Shopping in Saigon, Vietnam Part 1

I am a big fan of Anthony Bourdain.  I love his shows and particularly, his episodes in Vietnam. After watching him touring around Vietnam, I had this skewed view of what the country should be: triangle strawed hats, short plastic stools, human pancakes on scooters, and dirt cheap delicious pho. Well, all of them are pretty accurate, but it’s only a fraction of what Vietnam is about.  When I came to Saigon, I was pleasantly surprised by how hip, young and modern the city really is.  I found a hipster art district full of colorful murals, and a lot of  local fashion boutiques.

I spent half a day shopping (the longest I ever shopped for), and I’d like to share with you some of my favorite places!

The Blue T-Shirt mainly sell crisp and functional basics., their clothes are all made responsibly in Vietnam.  This place started in 2013 online, and now they have 4 different stores in Saigon!  I went to the one in District 3, and bought this pink top!

Shopping in Saigon Sustainable Fashion Styles For Thought

Shopping in Saigon Sustainable Fashion Styles For Thought

Shopping in Saigon Sustainable Fashion Styles For Thought

Another shop I really like is LIBE.  LIBE reminds me of  Japanese fashion – minimal cut, simple pattern and loose fit. They sell casual clothing with a slight twist.  In my opinion, their clothes are perfectly made for L.A. where most people go for the casual chic look.

I found it quite hard to get green clothes in the U.S., but LIBE has some of the best green shades and I got two pairs of pants from them!  One of them is this faded green midi pants.  They are chic and casual, perfect for the hot summer in L.A.!

I hope you find this post useful when you travel in Saigon!  I’ll talk about other boutiques in the next blog post, and thank you for reading!

Smile and style on~


Outfit Information

Top :: The Blue T-Shirt (Facebook Site)

Bottom :: Libe Workshop (Facebook Site)

Jewelries :: Courtesy of Rocksbox, a jewelry subscription service for $19.9 a month

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