Is the Reformation's bra friendly line really bra-friendly?

Sticky Bra Alternatives: The Reformation’s Bra-Friendly Line Review

Sticky bras are seriously a great invention, but let’s be honest, they are not cheap or sustainable. Especially with the summer heat, our sweat can wear out sticky bras fast. In today’s post, I am going to talk about some sticky bra alternatives and review the Reformation’s “bra-friendly” line. Keep on reading to find out!

Is the Reformation's bra-friendly line really bra-friendly?

Why do girls prefer a normal bra over a sticky bra?

When I say a normal bra, I am referring to any bra that come with two straps and a back hook. With that said, pasties, sticky bras or tapes are NOT considered bras…well at least in this post!

I personally prefer a normal bra for many reasons:

  • It is cheaper in the long run
  • Unlike a sticky bra, it is way more sustainable
  • It is better to wear in the summer. Fun fact: I dropped my sticky bra on the floor once because I was too sweaty. >.<

Is the Reformation's bra-friendly line really bra-friendly?

What type of design is NOT considered bra-friendly?

To me, “bra-friendly” clothes means that they can perfectly hide my bra. In my opinion, it’s hard to wear a normal bra with these designs:

  • Backless
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Plunge neck
  • Deep V-neck
  • Halter neck
  • Lace-up

Sticky bra alternatives

I typically have to replace a sticky bra after 50 wears because it loses the stickiness. In the long run, the cost of a sticky bra adds up, and replacing them so often can hurt the environment. Also, sticky bras are not that fun to wear when it’s hot and you are sweating. So if you are tired of wearing and replacing sticky bras like me, then I hope these sticky bra alternatives will work for you!

For V-neck or Plunge-Neck

When you are wearing a v-neck or a plunge-neck, try on a U-shape plunge bra. I own the one from NET-A-PORTER, but Nordstrom has more sizes.

For Backless

For backless clothes, you can actually follow this DIY Youtube tutorial to convert your old bra into a useful backless bra.

For Strapless

One of the biggest problems I run into with a strapless bra is that it slips down. But I really like this one cuz it fits well:

A sustainable bra that I always wanted to try but still haven’t bought yet is this one from Stella McCartney.


For Halter Neck

I love wearing a convertible bra or a multiway bra for halter design. One of my favorites is the Dream Angeles multiway bra from VS.

Is the “bra-friendly” line really bra-friendly at the Reformation?

Another way to avoid wearing a sticky bra is to buy bra-friendly clothes. I was super stoked when the Reformation’s “bra-friendly” line came out. But is it really bra-friendly? I sampled a couple items from the line, and below is my review for each item!

Sparrow Dress

As much as I own and love wrap dresses from the Reformation, they are not bra-friendly. The V-neck is too low to hide any bra, and even a sticky bra doesn’t make the cut. I think this Sparrow dress is a misfit in this bra-friendly line.

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Tatiana Dress

Okay, this Tatianna dress is truly a bra-friendly dress. With the short sleeves and button-ups, you can totally wear and hide your bra under this.

Mandeville Dress

I am on the fence for this one. The sweetheart neckline of the Mandeville dress looks a bit too low to be bra-friendly, but the straps are definitely wide enough to cover typical any bra strap. I will say this is bra-friendly only when you wear certain bras such as these below:

Tangelo Dress

Hm.. I am pretty disappointed to see this Tangelo dress under the “bra-friendly” line because this is totally not! I mean, you can pretty much see the bra through the lace-up design.


Lemur Dress & Abigail Dress & Safari Dress

Bra friendly! 🙂

Dominica Jumpsuit & Audrey Dress

I don’t think they are bra-friendly. The spaghetti straps are way too thin. But you can for sure wear a sticky bra or a strapless bra with these two items.


After sampling a couple items from the Reformation’s bra-friendly line, I am not impressed because over half of the designs cannot be worn with a traditional bra. It seems that the Reformation just picked out existing designs and poorly put them in this bra-friendly category. And so, I suggest to ignore this page on their site.

Other bra-friendly items from The Reformation

So is this it? I continued to look on the Reformation, and I actually found many bra-friendly items that are NOT on the Reformation’s bra-friendly page.

Here they are!



I hope you find this post helpful! What do you think about the sticky bra alternatives I suggested above? If you have any comments, please drop me a comment or start a conversation with me on social media!
Smile and style on!


Outfit Information

Dress: The Reformation Lottie Dress (Not bra-friendly, sold out)

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Old)

  1. Love this honest review. I also struggle with bra alternatives, but this was really helpful!

    1. Thanks, Cat!

  2. I agree with you. But is there a way to alter bras so that they’re as healthy for your breasts as sticky bras? That’s part of the point, that they don’t cut off the lymph nodes and keep your breasts perkier

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