Favorite Sustainable White Dresses for Summer 2018

With summer around the corner, it’s time to revisit your closet and pull out all your favorite white dresses from last year. While white dresses are classic and timeless, it’s hard to stop them from turning a bit creamy/yellow over time. If you are planning on replacing your worn-out white dresses, you are at the right place!  Today, I am rounding up my favorite white dresses for summer 2018! Enjoy!

Sustainable White Jeans in 2018

Upgrade your White Jeans with These Sustainable Options!


I am obsessed with white jeans. But I have to admit, white jeans are the most high maintenance jeans you can ever get. I have been consistently replacing mine every 3 years because they just got so dirty or they ripped from being over-washed.

Since white jeans require regular replacement, it makes sense not to invest too much on one pair. In today’s post, I am going to talk about where to buy sustainable white jeans and how to care for them.

Where to Buy Sustainable White Jeans

I am sure you can find other sustainable brands that have great denim, but the below recommendation are brands that I personally have tried on.

DL 1961

These DL 1961 white jeans are the best pair I have ever owned. They are soft, stretchy but not too thin. However, they are not cheap, so I recommend waiting for their sales! I got them for 50% off, $86 from Revolve. Here (on sale) and here.


I tried on these Everlane white jeans, and the material was definitely on the stiffer side.  While I personally prefer softer jeans, these Everlane white jeans definitely provides a lot of structure and coverage. Priced at $68, they are also very affordable too! If you only focus on the look and the price, go for them!

The Reformation

When it comes to jeans, I am not experimental at all! I love classic styles, but I get why others may want to try out trends. If you are one of these trend-wearers, check out these white jeans from the Reformation. The mid zipper definitely looks extremely dangerous to me, but I guess some can pull it off!


Non-sustainable White Jeans Option

I typically don’t highlight non-sustainable options, but these Old Navy white jeans are worth the mention. They are stain resistant and propel any colored liquid! I know what I will wear next time I have wine nights!

Sustainable White Jeans in 2018

How to Care for White Jeans

Keeping your white jeans pristine is nearly impossible, but you can bleach them to maintain the color. Here are my tips when you bleach your white jeans:

Never spot treat them

Contrary to “common sense”, never spot treat your white jeans with bleach. It ends up with an uneven white color, and it looks spotty. A correct way to do this is to bleach the entire pair so you get an even white.

Never bleach them too often

If you bleach your white jeans too often, they will become more prone to rips and tears. Save up the dirts and bleach every couple months instead.

Hope you find this post helpful! Comment below if you recommend other sustainable denim brands!

Smile and style on~



Shop my closet at shop the fund Puerto Pico

Shop for a Good Cause at Shop for Fund

Hi, my L.A. friends! I am going to Shop for Fund this Saturday, and I want you to come join me!

What is Shop for Fund?

Shop for Fund is a fundraiser for Puerto Rico Relief where you get to shop my and other fashion bloggers’ closets. There will be new, vintage and designer goods.

Why should You come to Shop for Fund?

You are coming for a good cause! Entry tickets are selling at $10 each, and all ticket sales are going to a non-profit Puerto Rico Relief organization (Heart to Heart International)

Hurricane Maria has taken away so many lives and homes, and 30% of Puerto Rican are still without any power or electricity. This marks as the longest blackout in the U.S. history. So your help is desperately needed!

Plus the event is going to be super fun, even if you are not planning to buy clothes!

At Shop For Fund, enjoy complimentary:

  • Raffle Prizes
  • Le Mieux Glow Getter Flash Facials by Skin Lash Boutique
  • Trendz Colors Nail Station
  • Small bites by Cafe 86, Snack by Tiffany, and more
  • Beverages by American Born Whiskey, Dulce Vida Tequila, and Marquis Energ

What Clothes will I be Selling?

If you are planning to shop, make sure to bring CASH to the event! Here are all the items I will sale, and I will be donating 20% to Heart to Heart International:

Michael Kore Watch – $160 (~40% off)


Levis 501 White Shorts  – $30 (50% off)

Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit 6

Misa Los Angeles – $80 (60% off)


Reformation Chamber Tank – $30 (70% off)

Create a Digital Closet Organizer Sustainable Fashion Styles For Thought

Reformation Black Silk Tank – $30 (70% off)

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Greylin Red Silk Dress – $40 (75% off)


TGFI Silk Dress – $50 (Bought at a local boutique in Vietnam)

kim_i_SK (12)

Jetset Diaries – $40 (70% off)


Tobi Romper – $20


Fossil Watch – $30

Shop my closet at shop the fund Donate to Puerto Pico

Hope to see you there!

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Heart Attack: Reformation Summer Sale 2017 is here!

YEE!!! The most anticipated sale of the year is finally here – Reformation Summer Sale 2017! To some, this event means Christmas comes early, and it’s time to break your piggy bank and stock up some discounted sustainable fashion. But before you shop til you drop, read my shopping tips first and see my favorite picks!

Don’t Go CRAZY at the Reformation Summer Sale

I know. Sales are exciting. But before you scream “take ma money” and give it all away, there are a few things you should keep in mind of when you buy discounted sustainable fashion at the Reformation Summer Sale 2017.

The correct sizing

Shopping at the Reformation Summer Sale is very tricky because you can’t exchange or return any final sale item. But what you can do instead:

  1. Ask their customer service reps for sizing info
  2. If you are still unsure, always go up a size because you can tailor it if it’s too big.
  3. Read my reviews for sizing info! Sustainable Linen: Care Instructions and Reformation Linen Dress Review & Sustainable Fashion Review: Reformation Review

Buy classic (Reformation) items

Look for classic Reformation pieces. To me, the greatest hits at the Reformation have always been their summer linen and viscose dresses. Anything with “wrapping” and “spaghetti straps” are so “Reformation” too.

Avoid trends

There is nothing wrong with buying “trendy” things if it’s your style. If you have always been a velvet type of girl, then rack up all your sustainable velvet pieces! But typically speaking, it’s smart(er) to buy things that will last you for a few seasons or years. You want to buy things with great values, not things with great discounts. With that said, pick out sustainable clothes that you think you will wear often!

Best of Reformation Summer Sale 2017

Alrighty…*drum roll*, here are my favorite picks from Reformation Summer Sale 2017:

Dickinson Dress

I recommend the Dickinson Dress because I own it and absolutely love it! You can read my review here for sizing info: Sustainable Fashion Review: Reformation Review

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Dickinson Dress
Dickinson Dress


Clarke Dress

I honestly feel that this dress is almost identical to a new Nala Dress ($218) the Reformation is selling now, except you can now get this on sale version for half the price ($125)

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Clarke Dress  Clarke Dress

Lumina Dress

I love this dress in the Honolulu color. And just like the name, the aloha print reminds me of Hawaii.

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Lunima Dress in Honolulu
Lumina Dress

Madrid Dress

The off-shoulder trend has been around for 4 years strong, and I think it will stay next year too. If you are skeptical about the off-shoulder trend, well, then get it for the solid black linen. I think this dress is a perfect day-to-night dress!

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Madrid Dress
Madrid Dress

Lily Dress

I have been eyeing this dress since last summer! Yes this dress was released in summer 2016, but the style is so simple/classic that Everlane released a similar dress this year too. I personally love the reformation’s version more because of the low-back design. But if you don’t like ironing, then ditch this linen version and go for the Everlane’s version instead.

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Lily Dress
Lily Dress

Ellie Dress

A bodycon sweater dress in black is a classic wardrobe essential. And so why not just go ahead and get it when it’s on sale?

Ellie Drses
Ellie Dress

Sylvie Dress

I think this is a Reformation classic. Solid color, spaghetti straps, and California-girl-vintage vibe.

Sylvie dress
Sylvie dress

Dima Dress

The bride at the wedding you are attending might hate you for wearing this dress…

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Dima Dress
Dima Dress

Terraza Dress

Hot damn. Perfect for corporate parties, x’mas and new year parties!

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Terraza Dress
Terraza Dress

Richmond Top

The only drawback is that you have to go braless or wear a sticky bra with this top! But it’s cute and sustainable…so….

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Richmond Top Front
Richmond Top Front
Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Richmond Top Back
Richmond Top Back

Plantain Jumpsuit

Some might find jumpsuits annoying because of the restroom situation. But they are a great alternative if you are looking for something fancy like a dress but also let you do functional things like riding a bike. This Plantain jumpsuit is classic and simple. Again, the only drawback is that you have to go either bra-less or sticky bras!

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Plantain Jumpsuit  Plantain Jumpsuit


Eldridge Top

Classic. Timeless. And sustainable. So why not?

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Eldridge Top  Eldridge Top


So this is the end of my shopping list! I hope you find cute sustainable pieces at the Reformation Summer Sale 2017. Have fun shopping!

Smile and style on!



Pic credit: the Reformation website! Sorry, the sale comes so quickly and suddenly that I can’t show you these stuff on my body yet!

How to Buy High Quality Sustainable Leather Jackets by Styles For Thought

How to Buy High Quality Sustainable Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are unarguably fashion essentials that everyone should have. If you choose a high quality leather jacket, it can really last you for a life time. Well, at least longer than just a summer fling. In today’s post, I am going to talk about 6 things to consider when buying high quality sustainable leather jackets.

  1. Leather Quality
  2. Leather Jacket Fits
  3. Leather Types
  4. Leather Jacket Styles
  5. Leather Jacket Details
  6. Sustainable Fashion Brands and Ethical Clothing Companies for Leather Jackets

How to Buy High Quality Sustainable Leather Jackets by Styles For Thought

Download a FREE Copy of “How to Buy High Quality Sustainable Leather Jackets”

1. Leather Quality

Leather quality is the first thing to consider when buying high quality leather jackets. I prefer real leather over faux leather for many reasons. First, the process of making faux leather is chemical-intensive and very polluting. Second, unlike real leather, faux leather does not age well over time. High quality leather develops a patina on the surface and becomes more beautiful over time, making it a more sustainable option over short-lived faux leather.  Below, we are going to discuss different leather qualities and compare their durability.

  • Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather is the highest quality leather in the market.  Full-grain leather has never been sanded and buffed. So its natural marks and grains make the leather extra durable and strong.

  • Top-Grain Leather

Top-grain leather is the second highest quality leather.  Sanded on the surface, top-grain leather is smooth to the touch. Top-grain leather is commonly used in many high-end leather products because it’s thinner and more workable.

  • Genuine Leather

Contrary to common perception, genuine leather ranks low in the pyramid. Genuine leather is heavily sanded and processed. It is pressed with fake grain on the surface.  Don’t let the name fool you, genuine leather has much lower quality than full and top-grain leather.

  • Suede Leather

Suede leather has a unique textured feel and a muted appearance. And this type of leather is often a popular choice when people shopping for leather jackets.  However, suede leather jackets cannot get wet.


2.  Leather Jacket Fitting

Fitting is crucial when buying leather jackets. Without a good fit, even high quality leather jackets are a waste because you will not wear them for very long.  I would say, the fitting of a leather jacket ranks #2 in this list of things to consider.

Before choosing a leather jacket size, you need to know these two things about leather:

  • Real leather stretches over time. So, when you find yourself in between sizes, always go down instead of going up a size.
  • While leather stretches, the lining of the jacket may not give as much. Make sure the shoulder area and the armhole area fit the way you want from the very beginning. For the shoulder area, you want to use the shoulder seams as the point of reference. You want to make sure they rest perfectly on the top of your shoulder.  Also move your arms around to make sure the armhole area is not too tight.

When you are trying on the leather jacket, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you going to wear it over winter, or all year around?
  • Are you going to wear it zipped up or buttoned up?
  • Do you like a boxy cut, classic cut or extra slim?
  • Are you petite, regular, or tall?
  • Do you have a broad shoulder, or a narrow shoulder?

Then, you should always try on the leather jacket with clothes that you are planning on pairing it with. Finally, gauge whether you want to go up or down a size.

How to Buy High Quality Sustainable Leather Jackets by Styles For Thought

3. Leather Types

Two common leather types for leather jackets are lambskin and calfskin. Rarely, you run into other types. Below is a short list that highlights the characteristics of different leathers types.

  • Calfskin

Calfskin is smooth and durable. Chanel purse lovers prefers calfskin over lambskin bags because calfskin is tougher, and it can handle more scratches and last longer.

  • Lambskin

Lambskin is luxurious to the touch and light-weight. Lambskin leather jackets are more commonly found in women’s fashion.

  • Goatskin

Goatskin stands in between calfskin and lambskin in terms of durability and softness.

  • Buffalo skin

Buffalo skin is the heaviest and most durable. People buy buffalo skin leather jackets for protection and functionality rather than style and look.

4. Leather Jacket Styles

Choosing a leather jacket style is a matter of personal taste and preference. Before deciding on a style, I recommend you to ditch online shopping and really try on the leather jacket first.  Click here to download a free copy of shopping questions to help you shop better. Below for a breakdown of various common leather jacket styles:

  • Biker

Biker leather jackets are originally designed for motorcycle riders. Biker leather jackets are functional and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Typical biker leather jackets have a cropped cut that allows bikers to bend over easily. Biker leather jackets feature an asymmetrical front zipper, large lapels, a D-shape pocket and a half-fastened belt.

  • Bomber

Bomber styled leather jackets are originally designed for pilots who had to sit in a tiny space for a long period of time.  With comfort as the number one priority in mind, a bomber jacket usually has a roomy cut, elastic wrist and waist bands to help retain warmth. A bomber leather jacket is perfect for casual settings.

  • Blazer

Get a leather blazer if you are planning on wearing leather jackets to your 9-5 job. A leather blazer jacket comes with a double-breasted silhouette and a sharp shoulder cut.

  • Shearling

Get a shearling leather jacket for cold climate. Lined with warm fluffy fur, a shearling leather jacket is usually bulky, and it is perfect at blocking wind and retaining warmth.

5. Leather Jacket Details

Details are what makes leather jackets high quality.  When you are spending so much money and time shopping for the highest quality leather jacket within your budget, do not settle for anything less.  Pay attention to these details:

  • Tailoring
  • Seams
  • Stitching
  • Zippers
  • Buttons
  • Metal Color
  • Linings

Buying a high quality leather jacket is not easy.  It is similar to finding a husband. Have a mindset that this leather jacket is for life. Do not settle for anything less. Do not support fast fashion brands. Support sustainable fashion brands and ethical clothing companies.

How to Buy High Quality Sustainable Leather Jackets by Styles For Thought

6. Sustainable Fashion Brands and Ethical Clothing Companies for Leather Jackets

Finally! Where can you shop for high quality sustainable leather jackets? Here are my favorite sustainable fashion brands and ethical clothing companies for leather jackets!

  • All Saints. According to Refinery29, AllSaints partnered with Not For Sale in 2011 to create a line of t-shirts to prevent human trafficking. According to ProjectJust.com, All Saints cannot be classified as an ethical clothing company because they don’t trace their entire supply chain, and they don’t provide transparency.  However, I love the side initiatives they participated in such as
    • Partnership with Not For Sale to help prevent human trafficking
    • Use of 'real people' in their campaign instead of supermodels
    • Discontinuation of angora usage in its collections.
  • Falcon. Handmade leather jackets made in NYC.
  • Pelechecoco. Very reasonable prices leather jackets made with recycled leather.
  • Better World Fashion. Made with recycled leather.

Thank you for reading this super long post! I hope you will find a high quality, sustainable leather jacket that’s within your budget.

Smile and style on!


Outfit Information

Jacket :: AllSaints

Top :: American Apparel

Bottom :: Lululemons