Shopping in Saigon, Vietnam Part 1

I am a big fan of Anthony Bourdain.  I love his shows and particularly, his episodes in Vietnam. After watching him touring around Vietnam, I had this skewed view of what the country should be: triangle strawed hats, short plastic stools, human pancakes on scooters, and dirt cheap delicious pho. Well, all of them are pretty accurate, but it’s only a fraction of what Vietnam is about.  When I came to Saigon, I was pleasantly surprised by how hip, young and modern the city really is.  I found a hipster art district full of colorful murals, and a lot of  local fashion boutiques.

I spent half a day shopping (the longest I ever shopped for), and I’d like to share with you some of my favorite places!

The Blue T-Shirt mainly sell crisp and functional basics., their clothes are all made responsibly in Vietnam.  This place started in 2013 online, and now they have 4 different stores in Saigon!  I went to the one in District 3, and bought this pink top!

Another shop I really like is LIBE.  LIBE reminds me of  Japanese fashion – minimal cut, simple pattern and loose fit. They sell casual clothing with a slight twist.  In my opinion, their clothes are perfectly made for L.A. where most people go for the casual chic look.

I found it quite hard to get green clothes in the U.S., but LIBE has some of the best green shades and I got two pairs of pants from them!  One of them is this faded green midi pants.  They are chic and casual, perfect for the hot summer in L.A.!

I hope you find this post useful when you travel in Saigon!  I’ll talk about other boutiques in the next blog post, and thank you for reading!

Smile and style on~


Outfit Information

Top :: The Blue T-Shirt (Facebook Site)

Bottom :: Libe Workshop (Facebook Site)

Jewelries :: Courtesy of Rocksbox, a jewelry subscription service for $19.9 a month

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