Fight for Gender Equality and Empower Women Through Sustainable Fashion

Fight for Gender Equality and Empower Women through Sustainable Fashion

Today, I am sharing a sustainable fashion brand called ROUND + SQUARE.  I absolutely love this NYC based brand for two simple reasons: it makes beautifully designed clothes and accessories, and it donates to Equality Now to help bring gender equality and empower women. Who doesn’t love sustainable fashion and also support amazing causes? Well, ROUND + SQUARE allows you to do both at the same time!

How was ROUND + SQUARE Founded?

ROUND + SQUARE was founded by Henriette Ernst, who used to be a head designer for fabrics and color concept at Céline. During a conversation with a lawyer at Equality Now, Henriette learned about many heartbreaking issues: rape cases, genital mutilation, child marriage, and education for girls. After learning about these problems, Henriette wanted to support gender equality and empower women using her skills in fashion. In 2016, she founded this sustainable fashion brand called ROUND + SQUARE.

How does ROUND + SQUARE Fight for Gender Equality and Empower Women?

What I really love about ROUND + SQUARE is their beautiful designs and tasteful messages about gender equality and women empowerment. In ROUND + SQUARE, you can find a range of products from organic T-shirts to Italian silk bandanas. Every piece of product beams vibrant colors and communicates messages of peace, prosperity and equality.

To really make a change, I think it’s important for us to openly talk about gender equality and women empowerment. But we often feel uncomfortable to initiate serious conversations to discuss about these issues. With playful designs and soft messages, ROUND + SQUARE offers an effortless way to let people open up their thoughts and help gather ideas together. And if you mean business, you can also use their hashtag #IWEARCAUSEICARE to start a conversation as well!

In ROUND + SQUARE, they don’t just talk the talk, but they also walk the walk. In addition to having meaning messages in all their products, ROUND + SQUARE also does actions to support gender equality and empower women. 30% of their sales goes to support Equality Now’s advocacy for women and girls.

So what is Equality Now? In case you don’t know, Equality Now is an international organization that advocates for women’s rights. They have an international network of lawyers and activists that hold governments accountable to end issues such as female genital mutilation, legal inequality, and sexual crimes, etc. Among the many accomplishments, Equality Now led an effort that resulted in the first US law criminalizing sex tourism. The organization also helped establish the first US federal civil action against a sex tour operator exploiting girls overseas.

With ROUND + SQUARE’s products, I feel that I can look fashionable and support meaningful causes at the same time!

ROUND + SQUARE is a Sustainable Fashion Brand and Affordable!

Round Plus Square Girl Power Silk Bandana

In ROUND + SQUARE, all production follows the highest ethical and environmental standards. They steer away from unfair, slave, and child labor, and they ensure all workers are satisfied.

Additionally, ROUND + SQUARE focuses on using sustainable materials and innovative methods to minimize its environmental impact. For materials, they use 100% organically farmed cotton and recycled yarn from PET bottles. And their suppliers use innovative methods such as Canepa’s Kitotex printing process to cut down water use and toxins.

At this point, you may wonder, “Wow, this sustainable fashion brand sounds awesome! But is it expensive?”. The answer is “Not at all!”. To cut down on production cost, ROUND + SQUARE exclusively sells online to remove unnecessary costs associated with middlemen.

ROUND + SQUARE: “Girl Power” Silk Bandana

I found all their designs super playful and cute, and I particularly love this “Girl Power” silk bandana. It is very versatile. It goes well with different outfits, and it can be worn in many ways! Below, I showcased 5 different ways you can wear this ‘Girl Power’ silk bandana:

Around the neck. 

This is my favorite way of wearing this ‘Girl Power’ silk bandana. You can wear it with a sundress like below, or you can pair with a button down shirt instead! Whether you want to dress it up or down, it adds a classic touch to any outfits!


Hair Tie. 

Another way you can wear it is to use it as a hair tie! If you wear it this way, make sure to secure it properly with pins. Otherwise, the silk bandana can slip away. But I guess, in that case, there is a good excuse to buy another one because ROUND + SQUARE donates 30% to Equality Now!




I love wearing the bandana as a bracelet too. On the corner, there is a small print that says “#DreamBig”. Seeing this motivates me to hustle harder when I am working.


Purse Tie.

I love adding accessories to my purse. But I don’t like using key chains because it leaves marks on the leather. This silk bandana is a great alternative to traditional key chains because it’s gentle and a great way to customize your purse.

Gender Equality and Empower Women Through sustainable Fashion ROUND PLUS SQUARE


I love belts, but sometimes, I just want to take it off because of my food baby…Well, if you feel the same way, you can switch things up like me and wear a bandana instead!

Gender Equality and Empower Women Through sustainable Fashion ROUND PLUS SQUARE

Fight for Gender Equality and Empower Women Through Sustainable Fashion

I am very passionate about empowering women and promoting gender equality.  I was incredibly happy when I discovered this sustainable fashion brand. If you like what they are doing, please give them some support and show them some love. We need more responsible, high quality fashion brands like this!

You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

You can purchase this Girl Power silk bandana along with other super cute products on their website!

Lastly, if you sign up for their newsletter, you can get an extra 10% discount!

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“Girl Power” Silk Bandana

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  1. Love how you went into detail about their work in empowering women. I’ll definitely have to check out this brand! I’m always happy to discover brands that make cute things AND support causes I care about 🙂

    1. Thank you, Cat!

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