Scarlet Floral Lace Dress with Nude Bodysuit

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Finished with delicate floral lace and a nude bodysuit, this see-though red dress by For Love & Lemons is sexy and romantic.  More importantly, it makes me feel like Miss Scarlet from Clue, and all I wanna do now is to host a board game night and have everyone dress up as a Clue character!

I recently purchased a new camera, and so I wanted to try something new and creative. I hope you enjoy my first levitation pictures!  Now that I know how to compose these pics, you can expect to see more creative shots from me in the future!

Special thanks to Serena for helping me shoot these and for reminding me to tiptoe.

Smile and style on~


Outfit Info

Dress :: For Love & Lemons

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