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Sustainable Fashion Review: Should You Buy Everlane Cashmere Sweaters?

Everlane is one of the first ethical brands I was introduced to, and I wanted to take this opportunity to do an honest Everlane review.

Known for its radical supply chain transparency, Everlane tells you exactly where they manufacture clothes and how much they pay for labor and transportation, etc.  Compelled by their story and mission to provide supply chain transparency, I wanted to support them and purchased many clothes from Everlane.  However, I returned the majority of their clothes due to low quality and relatively high prices. In total, I have only kept three items.  Today, I am going to review Everlane’s cashmere v-neck and turtleneck sweaters.

Everlane Cashmere with Keepsake Navy Lace Kisses

Fashion Review: Everlane Cashmere V-Neck

Since I decluttered my closet, the majority of the clothes I own are blue. With a mindset to build a minimalist wardrobe, I naturally gravitated toward navy when I was shopping for a new cashmere sweater because of its versatility.


With a size-0 physique, Everlane’s X-Small fits me perfectly.  Overall, this Everlane cashmere v-neck has a relaxed cut – form-fitted around the shoulder but roomy around the sleeves and waist area.  The fitting is modest and timeless, and it’s the main reason why I decided to keep this sweater.


Everlane’s fabrics are consistently the main reason why I have returned their clothes in the past. Everlane’s clothes usually don’t come with linings and feel incredibly cheap for such high price tags. For example, I bought a white dress from Everlane and ended up sending it back because it was see-through.  Another example was their beige trench coat.  I wanted to keep it because I love trench coats, but it had no linings and felt too flimsy.

The quality of this cashmere V-neck is no exception. The cashmere quality is not exeptional, and it feels very much like wool to me. When I compared this cashmere v-neck with an Everlane wool cardigan I bought, both materials felt very similar. Also, after touching an old Charter Club cashmere sweater from Macy’s, I realized that the Charter Club cashmere sweater was slightly softer and lighter. This is my subjective opinion, and so please take it with a grain of salt.


Price is the second reason why I decided to keep this sweater.  Compared to a J Crew cashmere sweater (US$250), this Everlane’s cashmere v-neck is very affordable (USD 120), and I don’t think you can find any well-fitted cashmere sweater at this price. In addition, $120 for an ethically produced sweater is a steal!


I would not recommend it if you are looking for the highest quality cashmere sweater but at the $120 price point it’s decent.

If you are like me and want to support Everlane’s radical transparency, this sweater is one of the better clothes I have ever bought from them because of the classic fit and the comparatively low price.

Everlane Cashmere Turtleneck in Navy with Keepsake Say My Name Lace Dress

Fashion Review: Everlane Cashmere Turtleneck

My feeling toward this Everlane Cashmere Turtleneck is pretty much the same as the v-neck sweater.  One extra thing worth mentioning is that this turtleneck can get itchy around the neck area. Given that I don’t have other cashmere turtlenecks to compare to, I can’t say if the itchiness stems from the cashmere.

Everlane Cashmere Turtleneck in Navy with Keepsake Say My Name Lace Dress

Final Verdict

After all, I recommend you to buy a sweater you truly love rather than buying a mediocre sweater that you won’t wear the next season.

Hope you enjoy my honest review! If you bought other items from Everlane and love them, please comment below and let me know!

Smile and style on!


Outfit Info:

Sweater :: Everlane Cashmere Turtleneck

Dress :: Keepsake Say My Name Lace Dress (Almost sold out)

Skirt Version (on sale for $77) :: Keepsake Say My Name Lace Skirt

Shoes :: Jimmy Choo (Sold Out) Similar Stuart Weitzman Women’s Nunaked in White

  1. The feel of cashmere (softness) is actually inversely related to its quality. Companies over wash their cashmere, leading to more pilling in future in order to make it feel softer for consumers. I have both the Charter Club cashmere (softer) and Everlane cashmere (less soft) but the Charter Club pilled in a week and has lost its shape near the ribbed edges. The Everlane one is a recent purchase but it seems higher quality despite being around the same thinness.

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I agree that my Everlane cashmere holds a better structure and pills less compared to my charter club one.

      In terms of the pilling issue, I think it is pretty inevitable for any cashmere, regardless of how expensive it is. I recently bought a Stefanel cashmere, (http://www.stefanel.com), and it’s incredibly soft. If you are interested in investing in a high quality one, you may want to give it a shot!

  2. I recently bought a crew neck cashmere sweater from Everlane, I too found the quality of material lacking. The specification did not indicate the weight of the cashmere nor the ply, two
    very key indicator of cashmere quality. Because of the lack of material quality, I believed the product is over priced at U$100.- It was very thin almost like a T-shirt or a night shirt. The stitching was not attractive and with a cheap looking. Even though the style is listed as classic,
    the cut did not conform to a woman’s shape.
    I do not recommend this Everlane sweater to anyone.

    1. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with them. What cashmere did you end up getting? I would love to learn more about other brands!

  3. I wish I had not wasted so much time returning an Everlane cashmere sweater. It was so hard to figure out the quality of the sweater prior to ordering it and then to find out that the quality was so low. It seems that a more definitive way of stating the quality of an item needs to be developed.

    1. It’s true that the cashmere quality is lacking compared to my other more expensive cashmere products (I love Stefanel. They are an Italian brand!) . But at $100, I still think that Everlane’s cashmere has a good value, and it’s ethically made. What other cashmere did you end up getting? I would love to learn about other brands!

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