Favorite Sustainable White Dresses for Summer 2018

With summer around the corner, it’s time to revisit your closet and pull out all your favorite white dresses from last year. While white dresses are classic and timeless, it’s hard to stop them from turning a bit creamy/yellow over time. If you are planning on replacing your worn-out white dresses, you are at the right place!  Today, I am rounding up my favorite white dresses for summer 2018! Enjoy!

My favorite sustainable bikinis in 2018

My Favorite Sustainable Bikinis in 2018

I can’t believe it’s already May! With my upcoming Cabo trip around the corner, I started dieting and also looking for new bikinis! Retro 90’s styles are having a major comeback this year, and high-waisted bottoms and one-piece swimsuits are particularly popular.  Today, I am sharing my favorite sustainable bikinis in 2018, and I hope you find this list helpful!

Everlane Day Heels Review For Love And Lemon ANABELLE EYELET LACE UP DRESS

Everlane’s The Day Heels Review

I think Everlane went ham on advertising the Day Heels because the Day Heels ads are literally everywhere on the internet. “Heels that you can walk in all day long”, well so they say! I am never a girl that easily falls for shoes ads, but when I saw my friends from SF walking in these Everlane’s day heels and recommend them, I finally gave in and bought a pair since SF is such a walking city!  Today, I am reviewing these Everlane’s Day Heels, and I hope you enjoy!


Everlane’s The Day Heels Review

To me, comfy shoes take little break-in time, and these Everlane’s Day Heels were indeed very comfy on the first day. Buttery soft leather, and classic style. Just when I was about to give these babies a 10 out of 10 rating, these Everlane’s Day Heels were not so good to my feet on the second day. The elastic back started to cut into the back of my heels, and they were very uncomfortable. So I wouldn’t say they are my staple heels to work. Overall, I gave them a 7 out of 10 for the price, the quality, and the style.

Everlane Day Heels Review For Love And Lemon ANABELLE EYELET LACE UP DRESS


I am a true size 8, and I tried on both size 8.5 and size 8 before I purchased the smaller size. While these Everlane’s Day Heels ran true to size when I first tried them on, I regret not going up half a size after wearing them for the past 2 days. The elastic back is not the best design, and it hurts my feet if I wear them on two consecutive days. If you were to buy them, I would recommend going up half a size and getting paddings to make them fit.

Everlane Day Heels Review For Love And Lemon ANABELLE EYELET LACE UP DRESS

Material & Style

Everlane didn’t lie when it claims it uses the softest leather from Italy. These Everlane’s Day heels are buttery soft and come in many different classic colors. My favorite colors are nude, red, and the light blue suede, and I definitely think the style is so classic that you can wear them with any outfits.


At $145, I would say these Everlane’s Day Heels are priced fairly for the quality and how it’s made – keep in mind that ethical fashion is always slightly more expensive!

Everlane Day Heels Review For Love And Lemon ANABELLE EYELET LACE UP DRESS


Personally, I would not buy these Everlane’s Day Heels shoes again if I could travel back in time, and I also would not recommend my friends to buy them. The elastic back is truly a deal breaker to me, and I couldn’t wear them for too long. How are they considered staple if you can’t even wear them for more than 2 consecutive days? But since I am now stuck with these shoes, I am going to try to stretch out the elastic back in hope that they will become more comfortable. Let’s come back in two weeks for a quick update!


I hope you find this Everlane’s Day Heels review helpful! Comment below to let me know what you think about these shoes!

Smile and style on!


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Microplastic pollution don't buy synthetic clothes support sustainable fashion

Microplastic Pollution – More Reasons Not to Buy Synthetic Clothes

Nylon and polyester are common synthetic fabrics we wear, and apparently washing these synthetic fabrics releases a substantial amount of microplastic particles and pollutes our water. In honor of Earth Day today, I wanted to talk about microplastic pollution and ways to help minimize it!

Round + Square Feminist Fashion Girl Power Tee organic cotton sustainable fashion

So what is microplastic?

Microplastic is plastic debris leaked from large plastic items such as synthetic clothes, and microbeads from our face wash. While we haven’t confirmed any negative impact microplastic has on our body yet, studies have shown that microplastic is magnet for toxins and is harmful for fish’s reproductive and immune systems. So when we consume seafood that are contaminated with microplastic, will we experience the same health impact?

Microplastic pollution support sustainable fashion buy less syntheic clothes

More reasons not to buy synthetic clothes.

I have clothes that are made with polyester, and they are generally more long lasting and functional. However, synthetic clothes are extremely hard to decompose in landfills, and they release microplastic everytime you wash them. It’s shown that microplastic already exist in our food chain, and we digest them everyday. It’s only a matter of time to tell what microplastic will do to our body.

Round + Square Feminist Fashion Girl Power Tee organic cotton sustainable fashion

Ways to minimize microplastic when you already have synthetic clothes!

Besides limiting our purchase of synthetic clothing, there are many other ways we can act on to help minimize microplastic pollution.

  1. Wash less! Microplastic only releases when you wash synthetic clothes in water. If you already wear synthetic pieces, wash them less often or wash them in a shorter duration.
  2. Wash in cold water. The release of microplastic lessens when you wash your clothes in colder temperature water.
  3. Do a bigger wash load at a time. It’s shown that the release of microplastic lessens when you wash more clothes per load!
  4. Get a GUPPYFRIEND washing bag. Available on Patagonia, these washing bags are meant to protect synthetic clothing and reduce their release of microplastic in water.
  5. Support sustainable fashion. Buy from sustainable fashion brands, and avoid fast fashion whenever possible. And if you don’t know where to find them, you can always stop by here to check my favorite sustainable fashion brands!

Microplastic pollution support sustainable fashion buy less syntheic clothes

I hope you find this post informative! Happy Earth Day!

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