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Welcome to Styles For Thought!

My name is SK, and I am based in Los Angeles. Styles For Thought is a sustainable fashion blog that provides tips and inspirations to help you look stylish and shop responsibly. In this blog, I will be writing posts about:
  1. Discover sustainable fashion brands
  2. Fashion brand review
  3. Capsule wardrobe challenges
  4. Shopping and styling tips
  5. Educational information related to sustainable fashion

Why Sustainable Fashion?

I decided to support sustainable fashion because I learned about the unethical business practices in the fashion industry. Even though it’s 2017, many garment workers still don’t get paid fairly, and they work in hazardous environments. When a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh and killed over 2000 workers, I decided to become more thoughtful when I go shopping. Ever since then, I have been buying from sustainable fashion brands and buying less. This journey has now turned into “Styles For Thought” to document my findings and tips on how to be stylish and sustainable.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

To me, sustainable fashion means that clothes are made ethically and made with eco-friendly fabrics. Unfortunately, not many fashion brands are 100% sustainable. Some brands make their clothes ethically with non-biodegradable fabrics, while others use eco-friendly fabrics but do not disclose any supply chain information. It’s difficult to find a fashion brand that is 100% sustainable, and so I will call a fashion brand sustainable if it fits part of the requirements.
Aside from supporting sustainable fashion brands, we, as consumers, can also improve our shopping habits to become more sustainable too. On average, Americans don’t wear 80% of their clothes in the closet. Every year, we send 11 tons of clothes to landfills, and they slowly accumulate and release toxic gas to the environment.  To reduce our waste, we can buy less, buy better and take better care of our clothes.
I can’t wait to share more tips to become more sustainable, and I hope you will find my blog helpful and inspiring! Until the next post, feel free to drop me a note or start a conversation with me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
Smile and style on!

Styles For Thought is a sustainable fashion blog


Styles For Thought is a sustainable fashion blog

Styles For Thought is a sustainable fashion blog


Styles For Thought is a sustainable fashion blog

Styles For Thought is a sustainable fashion blog

Outfit Information 

Jeans :: MUJI

Belt :: American Apparel

Blouse/Jacket :: Ann Taylor

Shoes :: Schutz

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