Best designer clothes to buy in the 2018 summer sales

Designer Pieces to buy in the 2018 Summer Sales

Raindrops, drop tops. Shop til you hear your wallet pop, pop! But seriously, when the summer sales is this good, who wants to miss out on steep discounts? Alright, feeling the itch to shop yet? Tonight, I am rounding out my favorite designer items in the 2018 summer sales!

Designer items are not necessarily sustainable, but they certainly have better qualities and fittings than fast fashion. If designer items are out of your budget, I highly recommend doing Rent the Runway Unlimited. With a monthly subscription fee of $170 (tax included), you get to rent whatever you want. The world is your oyster.*

*Disclaimer: While in theory you can rent whatever you want, shipment and sizing availability can often limit the clothes you can rent.

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Designer Pieces to buy in the 2018 Summer Sales

Without much further ado, here are my personal favorites designer pieces in the 2018 summer sales: ( I actually bought some of them, RIP my piggy bank)


I suggest to size up! Self-Portrait’s sizing is extremely small, and personally, I need to size up (I normally am a US 0, and I need to order a UK 6).


I haven’t bought anything from them yet, but I’ve been itching to because they are sustainable and locally designed in LA! Their styles exude west-coast-chic vibes, and they always incorporate my favorite colors!

Alice McCall

If you don’t want to buy Alice McCall, you can rent their pieces from Rent the Runway.  I love this Australia brand because of their whimsical style!

All Things Mochi

Best for vacations, their clothes are fun and vibrate! Best for the summer! If you like this but want a sustainable option, Mara Hoffman is the way to go!

P.E. Nation

Athleisure has slowly become my style! I really regret not waiting for the sale because the price of this P.E. nation bra just dropped by 30% since I brought it a month ago. Nevertheless, you should not miss their sale! I suggest to take your normal size. I am a M in bras (32D), and their medium fits me perfectly.

Shopping Tips to Shop Better and Less

Alright, I was half kidding when I said you should shop till you drop. When you go shopping, remember to ask yourself if the clothes really fit your body and your taste. Don’t go crazy and buy everything just because of the steep discount. Below are 3 tips to help you shop better and smarter:

Choose Tops over Dresses

Dresses always look way cuter than their sister tops, but believe me, you are going to wear the top way more often the dress. With a top, you can dress it down by pairing with jeans, or you can dress it up by pairing with a formal skirt or shorts.

Choose the Right Colors

Popular colors (aka neutrals) always sell out faster because they are way more flexible when it comes to mixing and matching. Don’t settle for a color that you don’t like even if you like the style. In a long run, you are going to wear it less and the cost per wear is still high.

Check Prices on Google

When an item is on sale, most likely, the same item is also discounted on other sites. Crosscheck on Google to make sure that you are getting the best deal!

I hope you find this helpful, and good luck at scoring great deals in this 2018 Summer Sales!

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