My favorite sustainable bikinis in 2018

My Favorite Sustainable Bikinis in 2018

I can’t believe it’s already May! With my upcoming Cabo trip around the corner, I started dieting and also looking for new bikinis! Retro 90’s styles are having a major comeback this year, and high-waisted bottoms and one-piece swimsuits are particularly popular.  Today, I am sharing my favorite sustainable bikinis in 2018, and I hope you find this list helpful!

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Everlane Day Heels Review For Love And Lemon ANABELLE EYELET LACE UP DRESS

Everlane’s The Day Heels Review

I think Everlane went ham on advertising the Day Heels because the Day Heels ads are literally everywhere on the internet. “Heels that you can walk in all day long”, well so they say! I am never a girl that easily falls for shoes ads, but when I saw my friends from SF walking in these Everlane’s day heels and recommend them, I finally gave in and bought a pair since SF is such a walking city!  Today, I am reviewing these Everlane’s Day Heels, and I hope you enjoy!


Everlane’s The Day Heels Review

To me, comfy shoes take little break-in time, and these Everlane’s Day Heels were indeed very comfy on the first day. Buttery soft leather, and classic style. Just when I was about to give these babies a 10 out of 10 rating, these Everlane’s Day Heels were not so good to my feet on the second day. The elastic back started to cut into the back of my heels, and they were very uncomfortable. So I wouldn’t say they are my staple heels to work. Overall, I gave them a 7 out of 10 for the price, the quality, and the style.

Everlane Day Heels Review For Love And Lemon ANABELLE EYELET LACE UP DRESS


I am a true size 8, and I tried on both size 8.5 and size 8 before I purchased the smaller size. While these Everlane’s Day Heels ran true to size when I first tried them on, I regret not going up half a size after wearing them for the past 2 days. The elastic back is not the best design, and it hurts my feet if I wear them on two consecutive days. If you were to buy them, I would recommend going up half a size and getting paddings to make them fit.

Everlane Day Heels Review For Love And Lemon ANABELLE EYELET LACE UP DRESS

Material & Style

Everlane didn’t lie when it claims it uses the softest leather from Italy. These Everlane’s Day heels are buttery soft and come in many different classic colors. My favorite colors are nude, red, and the light blue suede, and I definitely think the style is so classic that you can wear them with any outfits.


At $145, I would say these Everlane’s Day Heels are priced fairly for the quality and how it’s made – keep in mind that ethical fashion is always slightly more expensive!

Everlane Day Heels Review For Love And Lemon ANABELLE EYELET LACE UP DRESS


Personally, I would not buy these Everlane’s Day Heels shoes again if I could travel back in time, and I also would not recommend my friends to buy them. The elastic back is truly a deal breaker to me, and I couldn’t wear them for too long. How are they considered staple if you can’t even wear them for more than 2 consecutive days? But since I am now stuck with these shoes, I am going to try to stretch out the elastic back in hope that they will become more comfortable. Let’s come back in two weeks for a quick update!


I hope you find this Everlane’s Day Heels review helpful! Comment below to let me know what you think about these shoes!

Smile and style on!


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Microplastic pollution don't buy synthetic clothes support sustainable fashion

Microplastic Pollution – More Reasons Not to Buy Synthetic Clothes

Nylon and polyester are common synthetic fabrics we wear, and apparently washing these synthetic fabrics releases a substantial amount of microplastic particles and pollutes our water. In honor of Earth Day today, I wanted to talk about microplastic pollution and ways to help minimize it!

Round + Square Feminist Fashion Girl Power Tee organic cotton sustainable fashion

So what is microplastic?

Microplastic is plastic debris leaked from large plastic items such as synthetic clothes, and microbeads from our face wash. While we haven’t confirmed any negative impact microplastic has on our body yet, studies have shown that microplastic is magnet for toxins and is harmful for fish’s reproductive and immune systems. So when we consume seafood that are contaminated with microplastic, will we experience the same health impact?

Microplastic pollution support sustainable fashion buy less syntheic clothes

More reasons not to buy synthetic clothes.

I have clothes that are made with polyester, and they are generally more long lasting and functional. However, synthetic clothes are extremely hard to decompose in landfills, and they release microplastic everytime you wash them. It’s shown that microplastic already exist in our food chain, and we digest them everyday. It’s only a matter of time to tell what microplastic will do to our body.

Round + Square Feminist Fashion Girl Power Tee organic cotton sustainable fashion

Ways to minimize microplastic when you already have synthetic clothes!

Besides limiting our purchase of synthetic clothing, there are many other ways we can act on to help minimize microplastic pollution.

  1. Wash less! Microplastic only releases when you wash synthetic clothes in water. If you already wear synthetic pieces, wash them less often or wash them in a shorter duration.
  2. Wash in cold water. The release of microplastic lessens when you wash your clothes in colder temperature water.
  3. Do a bigger wash load at a time. It’s shown that the release of microplastic lessens when you wash more clothes per load!
  4. Get a GUPPYFRIEND washing bag. Available on Patagonia, these washing bags are meant to protect synthetic clothing and reduce their release of microplastic in water.
  5. Support sustainable fashion. Buy from sustainable fashion brands, and avoid fast fashion whenever possible. And if you don’t know where to find them, you can always stop by here to check my favorite sustainable fashion brands!

Microplastic pollution support sustainable fashion buy less syntheic clothes

I hope you find this post informative! Happy Earth Day!

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What Do Women in Tech Wear? (Sustainable Fashion Edition)

You probably get a pretty good idea of what a tech uniform looks like from the TV show “Silicon Valley”. Hoodies, jeans and flip-flops are indeed pretty prevalent, but women in tech have a slightly different “tech uniform”. Today, I am going to list out all the common pieces women in tech wear! 



To Dinner


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What Do Women in Tech Wear?

I recently switched jobs from consulting to tech, and I happily packed away all my formal business clothes. Now jeans are my go-to during the week, and a soft fleece vest is something that I throw on when the AC gets a little too strong. (No more to pencil skirts and blazers, woohoo!) Below are the common pieces that I tend to see women in tech wear:

(Everything I linked here is sustainable)

  1. Patagonia Grey Vest 
  2. Patagonia Puff Jacket
  3. Toms Shoes 
  4. The Day Heels from Everlane
  5. Allbirds Sneakers
  6. Nike’s Sneakers 
  7. Blouse
  8. Jeans 
  9. Oversized Sweater 
  10. Chambray Shirt 
  11. Tee 
  12. Button Up Shirt 
  13. Utility Vest 
  14. Booties (my favorite shoes of all time!)

Women’s Tech Uniform:

Outfit #1 – Patagonia Grey Vest + Shirt + Jeans + Toms Shoes

Outfit #2 – Blouse + Jeans + Everlane Day’s Heels 

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Profile Amazon 3

My Take on Fashion in the Tech Industry

In tech, jeans and Patagonia jackets are the constants regardless of gender. Since the dress code is causal, women in tech can pretty much wear whatever they want theoretically, but most women I work with still choose to dress (gender) neutrally. 

If you follow me, you know that my style is extremely girly and feminine, but I personally choose to dress more conservatively when it comes to work. Working as a product manger in tech, I interact with more engineers on a daily basis, and so I subconsciously dress more “boyishly” at work. But women in other departments (sales, HR, and product strategy) do dress up a bit more and don’t necessarily follow the tech uniform.

Occasionally, I do feel like dressing up a bit more at work. In those occasions, I play it up by adding accessories (mostly earrings), wearing cuter tops and heels. 

One thing I love about working in tech is that the tech uniforms are mostly consisted of pieces from sustainable fashion brands. Patagonia, Everlane, Toms, and Allbirds are the most popular clothing brands in this industry, and you can definitely find a sustainable version of all the common pieces I listed above. 

Finally, another thing I love about working on the silicon beach is that going from desk to dinner on a Friday night has become easier! Here on the west coast, people tend to wear casual pieces to clubs/bars, and so I just need to switch out my shoes with heels. And viola, I am Friyay ready! 


This post is totally based on my personal experience in tech, and I would love to hear from you if you work in tech and have a different perspective. I hope you enjoy the post, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions! 🙂 

Smile and style on! 


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2018 local's guide to LA's Grand Central Market

2018 Local’s Guide to LA’s Grand Central Market

When people come visit LA, the first thing that pops up in mind is the beach. But in my humble opinion, you are missing out (big time) if you don’t spend a few hours on the east side. From Walt Disney Concert Hall to Art District, Downtown LA has more than a few landmarks to offer – you have the food, the great view, the best cocktails, the funnest dance clubs, and the warmest people you can find in the city where the majority is deemed superficial.

Among the many places you need to check out in DTLA, Grand Central Market is one of my favorites. Why? The food is just so good. You can find anything from $3.5 burrito-sized tacos to the best scallop ceviche in town. Today, I am sharing a local’s guide to LA’s Grand Central Market. I hope you like this place as much as I do!

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market


2018 Local’s Guide to LA’s Grand Central Market


Downtown LA is one of the hardest areas to find parking. But little do people know, LA’s Grand Central Market actually has a parking garage adjacent. Google ‘Tim Hawkinson’s Inverted Clock Tower (parking)’, and its address is 308 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90013. I believe the rate is $3 for the first 1.5 hours and then $2 for every 30 mins onward.


8 am to 10 pm every day! Check here.

Eating Buddies

No matter how much you claim you can eat, I don’t think anyone can try out all 38 food vendors at once at LA’s Grand Central Market. So bring a friend or two before you go, so you can share food and try out more vendors!


Drink too much beer? Don’t worry. Restrooms are located underground. Just downstairs on the right!

Eating Area

Can’t find a table on the first floor? Go down to the underground floor. You can find plenty of tables and chairs next to the restroom area.

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market

Must-Try Food Vendors in LA’s Grand Central Market in 2018

The vendor landscape in the Grand Central Market has changed so much over the past 100 years. Today, we have a total of 38 vendors inside the food hall, but here are my personal favorites:

Egg Slut

If you like gooey egg goodness in your mouth, you can’t go wrong with egg slut! I love their steak and egg, and their egg sandwiches. It’s a great breakfast place but be aware of their super long line! Personally, I don’t think any restaurant is worth more than 1 hr long wait. To avoid queuing, I recommend coming here super early or super late (when they are about to run out of food around 3pm), otherwise, be prepared to wait in line for 1 hr…

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market

Sticky Rice

This is hands down my favorite vendor at the Grand Central Market. Their Hai Nan Chicken is the best in LA, and it really takes me back to Singapore (Singaporean food is one of my favorite cuisines!)! The meat is so juicy and tender, and the rice is soaked with wonderful chicken stock and garlic flavor. This place is so popular that it is always sold out early around 11am.

Tacos Tumbras A Tomas

Tacos are a must when you visit LA. I spent 7 years in Texas, and I love Tex-Mex. But I have to say, LA’s tacos are a bit different. Comparing tacos between the two cities is like comparing apples to oranges. Two different things. So no matter where you are from, you need to get at least one taco while in LA. This taco vendor has been around for years, and their tacos never disappoint. I especially love their beef cheeks tacos. I also recommend getting only 1 or 2 because their portion is quite generous.

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market Tacos Tumbras A Tomas

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market Tacos Tumbras A Tomas

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market Tacos Tumbras A Tomas

The Oyster Gourmet

I love their scallop ceviche and oysters, and I like their smaller portions! Perfect for Grand Central Market, because you don’t want to get too full to try other places. I recommend coming to this place before eating other heavy food.

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market the oyster gourmet

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market the oyster gourmet

Wexler’s Deli

Wexler’s Deli is the very first vendor that Grand Central Market paid to run their business here. Back then, Grand Central Market was for cheap ethnic food. To revamp the business model and attract higher income folks, the owner of Grand Central Market negotiated with Wexler’s Deli and paid them to open a location here. Well, the rest is history. Look at where we are now! To be honest, I kinda miss the old grungy Grand Central, but Wexler’s Deli has bomb sandwiches!

Belcampo Meat CO.

Rated as No.1 grass fed burger in the nation back in 2017. Enough said?

Mcconnell’s Fine Ice Cream

I never end a meal without proper dessert, and this Santa Barbara based ice cream shop hits the spot! I love their ice cream sandwiches with their chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with shaved sea salt. Ahhh..get in my belly right meow!

2018 Local's Guide to LA's Grand Central Market

Before I started Styles For Thought, my close friends actually joked and said that I would probably do better as a food blogger. There is some truth to it because I am a huge foodie, but food blogging requires the next level of food loving. I hate eating my food cold, and I really admire all my food blogger friends for their dedication and professionalism.

DTLA is really an underrated neighborhood in LA. I really love living here, and I can’t wait to share more with you. Hope you enjoy this post!

Smile and style on!


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