Faux Leather || 7 for All Mankind Jeggings

Happy Sunday!

Today, I am sharing an outfit idea using all “last season” items.  You can see another pairing idea with the same top here.

I love science and I get easily excited by new technologies, especially when they are fashion related.

Most of our clothes are made out of synthetic fabrics that do not degrade easily in landfills.  In the search for other biodegradable alternatives, scientist Gary Cass created a fabric from fermented wine.  During the process of fermenting wine, a “skin” will form.  Gary dried the extracted ‘skin’ and it turned into a delicate cellulose material similar to cotton.

Although the use of this fermented wine fabric is very limited, it sparks ideas and makes me wonder the possibilities out there we have yet to explore.

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Outfit Information

Top :: Banana Republic

Bottom :: (Sustainably Featured) 7 for All Mankind

Shoes :: Zara

Purse :: Tory Burch

P.S. They are all so “old”, and I couldn’t locate them online anymore.  But you can find similar alternatives at affordable / more sustainable brands! 😀


Start Up Fashion

White Out || Reformation Chamber Tank & findersKeepers Skirt

Since I started this blog, a lot of friends have been introducing me to new sustainable clothing brands, and one of them is Reformation.

Reformation is innovative in a way that they make new pieces with fabric that may potentially get sent to the landfill, reducing unnecessary waste.  This backless white tank is made of rescued deadstock fabric!

When it comes to sustainable shopping, I tend to buy clothes of solid colors because it’s easier to do pairing with, and thus reducing the cost per wear as well as the need to shop more! (Not only more environmentally friendly, but also piggy-bank friendly too!)

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Outfit Information:

Top :: Reformation

Skirt :: findersKeepers

Shoes :: Banana Republic (Old)

Bracelet :: Swarovski

Purse :: Seisuke88 (an Japanese brand that makes cute purses locally)