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I got invited by Rocksbox to try out their jewelry subscription service for three months. (I was super excited!!)  While I don’t buy a lot of jewelries myself, I think their business model is simply brilliant and sustainable.

Here is a little bit about their subscription service:

Every month, you pay US$19.90 to borrow jewelries from Rocksbox. Rocksbox will personalize and pair a set of three items based on your preferences, and then ship it out to you.  When you wants to have another set of jewelries, you simply ship back your current set with their pre-paid label and swap for a new set!

Their jewelry inventories are typically priced around US$70 a piece and they source from reputable and popular brands such as Kendra Scott.

If you really like the items they ship to you, you have an option to buy them. Rocksbox gives you a $10-25 monthly store credit to incentivize you to purchase their slightly-used but well-maintained products.

There is no sign-up fees, cancellation fees, or commitment to stay.  You can cancel it whenever you want!



While you can swap whenever you want to have a new set of jewelries , the max. number of sets you can borrow a month is limited by the mailing speed.  Their company is based in SF, and the typical lead time for a new set to arrive in LA (where I am based) is 4 business days.  Using this as my calculation basis, you can at most rent out 4 – 5 sets a month (assuming that you wear them for one or two days).

Another catch is that Rocksbox is a startup and they keep their prices so low initially (around US$20 a month) because they are trying to grow the company.  I do believe that as they get more users, their prices will go up and they will implement other strategies to make sure you keep subscribing!

So when should you get Rocksbox?

1. You don’t mind returning packages.  Maybe there is a post office near you, or you simply just don’t mind returning the packages.

2. When you spend more than $240 a year on trendy jewelries a year.  ‘Trendy’ jewelries usually don’t stand the test of time, and if you spend more than $240 a year on it, you should really get on Rocksbox to save your piggy bank and our environment.

3. Take advantage of their 1st-month-free promotions.  They are giving away free months to new users! Why not try it then? You never know until you try! 🙂

4. A big event is around the corner and you need new jewelries.  Well, they have yet make you pay for subscription cancellation.  So, go for it If you need statement jewelries for an upcoming event such as Coachella and you don’t want to shell out more than US$20!


So now when should you NOT subscribe? 

1. You are too lazy to return the packages on time.

2. You are OCD and always forget where you put your jewelries! You may lose them and end up paying more!

3. Shopaholics.  You may like all the sets they send you, and you end up spending more!

4. You spend less than $240 a year on jewelries. While US$20 a month is so cheap, monthly fees do add up and surprise you at the end of the year when you wanna get a nice xmas present for yourself.



Try your first month because it’s free! After that, stay or cancel it depending on your preferences!

Hope my analysis helped and thank you for reading!

Smile and style on~


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