCREW.

The downside of People Tree is the returning part. If you live outside of the UK, you have to pay for your own return shipping label. But based on my experience, the sizing chart on People Tree is pretty accurate, and you can rely on it. I usually wear a 00 for dresses from JCREW, and I wear a UK 8 for People Tree. Lastly, People Tree is a member of The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), meaning that they pay their garment workers fairly. It’s important to note that many ethical fashion brands lack proofs of fair trade.

If you want to read my experience with Everlane, please go to this post: Sustainable Fashion Review: Should You Buy Everlane Cashmere Sweaters?

A Capsule Wardrobe for Work with Sustainable Fashion Brands

Hope you find this post helpful! Please leave me a comment if you have any questions!

Smile and style on!




Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 5

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 5

To encourage you to support sustainable fashion and shop responsibly this Spring, I started a Spring10x10 challenge. Today, I am sharing the last two outfits and a few lessons I learned about capsule wardrobe. To recap the clothes I had in this Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, please read this post: Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 1

Spring10x10 Challenge Chambray shirt with black denim

Pros of a Capsule Wardrobe

I love the concept behind a capsule wardrobe and how it helps us become more sustainable. Here are the reasons why I like it:

  1. Reduce Meaningless Purchases. Every year, we send over 11 tons of unwanted clothes to landfills. By buying less, we will produce less waste and do less harm to the environment. Related: Shopping Tips: 10 Ways to Resist Shopping Temptations
  2. Travel Friendly. I travel a lot. By a lot, I mean I travel every week and practically live out of a suitcase. Having a small and flexible wardrobe helps me pack light and efficiently.
  3. Reduce Decision Fatigue. I used to waste so much time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. This led to decision fatigue and a lot of energy wasted on useless things. That’s when I decided to downsize my closet so that I could reserve more mental power to get a more productive day.  Related: Style Advice: Why I Wanted to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe

Cons of a Capsule Wardrobe

But after completing this Spring10x10 challenge, I realized that capsule wardrobe has a few serious limitations. Quite frankly, other than for blogging and traveling, I don’t think I can live my life doing only 10×10 challenges.

  1. Lack of outfit flexibility. Just to give you an example, I spent my last 10 days in 3 different cities: Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Chicago. With the weather variation, there was no way I could only pack 10 pieces of clothes and shoes for all the different occasions I needed to go to. In life, we all have so many occasions to dress for, and our body evolves as well. It’s impossible to own a fixed number of clothes for a long time.
  2. Inconvenience. Sometimes, you need the extra clothes, shoes and accessories for the convenience. I am all about supporting sustainable fashion and shopping less. But when you downsize your wardrobe to a point that will reduce the quality of life, I don’t think it’s worth doing at all. By inconvenience, I meant the frequency of laundry you will have to do when owning less and the brainpower you spend on creating different outfit variations. I think that there is a fine balance you have to strike when you are downsizing your closet. Related: Style Advice: How to Purge Your Closet?

The Ultimate Goal of a Capsule Wardrobe

In my last post, I explained that supporting sustainable fashion really boils down to finding a style. Once you know what you like to wear, everything else will fall into place. You will start to buy purposefully, stop following trends, and buy better quality clothes. This will then produce less waste and help you be more sustainable. To put a cherry on top, you can always choose to support sustainable fashion brands and ethical clothing companies if their clothes speak to your style.

To sum this up, whether or you decide to build a capsule wardrobe or do a Spring10x10 challenge, the ultimate goal of doing all these exercises is to help you cultivate a personal style. I found that an exercise like this is somewhat helpful because it forces me to discover the styles, colors and patterns of clothes I gravitate toward. However, is this necessary? Well, I think it’s fun and practical when you are traveling. But other than that, coming up with the last two outfits was seriously a struggle, and you don’t have to go through that to discover your style!

Outfit #9 and Outfit#10

In these two outfits, I mainly mixed and matched a denim shirt, a pair of black denim, a black blouse and a pair of white heels.

I personally found outfit#9 super creative because I wore it as an off-shoulder top. To make it more edgy, I paired with my gentle monster glasses as well as a black choker (I don’t own a choker, so I used my Bose headphone audio cord instead… talking about sustainable fashion! LMAO).

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 5

Denim Shirt as Off Shoulder Top

Outfit #10

Spring10x10 Challenge Chambray shirt with black denim


Hope you found this inspiring and helpful! If you have any sustainable fashion related topics you want to know about, please leave me a comment or question!

Smile and style on!


Favorite Chambray Shirts:

Favorite Black Denim: