Sustainable Fashion spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge part 3

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 3

In this series of Spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge, I talked a lot about re-wearing your old clothes and buying less. But is that all there is to sustainable fashion? Today, when people are googling “sustainable fashion”, they get bombarded by foreign terms such as ‘capsule wardrobes’ and ‘slow fashion brands’, etc. “What do they even mean? I just want to look cute and shop better!” Well, I get it! Instead of getting lost in this jungle of sustainable fashion, let’s reconnect with the core idea of sustainable fashion.

What is sustainable fashion?

Many of you think that sustainability and fashion don’t mix together. In fact, those two words are quite polar opposite. For the longest time, I was confused too. How can I be sustainable while looking fashionable? Do I really have to buy from sustainable fashion brands? Quite frankly, many so-called sustainable fashion brands lack credibility, and retail giants such as Zara can be more sustainable than some boutique fashion brands.

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And so, to me, supporting sustainable fashion really just boils down to knowing your style very well and not being phased by the never-ending new trends. By knowing what you want and fully committing to your own fashion sense, you will naturally become more conscious with your shopping decisions and develop a better relationship with your clothes. What it leads to is buying less, buying better quality clothes that you will treasure and love, and therefore wasting less clothes which is in turn more sustainable! Oftentime, when people talk about supporting sustainable fasion, they stress so much on the sustainable portion that they forget about the fashion piece. At the end of the day, you should wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable and confident because that’s the whole point of fashion!

Random fact: Our second-hand clothes donation is destroying the manufacturing industry and creating job problems in Haiti.

Find your style via capsule wardrobe challenges

Finding your style is not an overnight thing. It takes time and effort to really reconnect with your clothes and find out what empowers you. To put it in a rather philosophical way, finding your style is a process of self – discovery. Beyond just styles and color palette, I often ask myself questions such as “what makes me feel comfortable and confident?” I personally gravitate toward feminine styles and colors. But being an active person and a bit tomboyish, I like feeling comfortable and being able to move around freely. Long story short, while I love sexy and feminine clothes, I care a lot about the functionality and the practicality. Having these principles in mind helps me differentiate the various reasons of buying clothes. Do I want this top because it’s trendy? Or is it because it speaks to my style?

So now, let’s get back to this Spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge. Why should you do a Spring 10×10 challenge? With the new season, so many new spring trends are popping up. This can influence you to deviate from your own style. A Spring 10×10 challenge will force you to re-invest in your own existing clothes. When doing this, ask yourself a few questions:

  • “Why did I buy this to begin with?”
  • “Why did I like it?”
  • “Do I still like this style?”
  • “How can I pair it differently?”

As you are doing more capsule wardrobe challenges, you will start knowing your style. And honestly, in today’s fast fashion world, new trends are so affordable and prevalent. If you are just blindly following trends, you will get lost in the ocean because so many other people are wearing the same thing! Be yourself, and be unique. What makes you stand out is not the newest trendy clothes, but rather your own personal style! So find it 🙂

Spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge – outfit ideas #5 & 6

Without further ado, let’s delve into my outfit #5 and #6 of my spring10x10 remix for 2017:

A recap of what I have in this Spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge: Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 1

To all the sustainable fashionistas out there, in case you wonder, this white tanktop is from my favorite sustainable fashion brand – the Reformation, and I have styled it multiple times. See here:


Outfit #5 – White Top + Pink Pleated Skirt + White Heels

I think this outfit is so romantic and feminine. It’s good for a high tea date with girlfriends!

Sustainable Fashion Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit 5


Outfit #6 – White Top + Black Jeans + White Heels + (Trench Coat)

I think this outfit is appropriate for studying at the coffeeshop and afterwork networking events if you put on that trench coat!

Sustainable fashion spring 2017 capsule wardrobe challenge outfit #6


Do you have any questions about this outfit or about sustainable fashion in general? Please leave me a comment!

Smile and style on!



Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Part 3

Worn Here in Outfit #5 and Outfit #6

Burberry Sandringham Mid-Length Heritage Trench Coat

Vince Camuto Pleat Midi Skirt

RE/DONE High Rise Ankle Crop

Reformation Mango Top

Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudistsong’ sandals in White

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  1. Wow, that was an interesting article about our second-hand clothes! I had no idea that so much was shipped off to other countries.

    Beautiful outfits, love that pink pleated skirt!

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