Gentle Monster Fame 02(E) + LIBE Military Green Skort

Happy Weekend!

Last post, I challenged myself to limit my fashion purchase to 2 items/month.  Since then, I researched about ways to keep track of the clothes I own and to avoid buying duplicates/similar items.


I personally prefer EXCEL because it lets me sort and filter the clothes I have. (Is #enginerd a thing?). In this spreadsheet, I create a table with columns: “Category”, “Color”, “Style”, “Material”, “Weather”, and “Links to official pictures”. This simple table sufficiently categorizes all the clothes I own. Before I buy anything, I will just double check to make sure I don’t order a similar item. 


When you create this spreadsheet, it may be wise to add these additional columns:

Brands/Designers: This is a good way to see what brands or designers you gravitate towards to make shopping more efficient.

Purchased Date: When you give away an item from your closet remove it from your active spreadsheet or relocate the item to a separate tab called “Old Clothes”, this way you’ll be able to see which items in your closet end up being most loved and/or used. 

Price: Combined with the purchase date, adding this column can let you approximate the cost per wear or the quality of the item.  Upon reviewing your spreadsheet, you may find that the oldest item is actually a cheap t-shirt you got from Wholefoods, but not the expansive tank you got from BCBGeneration. This is a great way to discover what you actually gravitate toward on a daily basis. 

2) Pinterest

If you are a visual person, you may want to create a visual closet on Pinterest.  This is pretty easy – you just pin all the clothes you own and tag them with relevant keywords. If you can’t find the item on Pinterest, you can just take a picture and upload it to the site!  

3) Imgur

If you want to take one step further and visualize the “fit” of the clothes, the best way to do this is to take a picture of yourself in it.  This definitely takes A LOT OF time and patience, but I know a lot of Redditors love their visual closets and highly recommend it.  Not quite for me because I am too lazy, but a lot of other people do it and love this! 

UPDATES: After reading a couple comments on my Instagram, I would say I didn’t include a lot of other popular platforms such as Polyvore.  However, I still gravitate toward EXCEL because it’s easy to use and lets you document information such as purchased date and price.  

I’ve worn this white top multiple times to create different outfits.  You can see it here, here and here

After ordering and returning different cameras, I finally decided on a Sony A7 ii and a 35mm f1.4 lens.  I was torn between 85mm f1.4 and 35mm f1.4, but I went with the shorter focal length for more background.  If you are also seeking for an all-purpose prime lens, I would highly recommend 35mm f1.4 because this is good for both street and landscape photos.  I can’t wait to shoot with my new camera.  Meanwhile, please support my friend Iris Kim (IG@iriskimphotography) for more awesome pics!

Hope you find these tips helpful, and please support Styles For Thought by clicking the outfit links below! <3

Smile and Style on~


Outfit Info:

Top :: The Reformation (Old, Similar here)

Bottom :: LIBE (Vietnamese Brand)

Sunnies :: Gentle Monster Fame 02(E) , I am also eyeing this

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