Heart Attack: Reformation Summer Sale 2017 is here!

YEE!!! The most anticipated sale of the year is finally here – Reformation Summer Sale 2017! To some, this event means Christmas comes early, and it’s time to break your piggy bank and stock up some discounted sustainable fashion. But before you shop til you drop, read my shopping tips first and see my favorite picks!

Don’t Go CRAZY at the Reformation Summer Sale

I know. Sales are exciting. But before you scream “take ma money” and give it all away, there are a few things you should keep in mind of when you buy discounted sustainable fashion at the Reformation Summer Sale 2017.

The correct sizing

Shopping at the Reformation Summer Sale is very tricky because you can’t exchange or return any final sale item. But what you can do instead:

  1. Ask their customer service reps for sizing info
  2. If you are still unsure, always go up a size because you can tailor it if it’s too big.
  3. Read my reviews for sizing info! Sustainable Linen: Care Instructions and Reformation Linen Dress Review & Sustainable Fashion Review: Reformation Review

Buy classic (Reformation) items

Look for classic Reformation pieces. To me, the greatest hits at the Reformation have always been their summer linen and viscose dresses. Anything with “wrapping” and “spaghetti straps” are so “Reformation” too.

Avoid trends

There is nothing wrong with buying “trendy” things if it’s your style. If you have always been a velvet type of girl, then rack up all your sustainable velvet pieces! But typically speaking, it’s smart(er) to buy things that will last you for a few seasons or years. You want to buy things with great values, not things with great discounts. With that said, pick out sustainable clothes that you think you will wear often!

Best of Reformation Summer Sale 2017

Alrighty…*drum roll*, here are my favorite picks from Reformation Summer Sale 2017:

Dickinson Dress

I recommend the Dickinson Dress because I own it and absolutely love it! You can read my review here for sizing info: Sustainable Fashion Review: Reformation Review

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Dickinson Dress
Dickinson Dress


Clarke Dress

I honestly feel that this dress is almost identical to a new Nala Dress ($218) the Reformation is selling now, except you can now get this on sale version for half the price ($125)

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Clarke Dress  Clarke Dress

Lumina Dress

I love this dress in the Honolulu color. And just like the name, the aloha print reminds me of Hawaii.

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Lunima Dress in Honolulu
Lumina Dress

Madrid Dress

The off-shoulder trend has been around for 4 years strong, and I think it will stay next year too. If you are skeptical about the off-shoulder trend, well, then get it for the solid black linen. I think this dress is a perfect day-to-night dress!

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Madrid Dress
Madrid Dress

Lily Dress

I have been eyeing this dress since last summer! Yes this dress was released in summer 2016, but the style is so simple/classic that Everlane released a similar dress this year too. I personally love the reformation’s version more because of the low-back design. But if you don’t like ironing, then ditch this linen version and go for the Everlane’s version instead.

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Lily Dress
Lily Dress

Ellie Dress

A bodycon sweater dress in black is a classic wardrobe essential. And so why not just go ahead and get it when it’s on sale?

Ellie Drses
Ellie Dress

Sylvie Dress

I think this is a Reformation classic. Solid color, spaghetti straps, and California-girl-vintage vibe.

Sylvie dress
Sylvie dress

Dima Dress

The bride at the wedding you are attending might hate you for wearing this dress…

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Dima Dress
Dima Dress

Terraza Dress

Hot damn. Perfect for corporate parties, x’mas and new year parties!

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Terraza Dress
Terraza Dress

Richmond Top

The only drawback is that you have to go braless or wear a sticky bra with this top! But it’s cute and sustainable…so….

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Richmond Top Front
Richmond Top Front
Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Richmond Top Back
Richmond Top Back

Plantain Jumpsuit

Some might find jumpsuits annoying because of the restroom situation. But they are a great alternative if you are looking for something fancy like a dress but also let you do functional things like riding a bike. This Plantain jumpsuit is classic and simple. Again, the only drawback is that you have to go either bra-less or sticky bras!

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Plantain Jumpsuit  Plantain Jumpsuit


Eldridge Top

Classic. Timeless. And sustainable. So why not?

Reformation Summer Sale 2017 Eldridge Top  Eldridge Top


So this is the end of my shopping list! I hope you find cute sustainable pieces at the Reformation Summer Sale 2017. Have fun shopping!

Smile and style on!



Pic credit: the Reformation website! Sorry, the sale comes so quickly and suddenly that I can’t show you these stuff on my body yet!

  1. Really enjoyed looking at the items you would pick up from the Reformation sale. I wonder if you might do an update if you have ended up purchasing any of these items – I’m particularly interested in knowing if you ended up getting the Terraza dress! Love your posts and I always look forward to reading your blog! x

    1. Aw thank you Nicole! I actually didn’t end up getting the Terraza dress, but I picked up 3 other items from the sale. I will be doing a review soon! 🙂

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