Styles For Thought – One Year Anniversary

Styles For Thought is officially one year old! I can’t believe a year has gone by so quickly, and I am still blogging!


Before I started Styles For Thought, I would have never imagined myself spending so much time on this after-work project. For every post you read here, I spent DAYS scouting for a location, taking and editing photos. Blogging is very work-intensive. I worked on this blog anytime and anywhere.  Sometimes, I would find myself editing pictures on the way to work, during a date night.. and occasionally when I was using the restroom.

BUT hard work does pay off! After this past year, I have gotten crazy good at editing out unwanted double chins, and I also got a couple collaboration opportunities.


Now after a fulfilling year of blogging, I realize I can definitely do a better job at being more sustainable and more fashionable (more styles, and less trends).

With that said, this year, I will try not to buy more than 2 items a month, including clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Every month, I will post ten items from my closet and create new (4 – 6) outfits with them. I call this a 10-PIECE Fashion Diet (Unless you got a better idea, we will fly with this name).

I am definitely excited about this challenge and hopefully I will last more than 6 months!

Here are some of the pics I never posted before:

Taken by Ivan Wong (IG: @ivvnwong)

Can’t wait to share more posts with you, and see you next time!

Smile and style on!


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