Restyling Ideas: Three Ways to Pair White Pencil Skirts

Happy Sunday!

Celebrating the beginning of spring with pastel colors and a white pencil skirt today.  As an advocate for sustainable fashion, I always try to think of more ways to pair the clothes I’ve already have, and here are three easy options that I think everyone can do:

Idea One – White on White

Pairing a white skirt with another white top can give you a cohesive look! It will look like a white dress rather than a separate top and skirt! While white color works with any other colors, I would avoid pairing a clean-white with an off-white item.  I suggest you to stick with the same shade of white color!

Idea Two – Color Blocking

White skirts are truly versatile.  They work with every color. You can dress them up or down.  And they don’t remind you of work clothes (think black pencil skirt).  So in this second idea, you can pair with a dressy button-up, a casual sweat, or a denim shirt as seen here.

Idea Three – Pattern with a Balance

I love floral, but I would NEVER pair floral with another patterned item.  If you love floral like me, always pair with a solid-color counterpart, such as this white skirt! 🙂

You can find these below posts here and here

Lastly, I want to talk about some cleaning tips for your white skirts.

1) Material: Stick with synthetic materials such as polyester/faux leather.

I would avoid buying a cotton white skirt.  Cotton really loves dirt, and it’s super difficult to clean.  While you can always bleach it, bleaching is harsh to your clothes, and should be considered as the last option.  Another reason I don’t buy cotton white skirts because hot water makes them shrink.

2)  Wash with other white clothes in hot water with a clear detergent.

The worst is to find your darker clothes bled during the wash cycle and your beloved white skirt got dyed.  To avoid tragedies from happening, only wash with other white items.  And yes you should also use a clear detergent to be super cautious!

3) Sit like a classy lady

For your white skirt’s sake, I guess you can’t be a tomboy and sit on the floor or grass….

Hope you enjoy today’s post and please comment below with your thoughts!

Smile and style on ~


Outfit Info

I always try to buy less and buy sustainable, so most of my clothes are old or sold out

BUT I posted some alternative options here 🙂

Top :: J.Crew (Sold out, but similar here) Sustainable Option: Reformation

Skirt ::  findersKEEPERS (Sold out) But I love J.O.A., Sustainable Option: StyleSaint

Purse :: Banana Republic

Shoes :: Zara (Sold out) But I love Schutz

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