What Do Women in Tech Wear? (Sustainable Fashion Edition)

You probably get a pretty good idea of what a tech uniform looks like from the TV show “Silicon Valley”. Hoodies, jeans and flip-flops are indeed pretty prevalent, but women in tech have a slightly different “tech uniform”. Today, I am going to list out all the common pieces women in tech wear! 



To Dinner


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What Do Women in Tech Wear?

I recently switched jobs from consulting to tech, and I happily packed away all my formal business clothes. Now jeans are my go-to during the week, and a soft fleece vest is something that I throw on when the AC gets a little too strong. (No more to pencil skirts and blazers, woohoo!) Below are the common pieces that I tend to see women in tech wear:

(Everything I linked here is sustainable)

  1. Patagonia Grey Vest 
  2. Patagonia Puff Jacket
  3. Toms Shoes 
  4. The Day Heels from Everlane
  5. Allbirds Sneakers
  6. Nike’s Sneakers 
  7. Blouse
  8. Jeans 
  9. Oversized Sweater 
  10. Chambray Shirt 
  11. Tee 
  12. Button Up Shirt 
  13. Utility Vest 
  14. Booties (my favorite shoes of all time!)

Women’s Tech Uniform:

Outfit #1 – Patagonia Grey Vest + Shirt + Jeans + Toms Shoes

Outfit #2 – Blouse + Jeans + Everlane Day’s Heels 

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Profile Amazon 3

My Take on Fashion in the Tech Industry

In tech, jeans and Patagonia jackets are the constants regardless of gender. Since the dress code is causal, women in tech can pretty much wear whatever they want theoretically, but most women I work with still choose to dress (gender) neutrally. 

If you follow me, you know that my style is extremely girly and feminine, but I personally choose to dress more conservatively when it comes to work. Working as a product manger in tech, I interact with more engineers on a daily basis, and so I subconsciously dress more “boyishly” at work. But women in other departments (sales, HR, and product strategy) do dress up a bit more and don’t necessarily follow the tech uniform.

Occasionally, I do feel like dressing up a bit more at work. In those occasions, I play it up by adding accessories (mostly earrings), wearing cuter tops and heels. 

One thing I love about working in tech is that the tech uniforms are mostly consisted of pieces from sustainable fashion brands. Patagonia, Everlane, Toms, and Allbirds are the most popular clothing brands in this industry, and you can definitely find a sustainable version of all the common pieces I listed above. 

Finally, another thing I love about working on the silicon beach is that going from desk to dinner on a Friday night has become easier! Here on the west coast, people tend to wear casual pieces to clubs/bars, and so I just need to switch out my shoes with heels. And viola, I am Friyay ready! 


This post is totally based on my personal experience in tech, and I would love to hear from you if you work in tech and have a different perspective. I hope you enjoy the post, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions! 🙂 

Smile and style on! 


Outfit Info

DL1961 Jeans

Schutz Black Heels

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