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Hi there! Hope your weekend is going well.

Chris and I visited Kauai, Hawaii this past weekend to celebrate his birthday.  I never thought that I would fall madly in love with this place.  Kauai is such a simple city filled with free spirits, reggae music, and surreal scenery.   Unlike the busy lifestyle in Los Angles, everything in Kauai exudes a sense of tranquility and rawness.  It was a therapeutic experience for me to connect with the nature.  I felt refreshed and grounded.  All external materialistic pursues suddenly just stopped and seemed unimportant.  My heart was filled with joy just from hiking, cliff-jumping, and most of all, being able to celebrate life with Chris.

Being a goal-driven person, I sometimes get impatient with progress.   When I was studying at school, I found learning just another meaningless chore to get over with in order to get good grades and a good job.  I got so focused on the milestones I set for myself that I wasn’t able to live in the moment.  I overlooked the beauty of simply learning new knowledge and growing.  Coming to Kauai reminded myself to live every minute of my life and fully enjoy the journey along the way rather than rushing to the finishing line.  This above picture was taken when we were rushing to cross off a long list of to-dos in Kauai.  When we were driving to Kalalau Trail, we found this beautiful spot and we decided to stop and enjoy the scenery.  Why rush to the destination when there is just so much beauty to discover along the way?

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the post! (Some of these pictures are taken with an Iphone!)

Smile and style on~


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