Everlane Micro Rib Tee Dress Review

Read before You Buy: Everlane Micro Rib Tee Dress Review

Is price always a good cue to quality? When I first saw this micro rib tee dress from Everlane, I was tempted because it’s only $38. On the other hand, I was also skeptical about the quality, and returns can be a hassle. But I decided to give it a try anyway. If you are too thinking about buying this dress, I hope this Everlane micro rib tee dress review will help you decide.

sustainable fashion everlane micro rib tee dress review

Everlane Dress Review Sustainable Fashion

Everlane Micro Rib Tee Dress Review

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Price Point 10/10

Typically, when you buy from sustainable fashion brands, you have to pay significantly more. But this Everlane micro rib tee dress is super affordable. Selling at US$38, this sustainable dress is worth buying.

Style 10/10

The Everlane micro rib tee dress is very simple and versatile. With short sleeves and a crew neck design, this bodycon dress is not overly sexy, making it suitable for both day and night time.

Fit 8/10

I am 5’6” and 120 lbs. This Everlane micro rib tee dress fits true-to-size, and the size XS fits me well.

The bodycon dress is form-fitted but not skin-tight. And it has a modest length, hitting just 4 inches above my knees. When I walk, the dress does ride up a bit initially, but it stops riding up at mid-thigh. I take off 2 points because the dress crushes up as it rides up, and I feel that anyone taller than me may find it too short.

Material  9/10

I am very impressed by this Everlane dress’s material. Made with Pima cotton, this dress feels luxuriously soft and light. However, I took off 1 point because this sustainable dress is a bit sheer. I recommend ordering the dark colors to avoid showing your under garments.

Maintenance 10/10

This Everlane dress is easy to maintain. You can machine-wash it with cold water and then dry it in medium heat. Personally, I hang-dry the dress instead to prevent any pilling as it is made with cotton.

sustainable fashion everlane dress review

Verdict 9/10

Overall, I really like this Everlane dress because it is simple and versatile. Moreover, at US$38, the micro rib tee dress is very affordable, especially from a sustainable fashion brand.  If you decide to buy it, here are 2 consideration points:

  1. Are you too tall? I think anyone that’s taller than 5’6″ may find the dress too short because it does ride up.
  2. Buy darker colors. The micro rib tee dress comes in black, gray, and navy. I only recommend the black and navy colors because the material is very thin.

sustainable fashion Everlane micro rib tee dress review

Hope you find this Everlane micro rib tee dress review helpful!

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Outfit Info:

Everlane Micro Rib Tee Dress in Navy

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  1. This was helpful since I was considering the micro rib tee from Everlane and was curious about the quality of material given the price point. Thanks, great blog!

    1. Thank you, Cheyenne! Glad you found this helpful. Feel free to let me know if there is any other topic you are interested in. 🙂


  2. You look so good in this dress! Great review…I haven’t bought bodycon or form-fitting clothes in so long but this is making me reconsider!

    <3 Cat

    1. Thank you Cat! I am sure bodycon dresses look great on you! 🙂

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