Style Advice: Why I Wanted to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe

Mara Hoffman Floral Midi Dress by Styles For Thought

When people talk about building a minimalist wardrobe, many think of a monochromatic closet filled with simple and classic styled clothes.  Personally, I don’t think building a minimalist wardrobe is about collecting clothes of a specific style or color spectrum. To me, it is about being intentional with the clothes you keep in the closet and being selective with your purchases. A minimalist wardrobe should be compact and practical, rid of mediocre varieties and only filled with clothes that you actually love and wear on a regular basis. Today, I wanted to share why I started to build a minimalist wardrobe, and how a simpler closet has given me freedom to enjoy life.

Mara Hoffman Floral Midi Dress by Styles For Thought

I started this idea of building a minimalist wardrobe simply because I wanted to spend less time packing for work. Every Monday to Thursday, I fly to a different city for work, and so I have to pack enough work clothes for the week. As the project went on, it took me longer to pack because I wanted to wear different outfits to work but I had a tendency to reach for the same clothes I packed last week.  My brain was bombarded by too many options, and I couldn’t decide what to wear for work.  Eventually, I realized the problem stemmed from my big wardrobe size. As Barry Schwartz puts it, ‘the paradox of choice – more is less’.  Having too many options actually induces anxiety and paralyzes me from deciding what to wear to work.

To solve this, I decided to declutter my closet, and I threw away many work clothes that I didn’t wear for the past year. Additionally, I created a work uniform so I didn’t have to think too much about what to wear to work. Read here for a simple guide to creating work outfits! Now, my work uniform consists of some fixed items and a sweater that I switch out everyday.  Since then, I have spent much less time packing, and I have more time to do other things!

This positive experience led me to simplify my fun wardrobe as well. As I was cleaning out my closet, a mountain of mediocre clothes piled up.  I bought these clothes at the time because I wanted varieties and they were cheap.  But as soon as the novelty wore off, I started putting these once-trendy clothes aside because they now looked outdated. One $30 shirt may not seem a lot, but when you buy a lot of them, they add up.  Looking back, I  have spent so much money on cheap clothes that I only wore once or twice, and the cost per wear is comparable to other expensive designer clothes I own!  This pushed me to be more selective with my future purchases.  Now I am more willing to purchase expensive and high quality clothes because I will wear them more often and they will last longer.  In a long run, I will spend less only buying high quality clothes that I love.

Overall, building a minimalist wardrobe has many benefits, and I especially experience these two:

  • Save time from worrying what to wear next
  • Spend less on mediocre clothes that you will throw away the next season

If you are interested in building a minimalist wardrobe too, you can start by decluttering your closet first.  Read here to see 21 different ways to sell, donate and recycle your old clothes!

Lastly, wearing here is a floral dress from Mara Hoffman.  I love Mara Hoffman’s clothes because her prints are so vibrate and unique.  This brand also strives to make clothes ethically and use sustainable material!  Their swimswear is made out of recycled fabrics!

Mara Hoffman Floral Midi Dress by Styles For Thought

Mara Hoffman Floral Midi Dress by Styles For Thought

Mara Hoffman Floral Midi Dress by Styles For Thought

Hope you enjoy my post, and thank you so much for reading!

Smile and Style On!


Outfit Information:

Dress :: Mara Hoffman

Work Uniform:: Patagonia, TOD’s, 7 for All Mankind

Gardendal Leather Bag:

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