Persimmon Season || Tbags Los Angeles Long Sleeve Knot Dress

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Wrap dresses have always been a closet staple.  You can find them anywhere, but I particularly like this one because of the twist knot and the low back.  It freshened up a classic look while preserving the grace of a wrap dress.

The designer was thoughtful because she/he added a horizontal strip in the back to hide the bra strap.

While the persimmon color was vibrate, the nature of a solid color allowed me to play with statement jewelries.  Here, I paired with a modified choke necklace to heighten the look.

Over the years, many international fashion giants have improved their business practices overseas and increased management to help ensure workers are treated fairly.  But one certain way to know that you are buying from a responsible brand is to support local/American brands.

T-bags was founded by a LA native, Shadi Askari-Farhat.  Her items are designed and made locally.  This “boutique” manufacturing method cuts out the use of middle men, who are known for sourcing out work to unethical factories without fashion giants’ authorization.

Additionally, when clothes are made in the U.S., factories have to comply with OSHA and other regulations, ensuring safe work environments as well as fair labor rights.

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Outfit Information

Dress :: T-bags Los Angeles (Old, but I LOVE this one)

Necklace ::  Anthropologie (Cheaper necklaces can be found at Bauble Bar)

Unfortunately, both items are sold out, but you can visit their sites for other items.

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