Marie Hell Perform Tunic for Play and for Work

Tunics are one of my favorite clothes because they are super versatile and can be worn as a dress or a top.  Today, I partnered with Marie Hell, a NYC sustainable fashion brand, to show you how to style this Perform Tunic for play and for work!

Marie Hell Perform Tunic for Play and Work

Styling – For Play

For play, I wore a hand-made scarf over the Marie Hell Perform tunic, and I paired it with a classic brown belt to create a waistline. I love this look because it’s classic, feminine, and perfect for vacations.

Outfit Formula: Front Row Scarf (Sustainable too!) + Marie Hell Perform Tunic + Madewell High-Waisted Belt

Shoes: Madewell Block Heels in Pink


Styling – For Work

For work, I paired the Perform tunic with a trench coat. Brown and navy are one of my favorite color combinations, and I love this classic color combo for day-time activities. This look is perfect for Spring/Fall time. And you can wear this outfit to any social events after work.

Outfit Formula: Burberry Trench Coat + Marie Hell Perform Tunic + Banana Republic High-Waisted Belt

Shoes: Schutz High Heels in Nude

DSC03147-Edit-EditMarie Hell Perform TunicDSC03209-Edit-Edit


When I received the Perform tunic, I immediately understood why Marie Hell prides themselves with their sustainable jersey fabrics.  The hand-feel of the Perform tunic was incredible – it was soft, substantial, and sustainable. Even after a few washes, the jersey tunic still shows no sign of pilling. Marie Hell purchases their jersey fabrics from a family owned and operated mill in California, and the biodegradable fabrics are woven and dyed following an eco-friendly process. Also, all Marie Hell’s tunics and dresses are sewed by women in the New York Garment District. Everything in Marie Hell is done ethically and sustainably in the United States.


I am a 5’6″ (32-24-33), and I typically wear size 0. I ordered this Marie Hell Perform Tunic in size Small, and it fits me perfectly. The length is a little shorter in real life than the picture on the website, and it stops at mid thigh for me. If you are a taller lady, I would recommend wearing the tunic as a top instead.


As I am continuously editing my closet, I am trying to upgrade my wardrobe with high quality, multi-functional pieces. The Perform tunic is a great additional because I can wear it to many different occasions.

Similar to the Perform tunic, most items at Marie Hell are minimalist and versatile. Marie Hell’s vision is to create long-lasting high quality essentials that will suit everyone’s dynamic lifestyle from work to play and to adventures afar. Besides this Perform tunic, I love these dresses as well:

I hope you enjoy my styling in this post. Please let me know if you have any comments below!

Special thanks to Marie Hell for sponsoring this post.

Smile and Style on!


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