Shopping Tips: How to Shop for Trench Coats?

Among many outerwear options, trench coats are my favorite because they are suitable for many occasions. Unlike other classic outerwear, like say, leather jackets or blazers, you can wear a trench coat to both professional and casual places.

When you are shopping for a trench coat, there are many sustainable options that are made ethically:

Stella McCartney

4 Things to Consider Before Buying A Trench Coat

Classic trench coats usually come with a double-breasted design and a centered belt. However, brands do make different variations by tweaking these 4 features.  Before buying your first trench coat, consider these 4 characterisitics to find one that suits your needs.


The classic colors are usually beige and black.  All other color variations range from neutral colors such as grey and navy to wild colors such as teal and red.  If you are buying your first trench coat, stick with beige because I found black hard to wear in a casual situation.  The beige color comes in many different shades. The rule of thumb is to find a shade with the most contrast against your skin tone. In other words, pick a darker shade (Burberry calls it ‘Honey’) for fair skin, while a lighter shade (Burberry calls it ‘Stone’) for dark skin.


All classic trench coats must fit well around the shoulder area.  Find one with shoulder seams that land right on the shoulder outer edge. The sleeves area should have enough room to allow you to move freely.

Now once you find a trench coat that fits your shoulder area, you will want to button up the trench coat and tie up the belt to see how roomy you want the middle area to feel.  To maximize the use of your trench coat, find one that is big enough to fit a thin sweater underneath but not too roomy for a summer dress. Ideally, you want to be able to cinch your waist with the belt.


You can find short trench coats that hit above your hips and long ones that hit the floor. The classic trench coat length should hit 2-3 inches above your knees.  For your first trench coat, I recommend you to stick with a length that land below your hip and above your knees.


You can find trench coats in almost all kinds of materials: leather, lace, and silk, etc.  However, when trench coats were originally invented, they were meant to be durable and travel-friendly.  Classic trench coats are made with cotton laced with a coating that is resistant to water and wind.

styles for thought Burberry trench

styles for thought Burberry trench

styles for thought Burberry trench

styles for thought Burberry trench

Hope you find this post helpful! You can see another post here to see how I styled this Everlane trench coat.

Smile and style on~


Outfit Information:

Trench :: Burberry (The Sandringham)

Sweater :: Everlane

Skirt :: Zara (Super old)

Tights :: JCrew (But I love this warmer merino wool version)

Bootie :: TOD’s

  1. Hi! I’d like to know what is the size of your trench coat, just for reference. 😉

    1. Hi Marina, my trench coat size is USA 0 or ITA 34! Good luck shopping and let me know if you need help! 🙂

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