Sustainable jeans Reformation black skinny jeans

Reformation Jeans Review & Other Sustainable Jeans Options

Embroideries and zippers are trending up in the denim world, but I always find myself going back to the basics. When it comes to shopping for sustainable jeans, I am a very simple person. I prefer classic styles and solid colors, and I prioritize the fit and softness over anything else. If you have a similar taste and are looking for sustainable jeans, I hope you find today’s post helpful. In this blog post, I will be reviewing Reformation jeans and talking about sustainable jeans & 2017 jeans trends. Enjoy!

Reformation Jeans Review

These Reformation black skinny jeans have become my favorite pair since they arrived at my door step. Recently, I took these jeans to Europe, and I traveled in them to every city. These sustainable jeans are incredibly versatile. I wore them in both warm (Barcelona) and cold climate (Copenhagen), and I also wore them to a biking tour and fancy cocktail bars in London.

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Sustainable Linen: Care Instructions and Reformation Linen Dress Review

Sustainable jeans Reformation black jeans
Reformation High & Skinny Jeans


Sustainable jeans Reformation jeans
Reformation High & Skinny Jeans


These Reformation jeans was made of an incredibly soft and elastic fabric. In my option, they feel more like jeggings than actual jeans. They are super comfortable and flattering. With a high-waisted cut, these jeans are also extremely versatile. I can pair them with anything ranging from a crop top to a long tunic. The denim material is also thick enough for west coast winter, and I can tug in a thin sweater with no problem.


These Reformation black skinny jeans are very skin-tight but elastic. Unlike the ankle length shown on the website, these jeans are full length for me (I am 5’6”, 168cm),


As a sustainable fashion brand, Reformation jeans are very reasonably priced. Typically, I spend around $150-200 on a pair of good quality jeans (7 for All Mankind), but I spend $118 on these.

Sustainable Jeans Alternatives

Are you tired of me raving about Reformation jeans yet? Here are other sustainable jeans, listed from the least to the most expensive.


MUJI is a Japanese household label, and they sell sustainable jeans that are made out of organic cotton. I owned a pair from them, but unfortunately lost them during apartment moves. Since the material is made out of 91% cotton, MUJI jeans don’t feel as stretchy and soft as the Reformation jeans. But what I love about the higher percentage of cotton is that the jeans are more structured and substantial.  As a bonus, MUJI jeans are also super affordable. They are only US$39!

Sustainable jeans MUJI jeans
MUJI Organic Cotton Skinny Jeans


Everlane just came out with their sustainable denim line. I haven’t gotten anything yet, but I plan on replacing my broken white jeans. So a review coming soon.  In the meantime, their sustainable jeans are also affordable (US$68) and classic.

I am slowly becoming a big fan of Everlane. Here are two Everlane reviews:

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Sustainable jeans Everlane skinny ankle jeans
Everlane High-Rise Skinny Jean (Ankle)


Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.45.10 AM
Everlane High-Rise Skinny Jean (Ankle)


If you are looking for premium sustainable jeans that sculpt your body, DL1961 is your best bet! I love DL1961 because they are one of the rare sustainable denim brands you can find in department stores. You can go try on the jeans before buying them.

Sustainable Jeans DL1961 Bella Vintage Ankle Skinny Jeans
DL1961 Lara Crop Flare Jeans

Rag & Bone

Many premium denim brands are ethically made in the US with imported fabrics, and Rag & Bone is one of them. I love their jeans because they are very soft and flattering. I tried them on at Nordstrom, and I am in love. On the downside, they are on the pricer side, and you may want to check back when they become on sale.

Sustainable jeans Rag & Bone jeans
Rag & Bone High Rise Skinny Jeans 

2017 Jeans Trends

Jeans are classic essentials in everyone’s closets. I personally gravitate toward classic styles, but many of you love to have more fun with jeans. Here are some of my favorite 2017 jeans trends.

Anti-Skinny Fit

Skinny jeans are still my favorite denim look, but I have to admit, loose-fitting jeans are way more comfortable. In 2017, we see a lot of denim brands carry crop-and-flare, wide legs, and boyfriends. This anti skinny trend is definitely worth investing in, especially boyfriend jeans.

Everlane Modern Boyfriend Jeans
Everlane Modern Boyfriend Jeans

Raw hems

Of all the creative jeans trends out there, ‘raw hems’ is my favorite. I specially like the ‘step hem’ look, aka ‘hi-lo hem’ and ’split-leg’.  I like this jeans trend because it looks subtle yet tastefully different. And the best part? You can do it yourself at home, and it’s more economical and sustainable to DIY too! Simply cut the front portion of the hems shorter, and Viola! But if you want to invest in a new pair of jeans, here are my favorite step hem jeans:

Rag and Bone Ripped Step Hem Skinny Jeans
Rag & Bone Ripped Step Hem Skinny Jeans


Sustainable Jeans Frame Step Hem Jeans
Frame Step Hem Jeans (On Sale for $93)


Sustainable Jeans Paige Step Hem Jeans
Paige Step Hem Jeans


Jeans are something that I don’t mind spending more money on because I wear them so much. I only own 3 pairs of jeans, and yet I wear them almost every week. Considering the cost per wear, a pair of premium sustainable jeans is definitely worth the investment. I hope you enjoy this post and find yourself a perfect pair of sustainable jeans as well!

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Reformation Linen Dress Beliz Dress Review

Sustainable Linen: Care Instructions and Reformation Linen Dress Review

Linen clothes are great for summer because they are super breathable and easy to dry. If you like linen clothes, then keep on reading these useful linen care instructions and check out my favorite sustainable linen clothes below!

Linen Care Instructions

I love linen clothes for summer because they are light, breathable and cooling. But on the downside, linen clothes are super easy to wrinkle and crease. And so, today, I am giving you 3 practical care instructions to help your linen clothes last all summer(s) long!
  1. Hang your linen clothes instead of folding them! Linen is known to wrinkle super easily. If you don’t handle linen clothes properly, you can even permanently crease them by accident! To avoid permanent creasing, you should always hang your linen clothes instead of folding them.
  2. Hand wash & steam. The classic way to wash your linen clothes is to hand wash. After you finish washing, I suggest rolling your linen clothes in a dry towel and then steam them while they are still damp to reduce wrinkles.
  3. Dry clean at home! If you are like me, you are probably too lazy to hand wash your linen clothes. Try these dry-cleaning sheets from Woolite instead! I prefer drying-cleaning my linen clothes at home because it’s so much cheaper, and it’s more sustainable and better to the environment. Traditional dry cleaning uses a toxic solvent called “perc”, and so I recommend going to “organic” dry cleaning places that use safe alternative solvents such as CO2. Tips: If you do use Woolite’s dry-cleaning sheets at home, I suggest to first spot clean areas such as the armpit area with water and soap before putting your clothes in the dryer.

Reformation Linen Dress Review

With my Europe trip coming up in September (Who has recommendations for Copenhagen?), I am stocking up on more sustainable linen clothes. I own one other Reformation linen dress, and I really love it for summer traveling. So this time, I ordered a Beliz dress (coastline) and an Audrey dress (lipstick).

Sustainable linen Care Instruction Reformation Linen Dress Audrey Dress Review

Sustainable linen Care Instruction Reformation Linen Dress Audrey Dress Review


Sustainable linen Care Instruction Reformation Linen Dress Beliz Dress Review

Sustainable linen Care Instruction Reformation Linen Dress Beliz Dress Review

Style: Beliz Dress > Audrey Dress

Both Reformation linen dresses are super cute, but I had to send back the Audrey dress because of its elastic back and thick zipper. When I received the Audrey dress in person, I realized that the actual zipper was not the same as the one shown in the picture.  Unlike the skinny red zipper shown in picture, the zipper was silver and much thicker like this. I also had a difficult time zipping up the Audrey dress even though I had already ordered a size up. Overall, I preferred the Beliz dress because it is way more comfortable, and it’s longer in length.

Sizing: Beliz Dress > Audrey Dress

My sizing info:
  • Height: 5’6”, 168 cm
  • Weight: 118 lbs, 54 kg
  • Measurement: 32D, 24, 34
Reformation’s sizing is usually accurate (true-to-size), but I had to go up a size for both Beliz dress and Audrey dress. I ordered size 2 instead of my usual size 0, and both Reformation linen dresses fit well. Unfortunately, I had to send back the Audrey dress because of the zipper.

Sustainable linen Care Instruction Reformation Linen Dress Beliz Dress Review

Other Sustainable Linen Clothes

You couldn’t find any sustainable linen clothes you like from the Reformation? No worries, I got your back! Here are some great linen alternatives from my favorite sustainable fashion brands!

Hope you find this blog post helpful!
For those of you who live overseas, I know that it’s hard to commit and buy from U.S. based sustainable fashion brands because of the return process. Please leave me a message if you want to know more about a specific sustainable fashion brand!
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Everlane Micro Rib Tee Dress Review

Read before You Buy: Everlane Micro Rib Tee Dress Review

Is price always a good cue to quality? When I first saw this micro rib tee dress from Everlane, I was tempted because it’s only $38. On the other hand, I was also skeptical about the quality, and returns can be a hassle. But I decided to give it a try anyway. If you are too thinking about buying this dress, I hope this Everlane micro rib tee dress review will help you decide.

sustainable fashion everlane micro rib tee dress review

Everlane Dress Review Sustainable Fashion

Everlane Micro Rib Tee Dress Review

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Price Point 10/10

Typically, when you buy from sustainable fashion brands, you have to pay significantly more. But this Everlane micro rib tee dress is super affordable. Selling at US$38, this sustainable dress is worth buying.

Style 10/10

The Everlane micro rib tee dress is very simple and versatile. With short sleeves and a crew neck design, this bodycon dress is not overly sexy, making it suitable for both day and night time.

Fit 8/10

I am 5’6” and 120 lbs. This Everlane micro rib tee dress fits true-to-size, and the size XS fits me well.

The bodycon dress is form-fitted but not skin-tight. And it has a modest length, hitting just 4 inches above my knees. When I walk, the dress does ride up a bit initially, but it stops riding up at mid-thigh. I take off 2 points because the dress crushes up as it rides up, and I feel that anyone taller than me may find it too short.

Material  9/10

I am very impressed by this Everlane dress’s material. Made with Pima cotton, this dress feels luxuriously soft and light. However, I took off 1 point because this sustainable dress is a bit sheer. I recommend ordering the dark colors to avoid showing your under garments.

Maintenance 10/10

This Everlane dress is easy to maintain. You can machine-wash it with cold water and then dry it in medium heat. Personally, I hang-dry the dress instead to prevent any pilling as it is made with cotton.

sustainable fashion everlane dress review

Verdict 9/10

Overall, I really like this Everlane dress because it is simple and versatile. Moreover, at US$38, the micro rib tee dress is very affordable, especially from a sustainable fashion brand.  If you decide to buy it, here are 2 consideration points:

  1. Are you too tall? I think anyone that’s taller than 5’6″ may find the dress too short because it does ride up.
  2. Buy darker colors. The micro rib tee dress comes in black, gray, and navy. I only recommend the black and navy colors because the material is very thin.

sustainable fashion Everlane micro rib tee dress review

Hope you find this Everlane micro rib tee dress review helpful!

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Outfit Info:

Everlane Micro Rib Tee Dress in Navy

Similar Items from Everlane:

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Everlane Sport Rib Tank Dress




Is the Reformation's bra friendly line really bra-friendly?

Sticky Bra Alternatives: The Reformation’s Bra-Friendly Line Review

Sticky bras are seriously a great invention, but let’s be honest, they are not cheap or sustainable. Especially with the summer heat, our sweat can wear out sticky bras fast. In today’s post, I am going to talk about some sticky bra alternatives and review the Reformation’s “bra-friendly” line. Keep on reading to find out!

Is the Reformation's bra-friendly line really bra-friendly?

Why do girls prefer a normal bra over a sticky bra?

When I say a normal bra, I am referring to any bra that come with two straps and a back hook. With that said, pasties, sticky bras or tapes are NOT considered bras…well at least in this post!

I personally prefer a normal bra for many reasons:

  • It is cheaper in the long run
  • Unlike a sticky bra, it is way more sustainable
  • It is better to wear in the summer. Fun fact: I dropped my sticky bra on the floor once because I was too sweaty. >.<

Is the Reformation's bra-friendly line really bra-friendly?

What type of design is NOT considered bra-friendly?

To me, “bra-friendly” clothes means that they can perfectly hide my bra. In my opinion, it’s hard to wear a normal bra with these designs:

  • Backless
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Plunge neck
  • Deep V-neck
  • Halter neck
  • Lace-up

Sticky bra alternatives

I typically have to replace a sticky bra after 50 wears because it loses the stickiness. In the long run, the cost of a sticky bra adds up, and replacing them so often can hurt the environment. Also, sticky bras are not that fun to wear when it’s hot and you are sweating. So if you are tired of wearing and replacing sticky bras like me, then I hope these sticky bra alternatives will work for you!

For V-neck or Plunge-Neck

When you are wearing a v-neck or a plunge-neck, try on a U-shape plunge bra. I own the one from NET-A-PORTER, but Nordstrom has more sizes.

For Backless

For backless clothes, you can actually follow this DIY Youtube tutorial to convert your old bra into a useful backless bra.

For Strapless

One of the biggest problems I run into with a strapless bra is that it slips down. But I really like this one cuz it fits well:

A sustainable bra that I always wanted to try but still haven’t bought yet is this one from Stella McCartney.


For Halter Neck

I love wearing a convertible bra or a multiway bra for halter design. One of my favorites is the Dream Angeles multiway bra from VS.

Is the “bra-friendly” line really bra-friendly at the Reformation?

Another way to avoid wearing a sticky bra is to buy bra-friendly clothes. I was super stoked when the Reformation’s “bra-friendly” line came out. But is it really bra-friendly? I sampled a couple items from the line, and below is my review for each item!

Sparrow Dress

As much as I own and love wrap dresses from the Reformation, they are not bra-friendly. The V-neck is too low to hide any bra, and even a sticky bra doesn’t make the cut. I think this Sparrow dress is a misfit in this bra-friendly line.

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Tatiana Dress

Okay, this Tatianna dress is truly a bra-friendly dress. With the short sleeves and button-ups, you can totally wear and hide your bra under this.

Mandeville Dress

I am on the fence for this one. The sweetheart neckline of the Mandeville dress looks a bit too low to be bra-friendly, but the straps are definitely wide enough to cover typical any bra strap. I will say this is bra-friendly only when you wear certain bras such as these below:

Tangelo Dress

Hm.. I am pretty disappointed to see this Tangelo dress under the “bra-friendly” line because this is totally not! I mean, you can pretty much see the bra through the lace-up design.


Lemur Dress & Abigail Dress & Safari Dress

Bra friendly! 🙂

Dominica Jumpsuit & Audrey Dress

I don’t think they are bra-friendly. The spaghetti straps are way too thin. But you can for sure wear a sticky bra or a strapless bra with these two items.


After sampling a couple items from the Reformation’s bra-friendly line, I am not impressed because over half of the designs cannot be worn with a traditional bra. It seems that the Reformation just picked out existing designs and poorly put them in this bra-friendly category. And so, I suggest to ignore this page on their site.

Other bra-friendly items from The Reformation

So is this it? I continued to look on the Reformation, and I actually found many bra-friendly items that are NOT on the Reformation’s bra-friendly page.

Here they are!



I hope you find this post helpful! What do you think about the sticky bra alternatives I suggested above? If you have any comments, please drop me a comment or start a conversation with me on social media!
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Outfit Information

Dress: The Reformation Lottie Dress (Not bra-friendly, sold out)

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Old)

Alternative Apparel Review | Sustainable Fashion

Alternative Apparel Review

Alternative Apparel is an L.A. based sustainable fashion brand, and I have purchased a few items from them. Today, I will be reviewing this Alternative Apparel cotton T-shirt! Hope you find it helpful if you are thinking about buying from them!

Sizing (7/10)

I am a 32D-24-33, and I usually wear a 0 or an XS. Based on my experience at Alternative Apparel, I found their tops typically run true-to-size with a roomy fit.

Material (8/10)

This T-shirt is made with organic cotton, and it feels incredibly soft. Organic cotton is way more sustainable than traditional cotton because it doesn’t require any pesticides and fertilizer to grow organic cotton. It was also pre-shrunk prior, so you don’t have to worry about shrinking it in the dryer. The only downside about the material is that it pills after you put it in the washer, but all cotton-based shirts are like that.

Versatility (8/10)

This logo-free T-shirt is fairly versatile for any casual outfit.  Looking back, I regret getting the green color. I feel that neutral colors would be more versatile for such a classic style shirt.

Travel-Friendliness (7/10)

Ah, did I mention that consulting is my line of work? I chose consulting because of its opportunity to travel a lot. With this in mind, I tend to buy clothes that are low-maintenance and versatile. This cotton T-shirt fits exactly just those two criteria. I only rated it a 7 because the material doesn’t try as fast as other sustainable materials such as viscose, etc.

Customer Service

Unless you live in L.A., you are most likely going to shop online if you want to buy from Alternative Apparel. I am an online shop junkie, and I found that the speediness at Alternative Apparel is only so-so. It takes quite awhile to get your clothes from them. One time, they even messed up my order and mailed the item to the wrong address. Since I tend to shop and forget, it took me a month to realize I was missing an item. Luckily, their customer-service people was very understanding, and they gave me a refund and a 10% discount as an apology.


Overall, I like this T-shirt from Alternative Apparel because it is affordable and basic. If you would like to revamp or upgrade the basics you already own, Alternative Apparel is a really good sustainable fashion option out there in the market based on their price point and quality.
I have many more items from Alternative Apparel, and I will soon do another review soon! Until then, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!
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alternative apparel review sustainable fashion


alternative apparel review sustainable fashion


alternative apparel review sustainable fashion


alternative apparel review sustainable fashion


Outfit Information

Tshirt :: Alternative

Belts :: Banana Republic

Shoes :: Pour La Victoire (old, sustainable option here)

Bracelet :: LA Farmers Market

Skirt :: ASOS