4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that's Worth Your Visit in 2018!

4 Fashion Boutiques in LA that’s Worth Your Visit in 2018! 

Now that online shopping has become so accessible and convenient, physical retail spaces are having a hard time staying in business. It’s so hard to get foot traffic these days that a mall in Pittsburgh filed bankruptcy and was only sold for USD 100. However, despite of the bearish outlook, 4 fashion boutiques in LA are defying the trend and carving out a new future for retail businesses. They are redefining what it means to have physical retail stores, and they are offering unique values that cannot be replaced by e-commerce. Today, I am listing out 4 fashion boutiques in LA that’s worth your visit in 2018!

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VETTA Review: The Casual Capsule Collection

Summer 2018 VETTA Review: The Casual Capsule

Once in awhile, you feel lazy AF, and you just wish that putting on makeup could be as easy as a Snapchat’s filter. Luckily, with the right outfit, you can still look chic without having to spend too much time getting ready. This year, VETTA released a casual capsule, and some of the pieces are exactly made for those who want to get ready fast. If you are one of those lazy gals who want to look good effortlessly, read this summer 2018’s VETTA review!

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Favorite Sustainable White Dresses for Summer 2018

With summer around the corner, it’s time to revisit your closet and pull out all your favorite white dresses from last year. While white dresses are classic and timeless, it’s hard to stop them from turning a bit creamy/yellow over time. If you are planning on replacing your worn-out white dresses, you are at the right place!  Today, I am rounding up my favorite white dresses for summer 2018! Enjoy!

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Sustainable White Jeans in 2018

Upgrade your White Jeans with These Sustainable Options!


I am obsessed with white jeans. But I have to admit, white jeans are the most high maintenance jeans you can ever get. I have been consistently replacing mine every 3 years because they just got so dirty or they ripped from being over-washed.

Since white jeans require regular replacement, it makes sense not to invest too much on one pair. In today’s post, I am going to talk about where to buy sustainable white jeans and how to care for them.

Where to Buy Sustainable White Jeans

I am sure you can find other sustainable brands that have great denim, but the below recommendation are brands that I personally have tried on.

DL 1961

These DL 1961 white jeans are the best pair I have ever owned. They are soft, stretchy but not too thin. However, they are not cheap, so I recommend waiting for their sales! I got them for 50% off, $86 from Revolve. Here (on sale) and here.


I tried on these Everlane white jeans, and the material was definitely on the stiffer side.  While I personally prefer softer jeans, these Everlane white jeans definitely provides a lot of structure and coverage. Priced at $68, they are also very affordable too! If you only focus on the look and the price, go for them!

The Reformation

When it comes to jeans, I am not experimental at all! I love classic styles, but I get why others may want to try out trends. If you are one of these trend-wearers, check out these white jeans from the Reformation. The mid zipper definitely looks extremely dangerous to me, but I guess some can pull it off!


Non-sustainable White Jeans Option

I typically don’t highlight non-sustainable options, but these Old Navy white jeans are worth the mention. They are stain resistant and propel any colored liquid! I know what I will wear next time I have wine nights!

Sustainable White Jeans in 2018

How to Care for White Jeans

Keeping your white jeans pristine is nearly impossible, but you can bleach them to maintain the color. Here are my tips when you bleach your white jeans:

Never spot treat them

Contrary to “common sense”, never spot treat your white jeans with bleach. It ends up with an uneven white color, and it looks spotty. A correct way to do this is to bleach the entire pair so you get an even white.

Never bleach them too often

If you bleach your white jeans too often, they will become more prone to rips and tears. Save up the dirts and bleach every couple months instead.

Hope you find this post helpful! Comment below if you recommend other sustainable denim brands!

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